Do you have an office party coming up in the near future? Maybe it’s to celebrate a birthday or a huge company goal that’s been met – whatever the reason, you have to find the right way to celebrate!

Food and music are great starters for planning any party, but sometimes you need more than that. Especially if you have a big company, some staff members might have never met before.

So how can you take your office party to the next level? Magicians parties are the perfect way to entertain your staff while still giving them an opportunity to talk to each other.

Don’t believe us? Keep reading to discover 7 reasons why magicians parties can be a hit at your office.

They Will Entertain and Engage

Photo of Magicians Parties by LoochWhen planning a party, you’re going to want something to entertain your staff. A recent survey found that 36% of people thought office parties were boring. So, it’s more important than ever to find a unique way to keep the party entertaining.

A band or singer might sound great, but soon enough your staff will only be listening to them in the background while they talk over the music.

A party magician is a great way to entertain your staff because it will keep them engaged the entire time. This active entertainment will grip your staff’s attention and keep it as they try to uncover the secret behind the magician’s tricks.

They Get Your Staff Involved

The best part of a magicians party is the audience involvement. When you hire a magician for your office party, they will be sure to involve different staff members.

This creates a more memorable and personal experience for those chosen. Even those not chosen to be involved might find the entertainment more memorable after seeing their close coworker or project leader involved in a magic trick.

They Will Give Your Staff Something to Talk About

If you’re having a big corporate party, your staff might not all know each other. Parties only containing passive entertainment, like music, will force staff to either stay in groups of people they know or engage in boring small talk to meet new people.

A magician will influence the party even after they leave. The performance will give your staff something new and interesting to talk about. They may stand around trying to uncover the secret of a particular trick or joke about the funny look on the accountant’s face when the magician made his wallet disappear.

This can also make a great icebreaker for those staff members who don’t already know each other. It will give them a reason to socialize outside their already-formed circles to discuss the event and talk to staff members who were involved in different tricks.

They Can Customize the Event

Every audience is different, and no type of entertainment serves as the perfect one-size-fits-all.

However, magicians can easily customize their act to better fit the current audience. Up close and mind magicians are just two types of magicians that your staff might love.

Magicians typically offer a clean, family-friendly type of entertainment. So, if you’re a formal company or family is invited to the office party, a magician can keep his act professional while still staying funny.

However, if you’re a smaller, more laid-back company, a magician can also spice up their act for an adults-only performance.

They Can Keep Your Staff Occupied

If you’re planning a long party, members of your staff might become disengaged at some point. After all, there’s only so much small talk one person can do.

However, a magician will keep your staff occupied. It offers a refreshing break from conversation to actively entertain guests. They’ll be so engaged, they won’t notice how much time is passing. And when the magician leaves, they’ll stay occupied by talking about the act for a while longer.

They Are Cost-Efficient

Magicians are a very cost-efficient way to entertain your staff during an office party.

The best part is that you only really need to book a magician for one or two hours to entertain, engage, and occupy your guests for the remainder of the party.

This opens up a nice piece of the budget which you can allocate elsewhere.

While entertainment is important, there are other things that are needed to make the party a hit. You can spend the money you’re saving on food, decorations, or music to help ensure your staff enjoys every bit of the office party.

They Don’t Require Additional Set-Up or Preparation from You

The best part of hiring a magician is that they are easy. Unlike hiring a band, where you might have to set up a stage or PA system, a magician requires no additional work from you.

This means you can spend your time on other aspects of the party. You can take the time to clean or decorate the room more. By taking more time to decorate, your staff will be more likely to feel engaged from the second they walk in the room.

Why Magicians Parties Are an Office Hit

Office parties help keep your staff morale up, and they offer a break from the day. Magicians parties add a little something extra to help entertain your staff.

A magician offers a special type of entertainment. Your staff will find themselves engaged and occupied during the entire performance. After the magician leaves, they’ll have no shortage of things to talk about for the remainder of the party.

Audience engagement, a specialty of most magicians, is also sure to create a memorable experience for your staff. Are you ready to take the plunge and book a magician?

Contact us today to make your next office party a hit.

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