Why it’s best with your entertainment to avoid performing late.

Photo of Looch performing at an event

Avoid booking your entertainment late in the evening.

When couples plan their big day, they often discuss on numerous occasions when is the best time to book their entertainment. If you have decided to opt for a Mix & Mingle act then it’s always best for them to avoid performing late in the evening. Many couples think once all the evening guests have arrived it will be the ideal time to have the mingling entertainer do their thing.

However, since many weddings have several entertainment ingredients for example a DJ or a wedding band, its best to avoid hiring a mingling act when they are playing. For more information and tips on avoiding this clash, read my ‘performing during loud music’ article.

One thing to consider is that when all your evening guests have arrived, they will be drinking and socialising. The day guests quite frequently will have been drinking for a few hours and the mixture of the alcohol, music and lateness might not be the best mixture for a successful mingling entertainer.

Looch has performed at countless weddings as a mingling act over the years and recommends the following times that suit mingling acts better.

During The Photographs

There’s a natural lull after the ceremony so what better to take advantage of this by hiring your mingling act to perform for your guests as others take part in the official photographs? There will always be sides of families who have yet to meet and it will be the perfect icebreaker.

Drinks Reception

Often the drinks reception and the photographs roll into one concurrent event. Hiring your mingling entertainer here is a sure fire way to kick start the day.

Wedding Breakfast

Not necessarily performing around the tables as that in itself can lead to problems, but having your act perform in between courses or after the breakfast can be a good idea.

Wedding Tip – Avoid performing late


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