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Corporate Entertainment in Nottingham

Award Winning Corporate Entertainment in Nottingham Looch is a unique corporate entertainer. A Mind Reader who presents a range of performances for the corporate market in and around the Nottinghamshire area. Looch has been booked to perform his Corporate Entertainment in Nottingham for a wide variety or clients and venues in and around the county…

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Seasonal Celebrations

After a busy summer period of weddings, the remainder of the year will present itself with many opportunities to utilise Looch at your events. Seasonal celebrations are an ideal time to incorporate some unique and memorable form of entertainment. Looch is the perfect accompaniment to any night, be it a Halloween Party, Bonfire night or…

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Wedding Magician

If you are considering hiring a wedding magician for your big day then you have come to the right place. Looch is a modern wedding magician with a difference. One who can offer a range of performance options to suit you and your big day. Looch is known as a mind reader or psychological magician,…

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What is a Psychological Magician?

What is a Psychological Magician? Are you looking for Psychological Magician? Or wondering what exactly a Psychological Magician is? Whereas a traditional magician is able to utilise sleight of hand to perform wonderful tricks, a psychological magician is someone who can utilise a variety of psychological skills to get inside your guests heads and create…

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Mind Readers Vs Magicians

Mind Readers Vs Magicians The UK has a few professional Mind Readers available for Corporate and Private events. Recently however, some other performers such as party magicians and wedding magicians have begun advertising their services as mind readers and mind reading acts. This creates a series of problems that could result in clients experiencing inaccurate…

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Corporate Entertainment

Looking for a form of corporate entertainment thats different and will get everyone talking? Consider Looch the Mind Reader at your next event… Mind Reading is a unique corporate entertainment. With the popularity of acts such as Derren Brown, this psychological performer is in high demand for a wide range of Corporate and Private events. Looch performs all over…