Challenge the Mindreader

Want Crowds?

Offering a unique twist on Corporate Event Entertainment. Looch’s Challenge the Mindreader  is a surefire way to blow your guests minds and leave them coming back for more. If you are looking for a truly unique experience that will make your event unforgettable, then please read on.

Challenge the Mindreader is a unique performance option that is perfect for Corporate Event Entertainment. It is a 2m x 2m static performance arena, which creates a fantastic visual focal point to any room. Looch stands in the centre of the arena and performs his jaw dropping demonstrations of mind reading to your guests as they form a crowd around him. The 2m x 2m arena is roped off using VIP style barriers.

“Looch was hired for our 50th Anniversary Event, What a mesmerizing experience! Well worth engaging him for your event, he will certainly leave your audience wondering just how he does it!”

John Deere

Roll up Roll up…

Harking back to the old Sideshow and Carnival days, Looch’s Challenge the Mindreader performance option is a quirky nod to the past whilst at the same time maintaining the important requirements of the modern Corporate Event. It is a flexible option without being obtrusive, and the visual performance area can be quickly and efficiently set up in under 20 minutes. ‘Challenge the Mindreader’ will attract attention from anywhere in the room, watch as your guests get their minds blown time after time during this unique, interactive performance option.

“Amazing! I booked Looch for some added entertainment for our company Corporate Event Entertainment and I was absolutely blown away! Looch was very professional, and is brilliant at what he does. This, mixed with his fantastic sense of humour, we could not have asked for anything better. People were talking about it for days! Thank you again Looch.”

Ancon Ltd

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