Exceptional Post Dinner Entertainment

Are you looking for dinner party entertainment this year? Dinner parties are a fantastic way to see friends and have an amazing time in the comfort of your home. Why not give your guests something truly unique to remember? Have Looch perform his private mind reading act for you all after dinner!

His incredible after dinner performance will leave a lasting impression. One you and your guests will remember for years to come. Looch is one of the UK’s best at entertaining at dinner parties. He has a wealth of experience astounding guests, and creating magical moments for everyone in attendance. 

Image showing Loochs After Dinner Entertainment

The Mind Reader LIVE

After dinner, during Tea & Coffee. Looch will be introduced to the room and will perform his incredible one-man mind reading show for all present. Minds will be blown and memories will be made. The award-winning mentalist will make you laugh and amaze you in ways you never thought possible.

The show is typically 60 minutes in length and involves lots of audience participation and fun. 

The Mystery Guest

Some clients hire Looch as the ‘Mystery Guest’. Someone who will entertain them after dinner but no clues are given until it’s time to meet him. Looch can be based in an adjacent room and your guests are simply instructed to enter the room, a few at a time for a series of private performances. This builds intrigue and suspense, creating a mysterious buzz for your guests.

Whichever performance you choose for your dinner party entertainment, Looch is guaranteed to be a stand out hit and create a fascinating talking point for the evening and beyond.

To enquire about this unique dinner party entertainment either call today on 07841332816 or visit the online contact page.

Testimonials for Dinner Party Entertainment

“I brought Looch in to entertain my guests at a recent Dinner Party I hosted, he was polite, flexible and entertaining beyond words. My guests were literally blown away and all wanted his contact details. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending him to anyone who was looking for truly unique entertainment.” – Dinner Party Booking

“An amazing show that will have everyone asking how does he do it? I would have no hesitation in recommending Looch as entertainment for personal, corporate, large or small audiences.” – Private Luncheon Booking

Photography by Oliver Kershaw

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