It has been a busy 2011 so far. Looch seems to be a popular choice for wedding entertainment this year, seeing him booked up throughout June and July at a whole range of unusual and amazing weddings. Some of the highlights have been the following:

Lisa Hilliards Wedding

Being asked to perform at Lisa Hilliards own wedding was somewhat of an honour for Looch.

Lisa is a sought after wedding planner based in Derbyshire. She has every conceivable supplier and contact in her book yet the sole entertainer she choose to perform for her guests on the big day was Looch the mind reader. Her guests were stunned at the demonstrations Looch displayed. Even one of the local police detectives couldn’t keep his thoughts to himself as Looch repeatedly predicted his choice of colours from a Rubik’s cube. As a result of such a successful performance Looch will be the recommended Mind Reader & Magician of choice for Lisa Hilliard wedding plannings future clients.

Tom & Sarahs Wedding

The first of those clients was Tom & Sarah, who celebrated their wedding at the wonderful Boutique hotel, The Maynard in the beautiful Peak District. Looch was booked as a surprise for the groom Tom, and was kept a secret right until the last minute where Loochread his mind and made a unique offer to teach the technique in private. The guests were a great bunch of professionals who were eager to experience Looch’s incredible psychological magic.

Cornell & Jessicas Wedding

Looch was invited to be the mix and mingle artist at the historic Retford Town Hall in Nottinghamshire. His mind reading skills were put to the test at quite possible the most culturally diverse wedding Looch has attended. A mixture of English, Scottish, Jamaican, Czech, Dutch and South American meant Mind Reading was the universal language of the day!

James & Dom’s Wedding

The furthest wedding attended was at the lovely Little Silver Country Hotel in Tenterden, Kent. Looch was hired by James to perform his Mix & Mingle for 80 guests on the lawn. The weather was a little rainy but the guests had a fantastic time having the minds read. Several accountants in attendance meant Looch could tailor a demonstration to tell them their PIN numbers and passwords. Much to their disbelief and amazement!

iPhone App

Many of you have already signed up to the incredible new iPhone app currently being developed by Looch and The Net Store. The app will be a FREE download to anyone who signs up. The concept is of a utility app that will enable users to be able to use a variety of different techniques to read their friends minds. Its success will hopefully lay in its simplicity. There will be future updates with more and more interactive mind reading demonstrations being added over time. Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to learn how to read minds, sign up (further up this page) for FREE today!


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