What the heck is a Mind Magician?!

Mind Magician Looch performing on stage

Mind Magician & Mind Reader Looch performs at an event

I’m sure many of you will be familiar with a traditional magician, someone who uses sleight of hand to create the impossible in front of your eyes. You may have been witness to a magician performing card tricks at an event or party. This type of act has long been a popular choice with a variety of events and functions, but over the past decade  there has been a change in the style of magic that is popular for modern performances.

Derren Brown burst onto the scene in the early 2000’s showcasing to the public a unique and psychological type of magic called mentalism. Recently the TV show “The Mentalist” has also further peaked the publics interest in a psychological form of entertainment. Mentalism is a performance art related to magic and performed by ‘Mentalists’, they use a range of unusual skills to read thoughts and predict actions. A Mind Magician is also someone who has trained in mentalism, they utilise a variety of techniques based around, Magic & Psychology to create the impossible inside your mind.

As opposed to using “Sleight of Hand” a successful Mind Magician will use “Sleight of Mind” to read you and your guests thoughts in a variety of unique ways.

Where can a Mind Magician perform?

A Mind Magician can be booked to perform at virtually any type of event or function, be it a Wedding, Private Celebration or a Corporate Event such as an Awards Evening or Exhibition. Looch has been invited to perform his unique brand of psychological mind reading to events all over the UK & europe.

For more information, and to receive a FREE online quote please contact Looch today by calling 07841332816 or visiting his enquiry form

Testimonials for Mind Magician Looch

“Just wanted to say thank you for a great show, the feedback we have had has been exceptional.”


“Looch was a real Crowd Puller at The Clothes Show LIVE. He gathered a crowd at our booth, blew their minds and led them directly to us. Fantastic!”

3M – Unitek

“We booked Looch to entertain our important clients at a recent party in London, He was professional, polite, and blew us all away with his incredible mind reading skills. We will definitely be hiring him again for future events.”

CME Group


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