Mind Blowing Entertainment with Looch the Mind Reader in Lincoln

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Award Winning Mind Reader in Lincoln Looch Performing Mix & Mingle

Looch is a Mind Reader in Lincoln who specialises in entertaining at Corporate Events, Private Parties & Weddings in and around the Lincolnshire area. What Looch does is not  psychic, but can look convincingly similiar. He seemingly reads the minds of your guests with startling accuracy, predicting behaviour and revealing thoughts with apparently nothing but his mind. The question is though, How does he do it?

Traditionally an entertainer who performs in this way is referred to as a Mentalist, a performer who utilises a variety of different skills & techniques to get inside their audiences heads and read their thoughts. Looch has been booked to perform as a Mind Reader in Lincoln and the Lincolnshire area at a wide range of events.

“I have honestly never seen so much excitement on the faces of grown men in all my life. The topic of conversation after dinner was “Looch, Looch, Looch” it was fantastic to hear how genuinely amazed my guests were by their interaction with Looch, everyone was sharing their experiences.” 

Anthony Southwell (Testimonial for Mind Reader in Lincoln)

Mind Reader in Lincoln – Performance Options

Looch offers a range of performance options which are flexible and can suit any venue or event. He can Mix & Mingle with your guests reading their minds as he moves freely throughout the party. This is one of the most frequently booked options as it is extremely flexible and can be integrated into any type of event. Looch can also perform his Amazing Stand Up Act that showcases his incredible psychological mind reading and involves lots of audience participation. This option is ideal for corporate events where unique entertainment is required for a larger number of guests.

Whatever your event, contacting Looch the Mind Reader in Lincoln to discuss your forthcoming event, he is guaranteed to blow your guests mind!


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