Mind Reader in Lincoln 2

Amazing Mind Reader in Lincoln

Mind Blowing Entertainment with Looch the Mind Reader in Lincoln Looch is a Mind Reader in Lincoln who specialises in entertaining at Corporate Events, Private Parties & Weddings in and around the Lincolnshire area. What Looch does is not  psychic, but can look convincingly similiar. He seemingly reads the minds of your guests with startling accuracy, predicting behaviour and revealing…


Wedding Magician Nottingham 1

Wedding Magician in Nottingham

An Award Winning Alternative to a Wedding Magician in Nottingham ? Based in North Nottinghamshire, Looch has been performing at weddings all over Nottinghamshire and the East Midlands region for years. His Award Winning form of entertainment is considered by many as a must have for their wedding. Many people planning their wedding consider the…


Prediction Mind Reading Image

The Prediction – How I fooled the Police

The Prediction In response to the Advertiser Groups challenge to Looch. A Facebook page was been set up to cover the event in the days leading up to the prediction. You can view the the events history here: The Prediction In late December 2011, The Newark Advertiser issued a challenge to Nottinghamshire based mind reader Looch.…


Corporate Mind Reader 2

Corporate Mind Reader

What is a Corporate Mind Reader? Recently I have been contacted by several prospective clients from the corporate world who were requesting information on my act and just what exactly it is that I do. As a result I thought it appropriate to put together a brief post to outline what exactly IS a Corporate…