Evening Entertainment: 7 Benefits of Hiring a Magician in London for Your Next Event

Image showing a Magician in London

Magician in London for Your Next Event

This article takes a look at why you should book Looch, a full time, professional magician in London for your next big party, corporate event, or team-building retreat. Keep reading to discover seven major reasons why this is such as great entertainment option.

There’s no mystery to the fact that event planning is never easy. Regardless of the type of event that you’re putting, there are always a million details to juggle, including finding and booking all the necessary suppliers. Finding the right type of entertainment for an event can be challenging. After all, you need to make sure that everyone that attends has a great time, stays engaged, and leaves the event ready to tell others about the experience.

1. Ideal For Indoor Or Outdoor Events

One of the great thing about booking a magician as your featured entertainment is the fact they can easily perform indoors or outdoors. 

As long as the weather conditions permit, a magic performance can easily work in an outdoor environment so that the audience can enjoy escaping a stuffy conference building.

Very little is typically required of a magical act that would make it dependent on an indoor environment, which helps to make your scheduling options a bit more flexible.

Infographic showing 7 Benefits of Hiring a Magician in London for Your Next Event

2. Can Be Tailored For Any Type Of Group

Every event is different. From the type of industry that might be hosting, to the age group of the attendees, each event will have unique requirements. This can often make it difficult to find the ideal form of entertainment that everyone will enjoy.

Magicians offer the unique ability to tailor their act specifically for their audience. And yet this is typically unnecessary because a great magic act is the perfect form of entertainment for almost any type of audience that you could imagine.

Some magicians offer a more family-friendly act, while others provide something a little edgier. And yet on average, any act is suitable for whatever audience that happens to be in attendance. This makes it an ideal option for event planners who might have concerns regarding what type of content would be entertaining yet appropriate.

3. Able To Get The Audience Involved

Another advantage of hiring a magician over a musical act or some other form of entertainment is audience involvement.

After all, magicians have the unique ability to directly involve individual members of the audience in their act. This is one of the most fun aspects of the performance, both for the individual being pulled up on stage and for the rest of the crowd.

This is the ideal way to get the audience engaged in a way that other entertainment options simply can’t provide. Watching friends and corporate peers getting included in the performance creates a more intimate experience and provides plenty to talk about once the performance has ended.

Photo of a Magician for Hire in London
Looch – Mind Reader & Magician in Action.

4. Unique & Intriguing

Everyone loves a good mystery. That’s why something that’s unexplainable is so intriguing. When you watch a magician perform, the tricks happen right before your eyes, and yet you will have no idea how the trick was performed. 

The awe-inspiring nature of magic tricks never gets old, regardless of age. No matter how closely you pay attention to every gesture & word spoken. A skilled magician will still be able to leave you stunned and speechless.

Every performance is totally unique, and each magician will bring their own style and personality. They engage the audience in a way that will leave them spellbound and questioning everything they witnessed. The harder you try to figure out what’s going on, the more likely it is that you will simply end up totally baffled. Just like everyone else in the room!

5. Memorable

A magic performance isn’t something you witness on a daily basis. That makes it very different from other forms of entertainment such as music, television, or movies. 

A great magician can provide an experience that you’ll only get to witness a once in your life. In fact, there are few performances as memorable as getting to watch a magician perform amazing tricks up close and in person.

Even the most jaded audience member will have to acknowledge that they can’t explain how some tricks are done. Which of course is the best way to get a unique response and to make memories that keep people talking for years.

6. It’s Doesn’t Have To Cost A Fortune

Another benefit is the fact that you don’t have to hire the most expensive magician in town to provide a show that everyone will enjoy. There are magicians available at nearly every budget level. This allows you to go big for a major event. Or to keep things smaller for a more intimate event.

The key is to decide how elaborate you would like the performance to be. Then to choose your entertainment accordingly. If you are planning for your national conference then a larger, interactive stage show might be the wow factor you need to blow all your guests minds. If however you are planning a small intimate dinner for a select few guests, then perhaps a private parlour show might be more appropriate?

Photo showing a professional Magician in London performing.
Photo taken by Christopher Bunce Photography

7. It’s Fun

Finally, the simple truth is that magic is fun! It is universal and provides a chance for guests to laugh and relax. They get to put aside thoughts of business for an hour or two. Providing a much needed break from work and give everyone something to talk about throughout the remainder of the event.

The Benefits Of Hiring A Magician In London

Every event is different, and yet the one thing they all have in common is the need for entertainment. Booking a magician in London is a great way to keep everyone in your group happily entertained. It also ensures that your event is a truly memorable occasion.

If you are currently planning your own event in London, why not find out how much it typically costs to hire a magician.

To chat with me about hiring my services as a Magician in London, please send an online enquiry. Alternatively you may wish to call me on 07841 332816.

5 Clear Reasons You Need to Hire a Corporate Magician for Your Next Event

Photo of Corporate Magician Looch performing

Mind reading and magic tricks at corporate meetings and events?

Yes, please.

The idea of a magician for hire isn’t new. In fact, magicians have been wowing and enticing the world for over 5,000 years. Anyone and everyone finds some level of fascination with magic. Adding mind-reading to the magical mix, and all eyes and ears are piqued.

Here are a few reasons to consider hiring a corporate magician to awe your guests, clients, and employees.

1. Grab Attention

Someone making balloon animals and doing card tricks is cute. But how about someone who’s perfectly honed skills as a magician and a mind-reader? Corporate events can have a stigma of being dry and sometimes uncomfortable. Not everyone knows each other. Pair that with the feeling of the event being work-related or mandatory, and this can make guests feel uptight. This can often result in your guests not always relaxing and enjoying themselves.

Add a magician to an event, and you’ll instantly grab everyone’s attention.

Infographic showing the benefits of hiring a Corporate Magician.

2. Get Them Talking

Did you hear about the guy reading minds?

If that kind of phrase becomes the buzz at an event, people will want to stay longer. They’ll want to learn more. They’ll want to have their minds read. Adding some magic to any evening can be the best icebreaker. People will want to talk about what they witnessed. They’ll want to compare their experiences and discuss your event!

Allow for a little bit of magic to create a collaborative experience for guests, one they’ll be excited to talk about, even after the event’s over.

3. Make It Memorable

Anyone can sit and listen to a band or an act. It’s a passive style of entertainment often with little or no interaction between act and guests. What happens, though, when a corporate magician mingles around an event? One stop to wow a small group turns into another stop that draws a larger group.

No one is sitting, waiting for the event to finish. People are gravitating towards the entertainment. Your guests want to be part of a magical experience; almost everyone loves magic

4. Inspire the Group

Magic is universal; it has the ability to inspire. Seeing something who doesn’t make sense to the mind is intriguing. The saying seeing is believing can become a group experience that draws people together, regardless of title or status within a company. Witnessing a corporate magician perform up close in front of their very eyes will be inspiring as many will have never witnessed live magic in person.

Hiring a magician is an easy way to bridge the divide between guests.

5. Leave Them Wanting More

Corporate magicians don’t just perform fun tricks of the mind.

Photo of Mix and Mingle Entertainment
Corporate Magician & Mind Reading in Action

One of the most alluring traits of a corporate magician is easily involving the crowd. Guests become the focal point of the tricks, which provides a personal and exciting experience.

Consider letting guests challenge the mind-reader as a way to develop company culture and morale.

Let Your Mind Wander With a Corporate Magician

Hiring a corporate magician for an event can add value, excitement, and awe in just a few short hours.

Your clients, employees, and guests will appreciate the endless opportunities for fun and camaraderie. Give them an experience that won’t quickly be forgotten.

Interested in discovering how a corporate magician can make your event amazing? Contact us to find out why others have chosen wonder, mystery, and intrigue to create the perfect corporate event.