Expert Mind Reader & Magician in Nottingham

Mind Reader & Magician in Nottingham

Award Winning Mind Reader & Magician in Nottingham Looch is a professional Mind Reader & Psychological Magician in Nottingham. He is the ideal choice for a wide variety of Corporate or Private events in and around the Nottingham & Nottinghamshire area. He has been booked to bring  his unique form of mind reading and magic…

Prediction Mind Reading Image

The Prediction – How I fooled the Police

The Prediction In response to the Advertiser Groups challenge to Looch. A Facebook page was been set up to cover the event in the days leading up to the prediction. You can view the the events history here: The Prediction In late December 2011, The Newark Advertiser issued a challenge to Nottinghamshire based mind reader Looch.…

Hire a Magician

Hire a Magician?

Thinking about hiring a magician? The majority of people in the UK will have never hired a magician or entertainer for an event before. Looch is an experienced professional Mind Magician who draws upon his knowledge in the entertainment industry to offer you this invaluable advice when you want to hire a magician for your…