Breaking with Tradition – The Wedding Show

Mindreader_at_weddingWhen planning your wedding it can often be very stressful trying to get the balance just right for your big day. The entertainment can play a key factor in breaking up the day so its not too formal. Many times when I am hired to entertain wedding guests I am asked to perform in a Mix & Mingle capacity. This works well at key times and generates a real buzz among your guests. However to optimise this type of performance there are specific times that I would recommend avoiding.

One type of performance that many couples don’t even consider when planning their wedding is an actual ‘Stage Show’. The word ‘Stage’ draws connotations of a large built up area filled with microphones and expensive lighting, but the truth is, it’s a term for any type of show that has the performer stood at the front of the room performing for the whole group at the same time. Perhaps a better and more accurate term could be a ‘Floor Show’.

It is the perfect way to conclude the sit down meal as everyone has been fed, and they are seated. It forms a natural break between the meal and the speeches and is guaranteed to amaze and impress your guests. However one of the fundamental reasons why this type of show is recommended above others is because it gives you, the bride and groom opportunity to relax and enjoy the show as well. With Mix & Mingle bookings, you are often being taken off for photographs or meeting and greeting your guests and you might miss out on some of the performances.

Looch’s floor show is called ‘The Wedding Show’ and is designed to be 60 min in length (although a shorter show can be booked upon request) For more information on booking this show for your wedding, contact Looch today.


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