To tell your guests or not? – Top Wedding Tip

Image of wedding entertainer Looch
Keep your guests surprised and excited with the ‘Mystery Guest’

Recently I have noticed more and more couples not telling their guests that they have hired me to entertain on their big day. From speaking to them about this decision it has given me opportunity to consider why they have chosen to do this. The vast majority of weddings that I have been booked to perform at, the guests are aware that there will be some form of entertainment present. Most have been told there will be a ‘Mindreader’ entertaining throughout the day. This often makes the opening moments a little easier from a performance point of view due to the fact that there is a level of expectation present before I even start.

However, recently I became increasingly aware that more and more guests had no idea that I would be performing on the day. This meant I would need to spend a little more time introducing myself and explaining what I was doing. I quickly realised the reactions to the entertainment and the rapport between myself and the guests seemed to increase. There was no level of expectation prior to the wedding, instead it was replaced by surprise and a genuine excitement in the moment as I began to perform.

I had become the ‘Mystery Guest’, someone who the other guests began to speak about frenziedly. Bigger crowds began to form around me during performance and the level of excitement peaked. I began to speak to my existing couples about keeping me a secret until the big day and there is a noticeably increased ‘buzz’ during the time I am there mingling with their guests. As a result, my couples are receiving overwhelmingly more comments and feedback from the clients.

It is certainly something to consider if you have booked me to entertain at your wedding.

“We just wanted to say a massive thank you for your service on Saturday. You really made our day so special and was a massive talking point of the day from everyone! We will highly recommend you to anyone and wish you all the best.” Craig & Fiona

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