Thinking about hiring a magician?

Looch - Mind Reader in Action!The majority of people in the UK will have never hired a magician or entertainer for an event before. Looch is an experienced professional Mind Magician who draws upon his knowledge in the entertainment industry to offer you this invaluable advice when you want to hire a magician for your function.

Magicians like Looch are the ideal choice to hire for your event as they can integrate seamlessly into the proceedings. They can also take a step back when the focus needs to be on other things. Unfortunately some inexperienced magicians make the mistake of thinking that its “all about them” and try to show off or even embarrass their guests. An experienced magician realises isn’t just about the tricks, it’s about understanding the event and why they have been hired.

When you hire a magician, they should be professional, polite, well mannered and flexible. A magician who has been hired for a wedding needs to realise that due to the very nature of the day, last minute changes might be made to the schedule. If the meal is delayed because of the photographs took longer than expected, the magician might be expected to perform a little later than expected. A professional magician will pre-empt situations like this and take them into consideration before the performance starts.

How will your use your magician?

Most magicians in the UK are hired for one of the following types of performances:

By having a range of performances, the magician will be able to take into consideration the type of event you are planning and be able to recommend a compatible option. Looch’s performances have been designed to be flexible and have yet to find an event that has not been suitable. One of the most popular events that Looch is hired to perform at is weddings.

Looch is a specialist magician when it comes to performing his mind reading at weddings. He works closely with some of the best wedding planners in the UK and is in high demand for a wide range of weddings up and down the country. If you are looking for unusual wedding entertainment ideas then you would be wise to contact looch via his enquiry form

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