Looking for Mind Reading Entertainment?

Then look no further than Looch, The Mind Reader for your next event. Unlike some less experienced performers that claim expertise in the human mind, Looch has over a decade of experience as Mind Reading Entertainment. So what exactly is Mind Reading  and why does it make the ideal entertainment?Looch utilises a range of little known principles and fuses them with psychology and performance art to create a powerful form of entertainment that suitably fits under the umbrella of “Mind Reading”

So what can I expect to see when I book Mind Reading Entertainment?

Mind Reading is not just about “saying things”. Looch draws upon his entertainment experience to ensure that his Mind Reading performances are a visual and as interesting as possible. Here are a selection of the incredible things you will experience when you book Looch to be your entertainment:

  • Thought Transference (You think of a word, number etc and Looch tells you what it is)
  • Drawing Duplications
  • Predicting your Actions (Before you make them)
  • Guessing which Hand Contains an Object (Up to 5 times in a row)
  • Influencing your Choices (Without you being aware of it)
  • Planting a Thought into your Minds

Mind Reading Entertainment with a difference

Looch is known in the world of Mind Reading Entertainment as one of the only performers in the world who can Influence you to draw a specific image. He is able to use his unique set o

f skills to subtly get inside you or your guests heads and plant a specific thought without you being aware of it. He will then ask you to draw any object that comes to mind, you will be adamant that what you draw is a result of your free will, but Looch will prove his powers of influence by showing a written prediction of the exact object you will draw “Before” you show your drawing to the rest of the guests.

This is Looch’s own unique performance piece that has fooled the Mind Reading world for the past few years. Looch has been offered significant amounts of money to reveal his methods but has so far yet to take them up on the offer. Rest assured if you are looking for Mind Reading Entertainment with a difference, book Looch today for a unique and compelling performance.

Looch is the Perfect Mind Reading Entertainment for ANY event

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