Mind Readers Vs Magicians

Mind Reader?!

The UK has a few professional Mind Readers available for Corporate and Private events. Recently however, some other performers such as party magicians and wedding magicians have begun advertising their services as mind readers and mind reading acts. This creates a series of problems that could result in clients experiencing inaccurate and substandard performances. Professional Mind Readers such as Looch have studied a range of specialised skills and techniques pertaining to an art form entitled “Mentalism”

Mentalism is a performing art in which its practitioners, known as mentalists, appear to demonstrate highly developed intuitive abilities. Performances can include telepathy, telekinesis, memory feats and mind control.  Mentalists can sometimes be referred to as psychic entertainers, but the connotations of being “Psychic” may put off some performers. Some magicians are dressing up their magic tricks and presenting them with a “mental” theme. They create the illusion of mentalism, by using traditional magical gimmicks and props.  It is in similar vein to a carpenter advertising his work under plumbing services.

A professional mentalist draws upon skills and techniques from a wide range of sources. These may include elements of magic, such as misdirection and audience management. A mentalist doesnt rely on the glitzy props and visual grandeur of traditional magic, instead they choose to focus on the psychological techniques and cognitive subtleties that create a powerful and unique form of entertainment.

The success of the TV series “The Mentalist” has pushed the term into the mainstream over recent years, and the popularity of mentalism is currently high. If you are looking to hire a Mentalist or Mind Reader for an upcoming event, click here.

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