As part of Belzonas 60th Anniversary celebration in Harrogate. Looch, along with a range of other unique acts were booked for a one off evening of entertainment. The evening was themed around a carnival and all acts worked together seamlessly to produce a unique night of Mind Reading, Magic, Stilt Walking, Plate Spinning, Fire Eating and Music!

The event, which was being held at Belzona’s Harrogate premises was based in a huge marquee, designed to look similar to that of a big top. Greeting the guests as they arrived were a range of stilt walkers and fire breathers. Belzona were celebrating their 60th year in industry and invited their staff to a special one off night they wouldn’t forget. Upon entering the marqee, the staff were treated to Looch mingling with them reading their minds and demonstrating his unique form of mind magic in the way only Looch can do.

Once all were seated and the champagne had been poured, the stand up show began.

Feedback from the guests were all positive with many in attendance genuinely amazed at the level of accuracy Looch was able to read their thoughts.

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