Looch with Frances FinnLooch was invited back to perform live on BBC Radio Nottingham on Tuesday 10th July. He was a guest on Frances Finns show who was standing in for usual host Richard Spurr.

Looch is no newcomer when it comes to performing on the airwaves, he became Nottingham’s resident Mind Reader a few years back when he was based in the city centre. He had previously performed an incredible demonstration of precognition back in 2008 when he predicted a single word that Frances would select from the entire stock of books in Nottingham’s Waterstones bookstore.

This demonstration became known as “The Waterstones Experiment” There are 2 recordings of the experiment and can be currently found on YouTube. These will be hosted on this blog in the near future.

Frances welcomed me back into the studio and interviewed me about how I got started in the world of Mind Reading and Mentalism. I gave a demonstration of how easily thought processes can be followed and indeed influenced by correctly telling her which colour she was thinking of three times in a row. For those of you that are currently listening to the recording of the interview I will briefly discuss how it was possible.

By asking Frances to name one colour at the very start of the experiment, it gives me a mental snapshot of where she was in her head at that exact moment. From that I base an estimation of what colour I think she will choose next. To do this I evaluate several pieces of information, one, being the type of colour and the emotional link of that specific colour. She chose Red, which is a hot colour, its also associated with danger and aggression. More than likely the second colour choice will be an opposite colour, something cooler and calmer. Frances chose Blue, which fits into that category perfectly, but what about the next choice?

By telling Frances she can choose the same colour again, I am purposely trying to influence her not to do this. This, in her mind moves her away from choosing any of the colours because they don’t seem “safe” anymore. I’m hoping this pushes her decision towards one of the two tones (Black & White) which are not traditionally classed as colours. She hasn’t mentioned them previously so her perception of these are safer and more “difficult” for me to be able to discern. Of course, in this instance Ive followed her thought process exactly and am already a step ahead of her. She chose White and I was once again correct.

Now for the third and final chance. Frances was really trying to catch me out at this point and the majority of times I would have guessed that she would choose White again to attempt to throw me off, but because I have worked with Frances previously I have a sense of how she thinks and preempted this and knew she would decide to go with a traditional colour. She had previously chose both Red & Blue, she also verbally mentioned Yellow during the clip, therefore the only one not mentioned was Green. In her mind, this was the safest choice, which of course it was the one she thought of and I managed to get all 3 correct!

For the second part of this BBC Radio performance and to hear me discuss how I fooled the Nottinghamshire Police, click here

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