This is the second part of the BBC Radio Nottingham blog that I made yesterday. The previous entry can be found here

In this second audio clip, I was asked about “The Prediction” which for followers of this blog will immediately know was a publicity stunt that I became involved in after being challenged by the Advertiser Group and the Nottinghamshire Police Force. I discuss some of the stipulations put on me after accepting the initial challenge, and how I overcome those stipulations to succeed in predicting the final score of a local Rugby match.

Mike Dennison & LoochIn addition to discussing The Prediction, I also perform what is known as a Drawing Duplication. It is a well known demonstration that was made famous by the great Uri Gellar in the 1970’s where a participant would secretly draw something and hide it from view. The performer, in this case me, would attempt to duplicate that unseen drawing. Uri claimed to use psychic powers when achieving this demonstration, I however relied on the use of psychology and presentation to achieve the impossible.

As you can see from the photos Mike Dennison (BBC Radio host) was my participant in the demonstration. I had a camera pointed at me throughout to catch me out if I was to peek at him drawing. By asking just 2 questions, I was able to gain an insight into how Mikes mind worked and was able to successfully duplicate his drawing of a car with almost 100% accuracy.

The DrawingsMike and Frances were both impressed with the demonstration and requested listeners to call in and have their minds read. This could potentially be problematic as I rely on severel factors when performing my form of Mind Reading, and one of the most important is that I can see them and watch how they react to situations.

With this being on air, I could only rely upon being able to influence their thoughts and actions using my voice. I demonstrated this by influencing a caller to think of 1 card from a deck of 52 playing cards. I had previously placed a single card face down on Frances desk. This is a demonstration that I perform during my Mix & Mingle act. For more information please get in touch via my enquiry form.

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