Looch LectureIn February, Looch flew out to Columbus OH to give a lecture to Magicians and Mind Readers from all over the world. The lecture, which was in front of a live studio audience, also went out live on the Internet. Subscribers could watch Looch perform and amaze with his uncanny skills by purchasing an online pass prior to the event.

The lecture ran for 2.5 hours and covered some of Looch’s unique material, which he has developed over the past decade. The lecture was an outstanding success, receiving rave reviews from performers all across the globe. Within one month of it being released it has been one of the most successful and subscribed live lectures penguin magic has aired in its 3-year history.

Looch has now given specialist lectures all over the world, ranging from the UK, Europe and now the USA. Looch has been confirmed to lecture later this year at the world famous Magic Circle in London.

[quote style=”boxed”] I think I want to use every single demonstration that Looch shared. Half an hour into the lecture it was already the best one I’d ever seen. The ideas were so practical. Things that you knew could work in the real world. [/quote]

[quote style=”boxed”]Having seen all the Mentalism lectures offered by Penguin this was the best. Several effects were worth the cost of the lecture.[/quote]

[quote style=”boxed”]Such a wealth of information, Looch delivers every time. Some really lovely demonstrations shared and explained.[/quote]

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