In this blog post you will find a selection of some of my favourite mind tricks and visual illusions. Some of these really will make you question your perception. Enjoy!

The Vanishing & Appearing Dots

Focussing on an individual dot will trick your mind into think the others in the grid are changing black or flashing.

Vanishing and Appearing Dots

The Movement Illusion

Staring at this one will make you think the whole image is morphing and changing shape. I see a ring sometimes, what about you?

Movement illusion

The Green Dot Illusion

Is that a Green dot circling around? Stare at the black cross for a few moments and become aware of the green dot that is apparently rotating around the screen, all of a sudden the pink dots will begin to fade and disappear. This is the illusion, if you move your eyes again they will reappear. this is whats know as the “Negative Retinal Afterimage” This illusion was designed by Jeremy L Hinton in the UK.

Green Dot illusion

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