Recently, I was hired to perform my Mix & Mingle act for the regional management team at Debenhams. In itself that wasn’t an event that was out of the ordinary, however upon arriving at the venue, it became quickly apparent that things were far from normal.

I made the 60 mile trip up the A1 to the beautiful Woodhall Hotel & Spa near Wetherby, Yorkshire. After parking up, I headed into the reception area and was greeted by the staff. I got changed and headed into the bar area and was served a drink whilst I waited for the first guests to arrive.

After around 20 minutes, Madonna walked in, flanked by Cindy Lauper and Bonnie Tyler. Things were not what they seemed…

Apparently I had taken a trip back to the 1980’s and was about to perform for the generation’s icons and stars. Within a 5-minute period the room was transformed into a glorious barrage of neon and cheese. I was surrounded by nostalgia and make up as I found myself reading the minds of Don Johnson, Timmy Mallet & Maverick from Top Gun.

Being a huge comic book fan, I was delighted to be able to drain Superman’s strength through a range of suggestion techniques; he was very surprised and couldn’t understand why he became as weak as a kitten whenever I suggested it. Thank you to Debenhams for hiring me to be a part of a really fun evening, I managed to get a quick iPhone shot of us all at the end of the evening.

“Just wanted to say thank you for a great show, the feedback we have had has been exceptional” Debenhams

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