When is the best time for your wedding entertainment to perform?

Planning your wedding entertainment can be highly stressful and challenging. There’s just so much to consider and juggle, many couples want to hire an entertainer to keep their guests entertained throughout the day.

There are so many to choose from, ranging from Magicians, Mind Readers, Mentalists, & other walk about acts. For this reason I have decided to put together a simple article that will guide you through some of the best times to hire this type of entertainer.

Wedding Breakfast

Wedding Breakfast Entertainment
Looch performing at a Wedding Breakfast

A slightly more formal option would be to bring your wedding entertainment of choice in to perform during the wedding breakfast. This can help keep things moving forward and create a continuous talking point for your guests. The guests can see the performer entertaining other tables, which can create a sense of excitement and anticipation for when they arrive at their table. One thing to take into consideration with this particular option would be that not everyone would welcome being entertained whilst eating.

Post Ceremony – Drinks Reception / During the Photographs

Entertainment during the photographs
Entertaining guests at the drinks reception

There is always a natural lull at every wedding and that is usually immediately following the ceremony. If you are having your wedding at the same venue as your ceremony then an ideal option to help avoid this lull is to hire your wedding entertainment to perform during the drinks reception. Guests are often stood around chatting, which creates the ideal opportunity for an entertainer to mingle.

The vast majority of weddings that I have been hired to perform at usually integrate both the drinks reception and the photographs. For this reason there will be both sides of the family present who might not have ever met before. A good entertainer at this point will help break the ice and generate a real buzz amongst guests and family.

Evening Reception

Wedding Entertainment
Mind Reading during the evening is very popular

As your evening guests are starting to arrive, it can be an ideal opportunity to hire your wedding entertainment to mingle at this time. The day guests have already settled and will have enjoyed a drink and soaked up the atmosphere of the day. The new guests will want to fit into the natural proceedings of your wedding, and an entertainer at this point can help create the rapport needed to create a catalyst for this.

Please be aware that your entertainer could be compromised if you are having other wedding entertainment such as a DJ or a Band. If this is the case you should discuss this with your entertainer during the booking stage so preparations can be made.

For more information on exclusive wedding entertainment visit Looch’s Wedding Entertainment page

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