Will our Magician be OK performing during loud music? – Top Wedding Tip

Mind Reader & Magician Looch performing during loud music
Always speak to your entertainer regarding performing during loud music

When I am speaking to couples that have booked me to perform at their wedding, one of the questions that seem to pop up quite frequently is; “We have a Band/DJ playing, will you be ok performing during loud music?”

It’s an interesting question that can be looked at from a variety of different angles. The most important angle to consider is, will having a loud performance in the background disrupt the magicians performance? If the answer is yes then provisions need to be made to ensure guests are entertained and a substandard performance isn’t given.

Some acts are very visual in their performance, they can be watched without having to listen to them speaking, these kinds of acts are fine when performing during loud music, but others for example; Magicians, Mind Readers & Mentalists will need to communicate with your guests and be heard.

One of the things that I have done in the past is, if the environment is too loud that I cannot be heard is to step as far away from the band or DJ as possible. I can recall several times in the past where a band have been playing in the marquee, yet I’ve been performing in a different room in the venue.

This can often satisfy all guests, as there will invariably be some who don’t enjoy the band or loud music and want entertaining and those who want to dance the night away on the dance floor. If you feel your wedding might be too loud that other entertainers there might not be able to optimally perform then speak to them, the vast majority are flexible and will be able to adapt and provide a workable solution.

The key thing is to ensure all guests are entertained to the highest quality possible, and if something like ‘performing during loud music’ is an issue for your entertainment then work together to resolve the issue. If you have any questions or problem regarding the performing environment at your wedding then let me know and I will be happy to discuss ideas with you.

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