Expert Traffic Stopper at Conferences, Trade Shows & Exhibitions

Traffic Stopper & Crowd Puller Looch specialises in Business Exhibition Entertainment
Generate Quality Leads with the Traffic Stopper

If your company is exhibiting at a trade show or conference then you will know how imperative it is to be able to maximise the amount of people who are not only aware of your presence, but also interact with you and receive your message.

For these conferences and exhibitions Looch offers a speciality performance option that is design to maximise footfall onto your stand and increase your sales. This option is known as the ‘Crowd Puller’ or ‘Traffic Stopper‘ and has been designed specifically from the ground up to generate quality leads and maximise the number of people who interact with your staff at the exhibition.

Increase Sales & Profit

Looch will work with you to specifically increase your brand awareness and to help push your message to potential clients in a plethora of engaging and memorable ways. He is an expert traffic stopper that will quickly and efficiently form a crowd; he will leave them flabbergasted and direct them straight to your booth or stand.

Looch has been hired by many companies to be a traffic stopper or crowd puller at exhibition venues all over the country. According to 3M-Unitek Looch on average ‘Trebled our projected footfall, which led to a significant increase in sales’ at both ‘The Clothes Show LIVE’ & ‘Britain’s Next Top Model’.

To bring Looch as the expert traffic stopper for your next exhibition please call him now on 07841332816 or visit his enquiry page.

Testimonial for Traffic Stopper Looch

“Looch was a real Crowd Puller at The Clothes Show LIVE. He gathered a crowd at our booth blew their minds and led them directly to us. Fantastic!”

3M Unitek – Tradeshow at The NEC

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