Why performing during the meal may not be the best idea. 

Looch doesn't always perform during the meal at weddings
Why performing during the meal might not be the best idea

Over the years it has become almost cliché to envision your entertainment mingling with your guests and performing during the meal around the tables as they are eating. Many people have seen this or even experienced this type of performance at functions and parties in the past and assume it’s the done thing to do. However it might not always be the best opportunity for your guests to enjoy your planned entertainment. You have prepared and chosen the right act for your wedding but it could all be wasted if the timings aren’t right.

The meal is an important part of any wedding; guests are relaxing and celebrating one of the formal aspects of the day. It’s imperative that they have the opportunity to enjoy this part of the wedding and many wont want to be interrupted by a performer, regardless of how good they are if they are eating.

The catering staff will be at their busiest and the wait team will be bringing hot plates in and out of the kitchen, factor in a mingling performer could well be a step too far.

This can also have a negative impact on the entertainment, as the wait staff, often at crucial parts, will interrupt the performances. If you really want your guests to fully enjoy the entertainment, then I would recommend considering the following times for hiring your performer:

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