Sheffield United FC – Player of the Year Awards

Sheffield Mind Reader Looch reads the mind of Mark 'The Beast' Labbett

On the last day of the 2014/15-football league here in the UK, Looch was hired to perform a very special show for a very special client. Born in Sheffield, Looch was raised a Blade (Sheffield United FC supporter) and on Sunday 3rd May 2015, Looch performed at the Sheffield United FC ‘Player of the year’ awards ceremony.

The performance was split into two segments, the first being a private mingling performance during the champagne reception for players and coaching staff in the chamber room at the beautiful Sheffield City hall. Looch mingled with members of the first team such as John Brayford, Jose Baxter & Che Adams, reading their thoughts and blowing their minds.

“Looch’s ability to read our guests minds so well at our end of season dinner ensured a home win regarding the entertainment: A real crowd pleaser!” 

Mal Brannigan (Managing Director – Sheffield United FC)

Following the reception, the players entered the ballroom for dinner. During which, they were treated to a range of highlight reels from the first teams season and were asked to take part in a series of interactive choices to decide upon the winners in a range of categories. After desert Looch took to the stage and performed for the 500+ in attendance, starting with ITV’s Mark ‘The Beast’ Labbett from the hit game show ‘The Chase’. Looch successfully read the thoughts of ‘The Beast’ 3 times in a row, and continued with telling a female guest what word she was thinking of from a freely selected book.

The finale came when Looch invited Gary Sinclair up onto stage to join him as he revealed the full name of a former school friend from Gary’s school when he was younger. Gary was visibly moved and blown away stating over the PA system that it was:

“One of the best things I have ever seen” 

Gary Sinclair 

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