Drinks Reception Entertainment

Photo showing people at a drinks reception

Whether you are organising your wedding or planning a corporate party. The drinks reception is a crucial part of any event.

Guests will all be congregated into a single area and enjoying drinks whilst chatting to friends or colleagues. Often there will be pockets of people forming but the event might lack a togetherness which could possibly hamper the event.

It is vital that there is some form of drinks reception entertainment to engage everyone and bring about a cohesiveness. Over the years I have performed at hundreds of drinks receptions all over the UK & Europe. The one consistent thing that cements it all together, is having professional entertainment. Something that will break the ice and generate a feel good factor amongst everyone there.

Drinks Reception Entertainment Ideas

With over 15 years of experience of performing at weddings & corporate events. I have worked with many different types of entertainers. Some of them have been exceptional and offer the very best in drinks reception entertainment. I thought it would be a great to speak with these professionals and find out their thoughts on how their work has an impact on the events they perform at.

All of the acts below are ones that I have personally worked with, and come highly recommended. Their distinctive services work well on their own, but can also be paired with another to maximise the impact of your drinks reception.

Acoustic Sounds

Whilst the Prosecco and Beers are flowing, theres nothing better than live music to compliment. The important factor is to not got too loud too soon! Guests want to chatter and catch up in a relaxed fashion without having to shout over the top of a DJ or band. For this reason I recommend hiring an acoustic singer for your drinks reception.

Photo of Ben Haynes and his Drinks Reception Entertainment
Ben Haynes – Acoustic Singer

Acoustic music is more palatable and increase the overall ambience of an event without being obtrusive. Some acoustic singers even take requests, which is a good way to enhance the atmosphere and mood of your guests. Over the years I have worked with many acoustic singers, but the one I have had most experience with is Ben Haynes. Ben is a singer and acoustic guitarist who performs all over the country at weddings and parties. I recently caught up with him to find out the benefits of hiring an acoustic singer for a drinks reception:

“A musician eliminates the faff of pressing stop and start on the stereo. Or hooking up the playlist you spent precious time putting together through a poor quality sound system to then also discover you’ve only got 5% battery! Some chilled, live acoustic covers of your favourite songs will entertain you and your guests, providing a soundtrack to those ever lasting memories.” – Ben Haynes

Digital Photo Experiences

One thing that consistently attracts guests and produces lasting memories are photo experiences. They are non intrusive and guests can interact with them on their terms. Over the past few years, a world of new exciting, digital photography experiences have begun appearing at events. One such company that specialises in these products is Mirra Mirra. They are a Midlands based company who supply their services for corporate events and parties within the UK.

I first met Lucy Trevelyan, who runs the company with her husband Andy, a few years back at an event. She was demonstrating a range of really unique photo booths and I was amazed at just what the technology was capable of. They provided so much more than what my preconception of a photo booth was. I recently spoke to her to find out whats currently making her guests tick at their events in 2020.

Photo showing Mirra Mirra products
Mirra Mirra – Digital Photo Experiences

“Our Aura booth, unlike other photo booths is sleek and fits into any location. Event planners appreciate its portability and the fact it’s a non intrusive product. Perfect for guests to create memories on as they choose, whether this is a still image, a GIF or Boomerang. Guests can take photos with or without virtual props & filters, it really is a surefire way to get the guests roaring with laughter! Guests can send the images straight to their phone and have Instagram ready images within a matter of seconds. Photo templates can be designed to fit any occasion as can the photo booth start screen which is on display for all of the guests to see.” – Mirra Mirra

Casino Tables

Nothing generates the wow factor like having your very own Casino as part of your event. The first time I performed at a drinks reception that had also hired a private casino company was a ‘Business Awards’ event in North Nottinghamshire. The room was dressed just like a modern casino with Roulette Wheels, Blackjack tables and interactive games. It was an instant hit! Guests were playing games with casino branded ‘money’ and the whole room was full of laughter & excitement.

Since then, I have worked many corporate events, private parties and even weddings with the Blackjack Fun Casino company. A Nottingham based Casino hire company that specialise in transforming venues into authentic looking Casino experiences. I spoke with the company’s owner Dave, to find out just what is so appealing about Casino hire at events.

Image showing Casino hire for drinks reception
Blackjack Casino Hire

“Well it’s just perfect entertainment for a drinks reception! The glitz and glamour of a full sized casino setup with Blackjack and Roulette tables creates a real buzz around your venue. As soon as the casino opens it will encourage guests to mingle and provide a talking point as guests play the games trying to win as much as they can!” – Blackjack Fun Casino

It’s Not Real Gambling!

For those who might be concerned about ‘Gambling’ at your event, fear not! Real money is not used due to gaming licenses, this is all about the fun factor without any of the risk! Dave explained to me that by removing the financial factor funnels all the focus into fun.

“How it works ‘Fun money’ is handed out to all your guests to use at the casino tables. People come and play the games. At the end of the casino, the person/s who have won the most amount of ‘fun money’ wins a prize – Usually a bottle of bubbly and the all important Bragging rights! The excitement of a big win at the Roulette table helps fuel a fun atmosphere for all.”

Close Up Magician & Mind Reading

I couldn’t write an article on the benefits of Drinks Reception Entertainment without mentioning Close Up Magic. All events can benefit from having a close up magician perform at your drinks reception. I have discussed this in various forms on this website and the absolute recommended performance for any drinks reception is a ‘Mix & Mingle’ booking.

An image of Close Up Magic at a drinks reception
Magic is Amazing! Looch in Action

This type of close up magic is sometimes known as Meet & Greet Magic or Walk Around Magic. It essentially consists of hiring a magician to perform up close to small groups of guests. The magician will mingle at your party and introduce themselves before performing close up magic for a few minutes. Once they have amazed your guests, they will move onto another group and continue performing.

Close Up magic is a relaxed and informal type of magical performance that works perfectly during drinks. Guests can choose to engage and take part if they wish, but aren’t in a position where it is forced upon them. A good quality, professional magician is guaranteed to amaze everyone and create a magical and memorable experience.


A Caricaturist is a fantastically traditional way to enhance your drinks reception. However in this technologically driven society, the old school approach to drawing Caricatures has a digital competitor! The digital caricaturist has the advantage of being able to produce incredibly detailed work instantly. This can then be shared it with clients via their mobile phones.

I have had the pleasure of working with many wonderfully talented Caricaturists over the years. The response from guests is always fascinating, it creates a real talking point. One very talented such lady that I have found myself working with is Luisa Calvo. Her company, Wicked Caricatures have been offering event professionals a wide range of services all over the country for years. She has a wealth of experience working events and is guaranteed to provide unforgettable drinks reception entertainment.

Photo showing the work of Luisa Calvo
Wicked Caricatures

Luisa mingles with your guests capturing their likenesses with a fun and stylish flourish. We met up over coffee and spoke about her work. I was interested to find out how drawing caricatures can impact the drinks receptions she is hired for.

“A caricaturist must have incredible drawing skills, but just as important are exceptional people skills. Clients say I’m warm, friendly and have the ability to engage guests during the drawing process. This removes any possible awkwardness which makes it more fun and memorable. I was one of the very first caricature artists to embrace the trend of digital technology. However I am just as comfortable producing quick Black & White ink sketches, as I am full colour digital caricatures using my iPad.” – Luisa Calvo

Lets Plan Your Drinks Reception!

So if you are currently trying to organise your own event let’s have a chat! You are more than welcome to get in touch to discuss your event. I will suggest different types of drinks reception entertainment, and whats acts compliment each other. You can call me now on 07841 332816 or send me a message using my contact page.

Evening Entertainment: 7 Benefits of Hiring a Magician in London for Your Next Event

Image showing a Magician in London

Magician in London for Your Next Event

This article takes a look at why you should book Looch, a full time, professional magician in London for your next big party, corporate event, or team-building retreat. Keep reading to discover seven major reasons why this is such as great entertainment option.

There’s no mystery to the fact that event planning is never easy. Regardless of the type of event that you’re putting, there are always a million details to juggle, including finding and booking all the necessary suppliers. Finding the right type of entertainment for an event can be challenging. After all, you need to make sure that everyone that attends has a great time, stays engaged, and leaves the event ready to tell others about the experience.

1. Ideal For Indoor Or Outdoor Events

One of the great thing about booking a magician as your featured entertainment is the fact they can easily perform indoors or outdoors. 

As long as the weather conditions permit, a magic performance can easily work in an outdoor environment so that the audience can enjoy escaping a stuffy conference building.

Very little is typically required of a magical act that would make it dependent on an indoor environment, which helps to make your scheduling options a bit more flexible.

Infographic showing 7 Benefits of Hiring a Magician in London for Your Next Event

2. Can Be Tailored For Any Type Of Group

Every event is different. From the type of industry that might be hosting, to the age group of the attendees, each event will have unique requirements. This can often make it difficult to find the ideal form of entertainment that everyone will enjoy.

Magicians offer the unique ability to tailor their act specifically for their audience. And yet this is typically unnecessary because a great magic act is the perfect form of entertainment for almost any type of audience that you could imagine.

Some magicians offer a more family-friendly act, while others provide something a little edgier. And yet on average, any act is suitable for whatever audience that happens to be in attendance. This makes it an ideal option for event planners who might have concerns regarding what type of content would be entertaining yet appropriate.

3. Able To Get The Audience Involved

Another advantage of hiring a magician over a musical act or some other form of entertainment is audience involvement.

After all, magicians have the unique ability to directly involve individual members of the audience in their act. This is one of the most fun aspects of the performance, both for the individual being pulled up on stage and for the rest of the crowd.

This is the ideal way to get the audience engaged in a way that other entertainment options simply can’t provide. Watching friends and corporate peers getting included in the performance creates a more intimate experience and provides plenty to talk about once the performance has ended.

Photo of a Magician for Hire in London
Looch – Mind Reader & Magician in Action.

4. Unique & Intriguing

Everyone loves a good mystery. That’s why something that’s unexplainable is so intriguing. When you watch a magician perform, the tricks happen right before your eyes, and yet you will have no idea how the trick was performed. 

The awe-inspiring nature of magic tricks never gets old, regardless of age. No matter how closely you pay attention to every gesture & word spoken. A skilled magician will still be able to leave you stunned and speechless.

Every performance is totally unique, and each magician will bring their own style and personality. They engage the audience in a way that will leave them spellbound and questioning everything they witnessed. The harder you try to figure out what’s going on, the more likely it is that you will simply end up totally baffled. Just like everyone else in the room!

5. Memorable

A magic performance isn’t something you witness on a daily basis. That makes it very different from other forms of entertainment such as music, television, or movies. 

A great magician can provide an experience that you’ll only get to witness a once in your life. In fact, there are few performances as memorable as getting to watch a magician perform amazing tricks up close and in person.

Even the most jaded audience member will have to acknowledge that they can’t explain how some tricks are done. Which of course is the best way to get a unique response and to make memories that keep people talking for years.

6. It’s Doesn’t Have To Cost A Fortune

Another benefit is the fact that you don’t have to hire the most expensive magician in town to provide a show that everyone will enjoy. There are magicians available at nearly every budget level. This allows you to go big for a major event. Or to keep things smaller for a more intimate event.

The key is to decide how elaborate you would like the performance to be. Then to choose your entertainment accordingly. If you are planning for your national conference then a larger, interactive stage show might be the wow factor you need to blow all your guests minds. If however you are planning a small intimate dinner for a select few guests, then perhaps a private parlour show might be more appropriate?

Photo showing a professional Magician in London performing.
Photo taken by Christopher Bunce Photography

7. It’s Fun

Finally, the simple truth is that magic is fun! It is universal and provides a chance for guests to laugh and relax. They get to put aside thoughts of business for an hour or two. Providing a much needed break from work and give everyone something to talk about throughout the remainder of the event.

The Benefits Of Hiring A Magician In London

Every event is different, and yet the one thing they all have in common is the need for entertainment. Booking a magician in London is a great way to keep everyone in your group happily entertained. It also ensures that your event is a truly memorable occasion.

If you are currently planning your own event in London, why not find out how much it typically costs to hire a magician.

To chat with me about hiring my services as a Magician in London, please send an online enquiry. Alternatively you may wish to call me on 07841 332816.

Ever Tried to Hire a Magician for a Party?

It doesn’t matter if you are planning a small family party, or a huge corporate event. Organising the right entertainment can be a stressful affair. Have you ever tried to hire a magician for a party? It’s not always as easy as it might sound. There are some horror stories to be found, if you look online! But fear not, in today’s post we are going to discuss the process of making an enquiry to hire a magician for a party.

It doesn’t have to be complicated

Most enquiries start with one of two things, either a phone call or sending a message. Nearly every professional magician will have their contact details on their website or business card. Simply select your preferred method of contact and get in touch! However before you do please have the following details to hand in order to simplify the enquiry process.

Image showing a client calling to hire a magician for a party
Pick up the phone or send a message!

Date & Time

The most important piece of information you’ll need to give your magician is the date of your event. If you dont have a date then they wont be able to check in their calendar to see if they have availability. There are times when you might be organising a party and have a couple of possible dates you could book. In this instance let the magician know all potential dates and they will be able to advise as to which are free.

In addition to the date, it’s advisable to think about when you would like your magician to perform at your party. If its a day-time event, you might wish them to perform earlier during the drinks reception? Or perhaps you would prefer an evening performance? or after dinner show?

The Venue

Try to ensure you have booked your venue before you hire a magician for a party. There are a couple of reasons why this is important when enquiring. The first is that many full time magicians will have a wealth of experience performing at these venues. More than likely, the magician will have already performed at your venue. They are in a fantastic position to be able to advise on what type of performances would work well at the venue and when they might take place. Some venues might be the perfect location for a Mix & Mingle. Others might be perfectly set up to accommodate a full stage show!

The second reason to book the venue prior is so the performer can calculate the distance for any travel costs. It’s important to provide this information to ensure the quote is as accurate as possible. You dont want any unwanted surprises when it comes to paying the invoice!

The only time to hire a magician for a party without a venue booked is when you know the area your party will take place. You may still be deciding on the exact venue but know it will happen in a specific city or county. For example you might live in Nottingham and know that the party will definitely be within the Nottinghamshire region. In these cases, the magician will be able to provide an accurate quote taking into consideration approximate travel costs.

Know your venue

What Type of Performance?

Before you enquire to hire a magician for a party, have you considered the type of performance you would like them to do? There is often a misconception that a magician only does one type of show. Most will offer some form of close-up entertainment. This is typically known as mingling or ‘walk around’ magic. The magician will wander around your party and perform their magic for small groups of people at a time. A walk around magician will often spend a few minutes with each group before moving on to another group. This is ideal during a drinks reception or in between courses over dinner.

Perhaps you have a large group of guests and would like to hire a magician for a party to perform a special show for everyone in attendance? A magic show conjures up images of a grand stage and professional lighting, but a show doesn’t have to be performed like that. Many venues can set up a room so that there is enough space at the front for a magician to perform a show for everyone! This is known as a floor show and is a very popular option for corporate dinners. Sometimes your venue will have other rooms where the show can be performed. It’s always a good idea to speak to your venue beforehand and ask them how they can facilitate a whole room performance.

Photo showing a magician performing at a party
Mingling is ideal over drinks

Number of Guests

An often overlooked, but essential piece of information when hiring a magician is to know how many guests they are expected to perform for. It’s fine if you dont have the final numbers, but please give an estimation when you enquire. That way they are able to factor in that information to provide an accurate quote for your event.

If you are enquiring about a magician mingling at your party. It’s vital to have an approximate number of guests during the enquiry stage. On average a professional magician will be able to entertain 120 guests over a 2 hour period. If your party has a larger number of guests, it might be recommended to make a longer booking.

A stage show differs in that for smaller parties, your magician might not need to use of a PA system & microphones. Typically for numbers above 100, the show will most likely require the use of amplification. Please discuss this with your magician during these early stages.

The Purpose of the Event

Finally, it’s advisable to let your magician know the purpose of the event. Is it a birthday party? a corporate dinner? a wedding? This information is really important. Your magician might be able to offer a special type of performance that would be better suited for your specific event. For example, at a wedding, your magician might be able to perform a bespoke piece of magic to make the bride and groom the stars of the show! Its always beneficial to let them know the purpose of your event, so please try to include that information in your enquiry.

Want to make an enquiry?

Looking to hire a magician for a party and want to speak to me about my range of exciting performances? Please give me a call on 07841 332816 or you can send me an online enquiry by sending me a message here.

A Day in the Life of a Mentalist – Oakley Hall Hotel

Photo showing the Inciper Ltd celebrating

As an entertainer, you cannot always be sure where your next booking will come from. However, if you are booked because someone has seen you perform at another event, you will never be out of business. My latest ‘A Day in the Life of a Mentalist’ series covers a booking that happened precisely like that; the client (Inciper Ltd) saw me perform my After Dinner Entertainment act before Christmas and decided it was exactly what they needed.

An Advocate from the Beginning

Mark Roberts and David Sanderson, founders of Inciper Ltd, booked me to perform at the company’s third anniversary celebrations after Mark had seen me perform at a 50th Birthday celebration. Having grown considerably since their inception, Inciper Ltd celebrate with all their employees and book an annual overnight stay at a country house. This year they had selected Oakley Hall Hotel in Basingstoke; a beautiful location complete with old-fashioned flair and modern twists.

A Photo of Oakley Hall Hotel
Oakley Hall Hotel – The Perfect Hosts

The Long and Winding Road

The 3.5-hour drive was not too arduous, but I had to leave in plenty of time to ensure I was able to set up the show before guests arrived. Another aspect that put me at ease before this long journey was I had already met the clients and knew them to be great characters; often as an entertainer, you don’t always get to deal with the client directly before the day, especially for business events.

I arrived around 3.30pm and was greeted by hotel management who were lovely and took me to the Bramley Room. This was to be my dressing room and holding area until the performance. However, complete with a large flat screen TV, I ensured I made use of the facilities and caught up on the football as I unpacked the show.

The Garden Room

Now able to set up the show downstairs, I took my props to the Garden Room which had already been prepared for the evening’s dinner. There was a space for me at the front but only around three metres in between me and the first row of tables. For anyone in the magic and entertainment industry, having and audience that close when you’re not intending to perform close-up magic, can leave you a little vulnerable. However, having been in the industry for 14 years performing at all sorts of venues, I did some quick calculations and couldn’t foresee this intimate spacing as being an issue.

I set up the show, including a prediction envelope (complete with a large black question mark on the front), which I left on the mantlepiece. Hoping the hotel staff and any guests who arrived early would realise it was part of the act and not touch it, I went back to my changing room and waited for guests to arrive.

The Main Event

I don’t usually eat before a performance but as I had a couple of hours, I was able to enjoy a sit-down meal while I did my own social media and marketing.

I soon received a message from Mark and David to say they had arrived and went down to meet them so we could brief each other on what was happening throughout the evening with regards to our respective responsibilities.

As the guests arrived, they selected their own name card from a side table and sat where they desired rather than having a space allocated for them which I felt was a nice touch. Mark and David gave a speech and kindly introduced me for the pre-dinner show.

A room of around 50, there was no need to have a microphone and it’s always lovely to be able to see individual people rather than a sea of indiscernible faces. With an intimate gathering such as this one, I was able to make eye contact with almost every member of the audience at some point throughout the performance which is essential to connect with them.

As a group, they were very receptive, and everything went well. I felt I put on a good show and was even able to try some new things as well as amending other parts of my performance from previous shows. I am pleased with how they went and will likely replicate them in the future.

Photo of the Inciper team
The Inciper Team

View the Review

Finally, I always gauge feedback by if a client seeks me out after the performance which Inciper Ltd did immediately. Asking me where they could leave feedback, I received this 5* Google review in the days that followed:

“Looch provided the pre-dinner entertainment for our annual company celebration after I had seen him perform at a prior event. Looch had the whole audience fully immersed in his show and amazed with his performance and mind-blowing skills. He created a real buzz in the room during and after the show – still being talked about now. Big thanks from all the Inciper team.”

Mark Roberts, CEO and Co-founder of Inciper Ltd

Thank you to both Mark and David for inviting me to be part of your celebrations. Here’s to the next three years and beyond and I wish you and your team every success as you continue to grow.