5 Ways to Make your Business Launch Parties a Success

Photo showing a Launch Party

Firstly, congratulations. If you are looking for ideas on how to make your business launch parties a success then you and your team have either completed a project that took countless hours of dedication, you are launching a new product, or you are the owner of a brand new start-up company and want the world to know. There could be other reasons but ultimately, you are looking for a way to build reputation or reinforce client and customer relationships.

Here are some launch party ideas you should consider when organising your big event.

Budget & Professional Services can be vital.

Set aside a budget and if you can, hire the help

Planning, promoting and hosting start-up launch parties is not a simple task. With the hours you have put into the business or new product, you deserve an event that is slick, sophisticated and one that will attract the right people. Therefore, if you can, hire a professional events team to design and manage your launch party which will also ensure you get to relax and enjoy the benefits and rewards yourself.

Select a spectacular venue

If you do not want to hire a team to help plan and organise your launch party, then the first objective you need to meet is to find and hire a venue that will accommodate your guest list. As soon as you reveal the event’s location to your guests, a certain tone will be set and so you should select a venue in line with your brand and/or your company ethos.

Where possible, try and select a unique location; one that creates an air of sophistication and one that gets both you and your team out of the office. It’s a special time for both them and you.

Vary the way you interact with guests

Once you have selected your guestlist full of your target audience as well as friends and family, you need to think how you are going to interact on the day. We don’t mean the way you say hello or the conversations you have. Instead, plan to have digital demonstrations of your product, videos of your team discussing what they have achieved and how, live showcasing and product giveaways (note that everyone loves free gifts and you will enjoy free marketing out of it too).

Interactions like these will help your team feel far more involved in the launch party itself and your guests will have far more opportunities to engage. However, it will also need some planning.

Whats your Theme? Formal? Unique? Fun?

Have a theme

Everyone loves a theme or at least guidelines of how they can be expected to dress. Pick a theme that works with your brand, your ethos, the venue or your product. A theme will be a fantastic conversation starter for both you and your guests. It will also create opportunities for creative and sophisticated photographs to be shared via social media (with specific branded hashtags) both during and after the event.

Pictures are not only invaluable marketing tools, but also a great way for your company to network via social media too. It would therefore be an idea to set time to follow up on any posts or comments your social media outlets receive in the days following the launch.

Wow your Guests!

Entertain with a wow

While this is essentially business, your launch parties should be exactly that; parties! Therefore, your guests will expect some form of launch party entertainment from music, colour, magnificent table decorations or unforgettable food. However, why not hire an act that will keep your guests talking about your event for months to come. It’s essentially free marketing too!

An award-winning mind reader such as Looch can perform in any way you deem appropriate for your launch party. This could be:

For more information about how Looch Mind Reader could help your business launch parties, get in touch today!

8 Awesome Benefits of Hiring a Halloween Magician for Your Party or Event

Are you having friends over for Halloween? You’d better have some entertainment prepared. With everyone dressed up and feeling jovial, a hired entertainer can take your Halloween party to a whole new level. A hired Halloween magician will ensure that your party is the most unforgettable one of the Halloween season. If you’re skeptical about what a magician will bring to the table, let me tell you. In this post, I’m going to tell you 8 of the amazing benefits that you’ll see when you hire a magician for your next Halloween party.

1. One of a Kind Entertainment

As a form of entertainment, magic is unlike anything else. The mystique mixed with the interactive nature of the performance is something that sticks with people for a long time. If you want your guests to be talking about your party from Halloween until New Year, you know what you have to do.

By having a professional magician mixing stage performance with smaller tricks while he/she floats around a room, you’re giving your guests something personal that other types of entertainment can’t provide. 

2. Capture People’s Attention

If you’re trying to capture your guests’ attention at this party, magic is a no brainer. Sometimes it’s nice to break up the monotony of the average Halloween party. Sure, people are dressed up and having fun, but most parties go down the same path: eat, drink, converse, go home.

Throwing magic into the mix is jarring to the typical party dynamic. Instead of talking about politics or what’s going on in each other’s lives, a magician can provoke different kinds of feelings in party guests, which will change the dynamic significantly.

A Halloween Magician can provide the Tricks & the Treats!

3. Less Entertaining for You

When you throw a party, you have to do a huge amount of work to prepare. From booking the entertainment and ordering/making the food to preparing the venue and making a guest list, you have a laundry list of important tasks to take care of.

By the time the party rolls around, you just want to relax and enjoy the fruits of your labour. Unfortunately, you’ll have people wanting to pull you aside and talk to you. After all, it is your party.

If you book a magician, however, they’ll take this social pressure off of you and place it on themselves. I can roam around the room and perform card tricks to smaller groups of people or if the party calls for it, can perform some more detailed illusions in front of everyone.

4. It Can Be Tailored for Different Groups

Every good magician should be able to tailor their act somewhat to suit the theme of your party, which is especially useful for a Halloween party. Magic and Halloween go hand in hand, so they won’t have too much extra work to do. Sit down with your magician ahead of the party and go over some of the finer details.

I may ask if there’s a good staging area, what the decor will be like, and the types of personalities that are coming to the party. So long as your partygoers are all in a jovial spirit, I shouldn’t have trouble getting people involved. 

I’ll also able to vary my act for different groups, which is my way of making sure everyone at the party is individually entertained.

5. Flexible on Time

You can book a magician for an hour or the entire length of the party. It’s hard to tell if a magic show will go over with your party guests until you throw them into the fire. Many party planners like to keep me around for at least a few hours to entertain guests.

But, if you’re more interested in a 30-60 minute all-encompassing magic show, followed by a DJ, band, and other activities, I can do that as well. I know that it’s hard to get partygoers to sit still for long periods.

Photo of a Halloween magician at work
Magic is a surefire way to delight your guests!

6. Magic Can Be Spooky

Halloween and magic jive really well together. A lot of the illusions make the unbelievable believable and can even be frightening when framed the right way. We can meet ahead of time to come up with a really good theme for my act. That way, you can scare the daylights out of your guests.

7. Bring People Together

One of the biggest virtues of magic is its ability to bring people together. Every party has people that don’t know each other in attendance and realistically, you’ll be the only person that knows everyone in the room. Often, entire parties will go by without different groups of people intermingling, but that’s not what a party should be about.

Magicians can take two people that barely know each other, involve them in an illusion, and they’ll be talking about it all night. Not many forms of entertainment can help forge new friendships, some of which can be long-lasting, but magic can.

8. Gives You Options

Finally, booking a magician for your Halloween party gives you options. If you let me freelance a little bit, you don’t have to make a rigid schedule for the party. I’m known for my creativity and have been lauded around the UK for my performance and personal touch.

When the pizzas are taking too long to arrive, I can perform to keep your guests entertained; if you decide you want to set up the karaoke machine early, I can take a back seat for a bit until called upon. It makes your life, as the party planner, easy and stress-free.

If You Want a Good Halloween Magician, Hire Looch

For this year’s Halloween party, get the most qualified Halloween magician. As an award-winning mind reader and magician, I’ve performed all over the UK and Europe with my mind-bending act.

I specialise in both mix & mingle as well as after-dinner entertainment, so let me help take your Halloween party into the stratosphere.

Gala Dinner Entertainment

Your Gala Dinner Entertainment should reflect the glamour & extravagance of the overall event!

Guests will be dressed in their best, with black ties aplenty and ball gowns everywhere you look. Your entertainment should stand out with the elegance and opulence of your gala evening. Looch’s mind reading performances are designed so your guests become the stars of the show. In todays article, we are going to examine how Looch’s gala dinner entertainment can compliment and enhance any gala dinner.

Enter The Man Who Knows!

For over a decade, Looch has offered his exciting mind reading skills for awards evenings and gala dinners. He is a professional mentalist who specialises in performing a range of acts that are a a surefire way to leave your guests with their minds well and truly ‘blown’.

He is sometimes referred to as a mind reader or psychological magician. Looch has the uncanny ability create almost instant rapport with your guests and then lead them into his world of magic & mystery. There are 3 primary performance options on offer and all are highly recommended. His work is especially desirable if you want to leave your guests with incredible memories of your gala for years to come.

Photo showing Looch's Gala Dinner Entertainment Show
The Gala Dinner Show – Great Way to Conclude the Dinner

Gala Dinner Show

Without a doubt, the most unique of the performances is Looch’s utterly enthralling After Dinner Show. Introduced onto the stage after dinner and any presentations, Looch will perform his fully interactive mind reading show live for all. The full show is typically 60 minutes in length, but can be shortened or split incrementally depending on your gala schedule.

The show is full of audience participation, humour and mystery! Each of your guests will be enchanted by the demonstrations performed on stage. They will be left with their mouths open and minds blown once they experience the grand finale! Shows can be tailor made for your gala, with personalised tricks that can be designed upon request.

Photo showing Mix and Mingle entertainment at a Gala Dinner in between courses.
Mix & Mingle engages guests pre-dinner and in between courses.

Pre Dinner Entertainment

Some Gala Dinners dont require an After Dinner Show. Instead there might be a live auction followed by a band or musical act. For these types of events, I would recommend for your gala dinner entertainment, Looch’s fabulous Mix and Mingle performance. This type of entertainment is sometimes known as ‘Meet & Greet’. It consists of Looch mingling with your guests throughout the drinks reception. He will approach guests in small groups, introduce himself and entertain them with his incredible mind reading magic.

This type of performance can also be continued throughout dinner. Looch will effortless mingle with seated guests in between courses. That way dinner isn’t interrupted and guests can enjoy their food, yet still experience the magic before and after individual courses.

Photo showing the set up of 'Challenge the Mind Reader'
Challenge the Mind Reader is a 2m x 2m static show that creates a real focal point.

Create A Focal Point

In addition to the 2 primary performance options above. Your gala dinner entertainment could also include a very special type of performance if your venue is suitable. Looch offers a static performance called ‘Challenge the Mind Reader‘. This is a really unique option that attracts crowds and generates laughter and interaction. Positioned inside a roped off VIP area, Looch will take challenges from your guests as he successfully reads their minds time after time.

This performance really is a perfect focal point at your gala dinner. It is typically set up in the vicinity of the drinks reception location. Guests will be intrigued and excited as they enter and enjoy a glass of champagne. Curiosity always gets the better of them and within a few minutes a crowd around the roped off barriers form. Sometimes Looch is blindfolded, yet can continue to successfully blow the minds of guests all throughout the night.

*Challenge the Mind Reader can also be used as a fundraising aid at charity events.

Lets Talk about your Gala Dinner

I would love the opportunity to be able to speak with you regarding your gala dinner entertainment ideas. Perhaps we can schedule a call or even have a chat over coffee? It all starts with an online enquiry, which can be made here. I look forward to hearing from you, and learning all about your forthcoming gala dinner.

A Day in the Life of a Mentalist – Belvoir 2020 National Conference

Photo of the Belvoir 2020 National Conference

Bespoke performances are some of my favourite to design and plan whether for private parties or large corporates. My most recent event for Belvoir Estate Agents was exactly that; it was bespoke, personal and so much fun – what’s more, it was over a year in the making and so I am extremely grateful it went ahead given the current climate. Here’s how the Belvoir 2020 National Conference happened!


I met a member of the Belvoir Estate Agent team at a property show in Lincolnshire 18 months ago. I approached them and gave a demonstration. As usually happens, they were freaked out and later that week, she made an introduction to Ian Maclean who is company’s franchise director.

We met for a coffee and he was extremely responsive to what I did as he seemed to like mentalism; he mentioned the company would be having their annual conference in 2020 and asked if I would be interested in performing at such an event; of course the answer was yes as corporate events are so rewarding to perform at as they are often large scale.

The booking came directly from Alan Baker, the event planner at Xprez, who was responsible for organising the 2020 conference. During the ensuing months, it was decided three, 20-minute-long performances would work well alongside the other presentations happening throughout the day.

Fast Forward to 2020

With such a long time in between booking and performing, I was able to carefully craft the three requested individual acts to ensure they were truly bespoke to the company and in the blink of an eye, the conference arrived.

I travelled to the venue the night before the conference, staying at St. George’s Park in Burton-on-Trent, which is nestled within the National Forest and home to all 28 English football teams (not difficult to understand with 330 acres of private land surrounding it).

I felt extremely fortunate the event was going ahead with many events being cancelled that week due to Coronavirus and it turns out this would be my last event for the foreseeable.

Belvoir 2020 National Conference

I woke up early as I usually do when staying overnight anywhere that isn’t home. However, I had an undisturbed sleep and this was probably due to the room I was in, which is what I would describe as a sensory bubble. It was so quiet and peaceful; truly lovely.

I met Geoff Ramm, who was the main keynote speaker on the day, for breakfast. Dealing with customer service and customer experience, his talks use many anecdotes and his northern humour makes him extremely approachable. I instantly hit it off with Geoff, he was warm and welcoming. I was looking forward to watching him work.

We then both left to set up our various ‘acts’ and waited for everyone to arrive for the day-long event.

Photo showing Keynote speaker Geoff Ram & Mind Reader Looch at the conference.
Geoff Ramm & Looch

The Stage

While I have performed for numerous large corporates, I had never seen a set up quite like this. The Main Stage was a catwalk-like platform, arranged as a living room complete with Chesterfield sofas and a cartoon-like window looking out. There was also the Kitchen Stage, which was set up as you might expect, except with a 1940’s element. Finally, there was a smaller stage to the side of the room.

Something would happen on every stage throughout the day, keeping things moving and keeping the presentations fresh for the audience which was mostly Belvoir franchisees.

The Performances

The day opened with a discussion between Ian Maclean who I had met all those months ago and Director of the Belvoir Group PLC, Dorian Gonsalves. They both sat at the Kitchen Stage counter enjoying coffee (which I thought was a nice touch) before introducing Geoff Ramm. Geoff’s ‘Celebrity Service’ seminar was fantastic! He was funny, direct and delivered a keynote that inspired many of the delegates and got them thinking along his lines.

Finally, it was my turn to perform on the main stage. I gave a demonstration to show how easy it is to read people. I revealed someone’s name without them telling me verbally and then performed some memory magic. Then, I asked someone in the audience to Google search anything they wanted before revealing precisely what it had been.   

My next slot saw me invite three participants up to the stage to sit on separate chairs. I asked them to think back to their school days before selecting specific memories which I in turn revealed whether they were memories about certain teachers, incidents or childhood friends.

The Final Vision

Following lunch and an auction, I took to the stage for my final performance and the main bespoke piece of the day which was something entirely new for me. As the conference itself was entitled ‘Vision 2020’, I decided to manipulate the senses.

Selecting one member from the audience to join me, I proceeded to manipulate their sense of touch, making them believe I had touched them when I was actually standing a metre away. I then went into the audience to touch someone much further away than I had originally been. As I touched them on the shoulder the lady on stage screamed out loud.

Photo of Looch performing at the Belvoir National Conference
Looch on stage ‘Influencing Thoughts’

Influencing Thoughts

The sense of sight was next, and I showed the audience a sheet of paper with the instructions ‘Draw a Picture’ printed on them. This was turned around to face my participant. She drew a flower, which I had predicted and drew while she was drawing hers. When asked why she drew a flower, she answered ‘because you told me to,’ to which the audience laughed. This unnerved her as she realised she had seen something written on the piece of paper which was totally different to what everyone else had.

For the final section of my performance, I took an envelope from a stand which had been present on stage the whole day. Through a series of tasks involving the lady, other members of the audience and their calculators, the room reached a 7-digit number which was exactly the number I had concealed inside the envelope. The finale was turning this number through 180° to reveal the name BELVOIR in specialised, stylised writing to great applause. I was delighted and so pleased the performance had been everything I had hoped for, for both me as a performer and the company.

The End of the Day

I hung around to watch the final presentations by Geoff Ramm, who really was a delight to be around, and former Rugby Union star, Ollie Phillips who also delivered a talk covering his lifetime achievements including setting a Guinness World Record!

The whole day was a sheer delight to be part of and if this was the last performance I will do for a while, I could not have hoped for more. Thank you so much Belvoir Estate Agents and the delegates at the Belvoir 2020 National Conference. I wish your company and franchisees continued success, particularly through this unprecedented time.


“Looch was fantastic. He did a number of sets at our Annual Conference and was utterly amazing. The franchisees were talking in awe about him throughout the day and he added a completely different feel to our annual event. Book him, he is great.” – Ian Maclean Belvoir Franchise Director

To bring Looch to your annual conference please get in touch today!