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Online Magician | Online Magic Show

An interactive online magic show for virtual events / hybrid events, team meetings and other corporate celebrations.

Looch offers a 30 min online magic show designed to engage and amaze your colleagues during team meetings, or to provide an interactive virtual magic experience at a live event or as virtual conference entertainment.

Online Magic Show Designed For Corporate Events & Meetings

This mind blowing online magician has created an innovative and engaging show through the use of Zoom and other web based meeting software. He has amazed hundreds of delegates and clients with his Zoom magic show at a host of virtual corporate events & hybrid events since early 2020.

Designed to bridge the gap between real life and virtual events, this online magic show is one that is guaranteed to enhance your conference or team meeting, and add a touch of virtual magic for your guests. The show is fully interactive and has been designed to offer an engaging experience that will be remembered by all.

In it you will experience a range of amazing effects and demonstrations as Looch takes you into his online world of magic and mystery. You will experience his uncanny ability to read your minds through the screen and predict your behaviour in a range of fun and fascinating ways. No one is embarrassed or singled out and the online show is lighthearted, funny and will put a huge smile on the faces of your guests.

Image showing a Zoom magician performing live at a virtual show
The online magic show can be accessed anywhere in the world, even in the comfort of your own home.

How Does an Online Magic Show Work?

The online magic show is very simple. It is a web based show performed through Zoom or other similar applications. Your team or guests can log in from home or workplace and immediately be transported into a world of virtual magic and mind reading. One of the biggest draws to this type of show is that it can be experienced anywhere in the world. Simply log in and experience the magic with just the click of a button.

All you will need is a device with internet access such as a computer, laptop, or tablet. You will be able to experience as well as take part in this interactive performance. Participation is encouraged because without you, there would be no show! One of the biggest benefits of experiencing an online magician is being able to watch the faces of your colleagues as they have their minds blown right in front of you in real time. It’s the perfect addition to a meeting or virtual conference and will keep everyone talking and smiling throughout the entire event.

Why should I book an Online Magician ?

Without the reactions of an audience, there wouldn’t be much magic! Looch’s online magic show is designed so that you will be able to all react together. You will witness all your colleagues, friends and guests reacting right before your eyes on the screen. It’s such a good rapport builder and fascinates everyone who watches. The show will give everyone in attendance a boost and together we will create a great memory. One that everyone will take away with from your virtual event and talk about going forward. Your guests will remember you and how you made them feel!

Photo showing my online magician studio
My online magic show can be performed for clients anywhere in the world

What is a Zoom Magician for Virtual Event?

The term Zoom Magician or an Online Magician, is a relatively new one but is pretty self explanatory. It simply describes the services of a virtual magician who performs their shows online. Zoom magic shows are relatively new, but have started to see a surge since the COVID-19 pandemic.

My online magic show has primarily been designed to be performed in an online conferencing format. Zoom is perfect for this and offers the flexibility in being able to interact with the specific individuals or the entire team using their ‘Gallery View’. Even though the show is 30min in length. It can be modified to be longer or shorter depending on your events requirements. The virtual magic show can even be performed incrementally if your event requires.

Who is a Virtual Magic Show Designed for?

If you are planning a virtual event and want to inject some fun/mystery then this show is for you. Simply make an enquiry with me using my online contact form. Include the date and time you would like the performance to take place. You can either receive an invite from me to join the show on the day. Or you can bring me into your conference call at the right moment of your meeting. All your guests will be able to log in and everyone will have the ‘best seat in the house.’

Since its introduction, Looch has amazed hundreds of guests from virtual events that have taken place all over the world. He has an impressive list of clients and is the number one choice for a virtual magician! For more information why not give me a call on 07841 332816.

Testimonials for Zoom Magician & Mind Reader – Looch

“Looch’s online magic and mind reading show was the perfect way to conclude our virtual team building session. He engaged us all and astounded us with what is possible with the powers of the human mind. I have recommended him to other colleagues and we will be hiring his services again whenever we hold a similar event.”

HR Director – Hartleys

“This was the first time our conference was online and we wanted to include Looch in our plans like we have done for the past few years. We were unsure if he would still be able to engage everyone when not in person. How wrong we were. His online magic show performed over Zoom was exemplary. He amazed us all from start to finish, highly recommenced for any virtual or hybrid event looking to hire virtual entertainment.”

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