Today I continue with a series of blog posts that sees me meeting up and chatting all things ‘weddings’ with local suppliers. I ventured out to one of my favourite coffee spots in Newark, Nottinghamshire to meet two sisters. Jenny & Emma are both professional florists who run a successful business called Flower Barn. They are based locally (Nottinghamshire) and cater primarily to the wedding industry but also work within the corporate and funeral markets.

How long have you both been florists?

Jenny – I have been a florist for about 20 years and have worked in a number of shops.  I started in the wedding industry as a florist about 18 years ago.

Emma – I have been a florist now for 25 years and worked in a number of shops including owning my own shop in Grantham for about 5 years.

Where did you both train?

Jenny – I started training at New College Nottingham alongside working in a floristry shop.  I took a break for about 3 years before going back into floristry, instead of shop work I went straight into the wedding industry. I set up Flower Barn in 2012.

Emma – I started training at Brackenhurst College whilst working in florist shops to gain lots of hands on experience. I furthered my education at New College Nottingham, then went on to train as a teacher. I was teaching floristry for about 5 years before then setting up my own florist shop.  When I sold my shop my husband and I diversified into another business for about 4 years. Meanwhile Flower Barn was gaining popularity and Jenny was drowning in flowers so I dusted off the apron and sharpened the scissors. It was good to be working with flowers again and creating something special.

Flower Barn create the perfect wedding flowers, wether you are looking to make a statement or have something more subtle.

Did you both always want to be florists?

Jenny – No, I wanted to be a fashion designer but after a year on the fashion course I realised it wasn’t for me so I had an office job for about 5 years and hated it!!!  Emma by this time was loving floristry and where she worked a job became available so I applied for it.  I loved it.

Emma – No I wanted to be on the stage, I did a performing arts course after leaving school and loved it. After finishing my course I needed a temporary job. I applied for a job at a florist shop and as part of the job I had to go on a florist course. Needless to say I loved it and as far as floristry concerned the rest is history!!!

What makes the perfect wedding flowers?

We firmly believe your flowers enhance everything, just like jewellery does to an outfit.  When a bride sees a floral design that they like, ask why?  Is it the colour, the flow, the shape, the texture?  A good florist will be able to combine the couples styles and vision with their skill and accessible ideas.  Only then will there perfect flowers be achieved and remembered forever.

What are your top 3 tips for a successful wedding day?

First tip – Planning – For us it is not just about the flowers we take everything into consideration from dresses, suits, table dressing etc…..Encompassing all these elements makes the the floral designs significant and complimentary.  We encourage our couples to use media material to show us their ideas so that we can build on this to create their perfect wedding.

Second tip – Flower care – Our years of experience enables us to select, condition, monitor and arrange quality flowers.  We like to collect/receive our flowers in plenty of time so that they are looked after properly.  It would be no good arranging beautiful designs with an inferior product, flowers need to be in prime condition for your wedding day.

Third tip – Communication – Meet and get to know your florist, both parties should feel comfortable with each other so that they can share any thoughts and concerns they may have.  This above anything else is the most important point because only by working together will we create the look you want, the whole process should be an enjoyable one. 

I would like to thank Jenny & Emma for their time and agreeing to speak about their business for the blog. For more information on creating your wedding flowers be sure to visit their website. I would also recommend booking in some time to go and meet them and see their incredible work in person.

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