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As I continue with this blog series, I meet up with long time friend and wedding supplier, Ian Dearman Media to discuss his approach to providing videography at weddings and events here in the UK. Ian is based locally in Nottinghamshire but serves events all over the country and sometimes beyond!

A Videographer isn't necessarily the first thing you think of when planning a wedding. Why is it so important?

As a videographer I am looking to tell the story of the wedding day in a very natural and honest way. Every couple is unique, and so is their story. Creating a set of wedding films is an amazing way of re-telling their story and capturing their memories forever.

Being able to hear back the vows from the ceremony and the fun and emotion of the speeches is so important. Many of our couples have such a busy wedding day they can't remember everything as it all becomes a blur. I create a cinematic highlights film that re-tells the wedding story. However I also create the full version of the ceremony, speeches and first dance as documentary edits.

Ian Dearman Media - Captures your wedding day naturally and in HD.

What makes you different to other videographers?

There are many who seemingly force shots at weddings. Ian Dearman Media isn't like that. We aren't interested in setting up dozens of 'posed' couple shots because it's un-natural. It's far more important to capture and tell the story of your whole wedding day. I like to keep the filming very unobtrusive and stripped back to the essentials. This lets me focus on the filming and capturing beautiful shots. I am also a people person and making sure my couples enjoy the videography process is very important. 

Whats your favourite thing about working weddings?

Without a doubt, once that cinematic film begins to come together in the studio, its so magical! To be able to capture such a special day and create an everlasting memory for the couple is so satisfying. I love not only filming the wedding and meeting the wedding party. But it's an amazing feeling to deliver a stunning finished product to the couple. When the final cinematic film is played for the first time, its an amazing and emotional feeling. 

Ian Dearman Weddings

What are your top 3 tips for a successful wedding day?

I think my main tip is to remember that the wedding day is about celebrating your wedding with friends and family. There may be a temptation to book everything you can think of, but remember you don't need to a crazy amount of extras that you see at some of the local wedding fairs. Get the basics right (Venue, Cake, Videographer, Entertainment) and everything else will just slot together nicely.

Another tip that I feel strongly about is to make sure the when your book your photographer, request that they must work with your chosen videographer (me hopefully!) A clash of interests can be a problematic for the couple which could impact on their special day. It's vital that the day be captured naturally and as unobtrusively as possible. Nobody wants any additional problems on an already stressful day.

Finally I would recommend that even though there will be a detailed plan of your big day, you must be prepared for timings to change. In all my years of capturing weddings, I have yet to work a wedding and it not to have had timings change on some level. I would recommend couples have the mindset to be adaptable on the day. Just go with the flow and try not to stress out. It will be fine, it always is!

Whats next for Ian Dearman Media?

We have recently expanded the business out into dedicated sectors. The wedding side is now known simply as Ian Dearman Weddings and is looking forward to the busiest wedding year ever next year! I personally can't wait for the challenge and am looking forward to a busy year of filming and studio time. The business as a whole however, is also growing fast and the team is getting bigger. The technology we use is constantly evolving and become more sophisticated, and staying at the forefront is vital for us as we go forward.

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