In todays blog post I head out to grab a coffee with the very talented Joanne Wakefield. I have known Joanne and her husband Pete for around 10 years now. We met whilst exhibiting at a wedding fair and have had the pleasure of working together at many weddings over the years. They are a wonderful couple with some serious skills! Their company ‘Iced & Spliced’ by Cakey Wakey is one of the top venue dressers and cake makers in the midlands region.

Here are 5 questions with Iced & Spliced by Cakey Wakey

Jo’s cakes have a fantastic reputation.

How did Iced & Spliced come to be?

Iced & Spliced by Cakey Wakey began, as Cakey Wakey, 25 years ago as I couldn’t find anyone capable, or willing, to make the wedding cake I wanted for our wedding celebrations. I’ve always enjoyed baking, learning from my Grandmother & Godmother, usually to keep me quiet, so when my future Mother-in-law bought me a new part work magazine, with all sorts of baking & cake decorating ideas in it, I was hooked.

After being told what I wanted on our wedding cake wasn’t something the cake companies at that time were comfortable doing, I decided I’d do it myself. We had 3 fruit cakes, so baking & decorating ahead of the day was possible, with each set up on a swan shaped cake stand, so dowelling & pillars weren’t necessary. I was asked to make a Golden Anniversary cake for some family friends, & things just grew from there.

Do you prefer cake designing or dressing the venue?

I love making sugar flowers. I taught myself from books, although I recently did an online course to refresh techniques, making the flowers look even more realistic. Seeing a cake come together before your eyes is very rewarding. Receiving images from photographers of a cake in place is fabulous too, as these tend to arrive a good amount of time after the wedding. A beautifully edited image can stop me in my tracks. But then I love working with couples on how they want their Wedding Breakfast & Reception space to look too.

It’s the wow factor we want to achieve. You only get one chance to blow your guest’s socks off!

It would be ideal for me to work on the cake AND venue styling, as it allows me to be sure the same colour palette is used throughout the entire wedding. Plus it helps the couple limit stress, as they’ve only got one person to deal with instead of a few, & they know that the one person understands their entire vision. So the answer to that question is….both.

Iced & Spliced – Venue Dressing

You also offer car hire…unusual.

We introduced our first Bridal Car, Elanor, around 14 years ago. In fact the cars became part of our list of services before Venue Styling was added. We did some investigation into Bridal Cars after speaking to a lovely chap at a Wedding Show. It seemed to be a nice progression into other parts of wedding planning.

After our first wedding show, with Elanor sat proudly outside, we quickly realised that most weddings were booked for the same day. Once Elanor was booked, we had disappointed couples chatting to us, so we decided to look for more cars.

Each car has her own personality & colour scheme, with some very interesting history behind them as well. Elanor was joined by Bonnie & Evie within 18 months of us opening I Do Wedding Cars, giving more couples the opportunity to book our services.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

I think social media plays a massive role in how couples look for inspiration for their wedding. There are lots of visual tools available too, like Pinterest & Google Images. The only pitfall with using styled images for inspiration is the limitation of the availability of certain products. As so much on the internet originates abroad, being able to source a particular object or fabric can be near impossible or excessively expensive.

I love to play with chair dressings, experimenting with styles & different fabrics, looking for the next new design that our couples will love. It’s the same when I start to develop a new cake design, to exhibit at wedding shows. I have to make sure that the design will appeal to as many couples as possible, while showcasing my sugar skills.

I tend to limit the use of strong colours, as most people can’t see past what’s on display. But I do love to filter in the most on trend colour palettes, on the cakes & for venue styling too.

Iced & Spliced – Wedding Car Hire

3 top tips for successful wedding?

Use social media & tools like Pinterest to get an idea of what styles & colours you’re drawn to. Look for suppliers your venue recommend, or who post images of weddings in the same space as your own will be in… this gives you an idea of what you like & what you don’t. Mood boards are a great way to get your ideas into one place visually. These can be boards on your phone, or a physical book. Before long you’ll see a thread of the things you’re drawn to.

If you have a colour scheme in mind, go gown shopping for your Bridesmaids first, to cement that colour in place, or to allow you to look at other options if what’s in your head doesn’t suit all skin tones in your squad.

It’s much easier for you to have the colour in place before talking to venue stylists & florists, as you’d be surprised how much sashes, dress fabric & ribbon shades differ. You could have everything in place for your chair dressings & florals, but have to go back to square one if the dresses don’t blend well, or suit each of the girls, once you’ve shopped with them.

It’s never too early to book the suppliers you want! (Cough cough, dont forget Looch as your entertainment!) Whether you meet them at a wedding show, or through social media stalking, once you know they offer exactly what you want, are within your price bracket & will deliver the day of your dreams, get them booked in. A small reservation fee will secure your date in their diary, while the finer details can be discussed & confirmed when you’ve progressed further along your planning journey.

Thank you!

Iced & Spliced by Cakey Wakey are based in Nottinghamshire and serve weddings all over the midlands region. If you would like to find out more about their wonderful work please check out their website. They are certainly on my recommended list of incredible wedding suppliers.

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