Corporate Events are big business in the UK. Many companies spend hundreds of thousands of pounds planning and delivering a highly successful event, and often require the services of experts in the field.

When planning the perfect corporate event, you are also putting your reputation on the line. To ensure a smooth and highly successful event, hiring a professional Mind Reader in London is important.

A professional Mind Reader can ensure a unique and memorable time for everyone involved. Here are 5 reasons why you should book a Mind Reader in London for your corporate events.

1. A Completely Unique Entertainer

Delegates and clients will have experienced many different types of events in their line of work. They will have experienced most types of traditional entertainment and will often have low expectations of what to expect at yours. It’s imperative to create an element of surprise to avoid boredom setting in.

It can be an anxious feeling planning and executing a corporate event. The entertainment is a key factor in contributing towards a successful event; so with the benefit of a professional Mind Reader, you can rest assured that your guests will certainly have an incredible and memorable time.

Your delegates wont know what’s hit them when they experience their minds being read and that will be evident by the look on their faces and the immense buzz that is generated during a performance. Guests can relax and really engage in your event, exceeded by their expectations, and will talk about it afterwards.

2. Reduce Your Pressure

Corporate Events can be hugely stressful. While some people thrive in these circumstances, reducing the pressure on you is certainly recommended. Many people given the responsibility of organising their companies event will more often that not have minimal experience in organising such an important task.

When you hire a professional Mind Reader it enables you to take some pressure off. They will be able to offer you expert advice as to what will work best for your particular programme, freeing up time to focus on other areas of the event.

With your Mind Reader as the main entertainment attraction, you are free to focus on other important elements and that they are running smoothly and efficiently.

3. Take Their Minds Off Work

Photo of UK Mind Reader LoochThe vast majority of events are embedded with work, they can be fun and enlightening but the pressures of the job are never far away. This is the perfect opportunity to allow your guests to relax and take their minds off of work, even for just a short amount of time.

If there are employees who are find it difficult to switch off from work mode, hiring a Mind Reader will almost certainly do the trick. Once they experience what its like to have their thoughts read, it can be difficult to get their attention again! This can be the perfect time to get them to unwind and relax.

The reactions can be incredible and people will not believe what they are often seeing. This will help to generate a sense of amazement amongst delegates who will often form crowds around your Mind Reader during performance.

Your Mind Reader is there to ensure people are entertained and relaxed. A professional and experienced Mind Reader will often shock, surprise and delight your guests when they least expect it.

4. Entertaining Before Or After Dinner

A lot of people don’t realise that a Mind Reader will offer more than one performance. Many will specialise in a variety of different types of performances such as After Dinner Stage Shows and Mingling close up.

Depending on what you have booked your Mind Reader to do, they could mix and mingle with guests before dinner, during a champagne drinks reception or meet & greet. They might be performing on stage after dinner and any speeches and entertain the whole room. Some Mind Readers are more light hearted and funny, whilst others can be more sombre and serious. Make sure you have booked the right one for your event by speaking to them before hand to discuss their performance style.

Discuss any potential issues with your Mind Reader ahead of time. For example there may be some in attendance who are afraid of having someone read their minds. If there are people you would like the Mind Reader to avoid, please make that information known during the booking process.

5. Entertainment Or Professional Services

Many people don’t realise that a professional Mind Reader doesn’t just offer his services as an entertainer. The really good ones will also offer a range of professional services to help your company grow. Training employees the tell tale signs between a lie and a truth. Or increasing footfall at Trade Show are just a few of them.

Speak to your Mind Reader and find out what professionals services they can offer to your company. You might even wish discuss the possibility of working a retainer with your Mind Reader. Bringing them in on a regular basis to deliver training programmes in house as well as your Corporate Events.

Hire a Mind Reader in London Today

When you hire a Mind Reader in London, you’ll be guaranteeing your delegates a truly unique and mesmerising experience. An experience that’s worth far more than you can imagine. You will also be setting precedence within your company that you work with the very best in the industry.

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