With the average cost of a wedding in the U.K. now beyond the 17,000 mark finding a unique way to entertain people can bring the number down greatly.

When you’re planning a wedding, you’re also planning for your future. For a unique and affordable entertainment option, hiring a wedding magician is the way to go.

A wedding magician can create a very special day for everyone. Here are 5 reasons you should hire a wedding magician.

1. A Totally Unique Experience

When people go to a wedding, even if they feel emotionally connected to the event, they’ll have certain expectations of how the event will go. Most weddings have a general flow of things that are predictable and formulaic. It’s up to you to make your wedding something beautiful and romantically unique.

There’s something magical about two people being able to find each other amongst the billions of other people on the planet. Sometimes it feels like magic is the only way to explain it. So, why not use a magician to symbolise just how that feels?

Your guests won’t know what to expect and that’ll give your magician every chance to knock them off their feet. They can let loose and get caught up in the excitement as your magician shows them things they’d never imagined. They’ll leave your wedding with a spring in their step and a twinkle in their eye.

2. Take The Pressure Off

A wedding is stressful business. While some people are able to hire a wedding planner to take the edge off, most people have to both set up the show and then star in it. That’s a lot of pressure for people who may not be born performers or have to be the centre of attention in their daily life.

Hiring a magician allows you to relieve some of the pressure you might have felt otherwise. They’ll draw the eyes of your guests so that you can sit back and take a breath. You might even forget you’re at a wedding and enjoy the show yourself.

With your magician as the star of the show, you can run around and make sure the other elements fo your reception are going off without a hitch. You can stop by some people who you know might be feeling tense or emotional about the wedding and check in with them quietly. You can even rest your feet, as it’s likely you’ve been standing and running around for hours.

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3. Ease Some Tensions

Let’s be honest: Weddings can be a show of great love and joy but they can also bring together people who usually avoid one another. If there are siblings or parents who don’t always get along, a wedding magician can distract from those worries you might have.

If there are people in your families who you don’t want thinking about some old grudge or gripe, it’ll be hard to heat things up with a magician around. There’s something undeniably light and fun about having a magician at your wedding.

People get emotional and start to cry at weddings all the time, even if they’re happy. This can make other people cry and make the emotional situation a bit rocky and high-pitched. Your magician can bring it all down to a calm and entertaining place by showing off a few things while dinner is being served or the cake is going around.

Your magician is there to make people feel calm and relaxed. A well-trained magician can even make people laugh when they’d least expect it. They really can work real magic and truly enhance your special day!

4. Entertain Guests While You Make the Rounds

People may want to just say hello, drop off their gift, eat their meal, and get out. Having a magician will keep them from getting bored and keep the mood energetic. Your magician will give people who don’t know many of your guests or who are socially awkward a reason to stick around.

Depending on what you hire your magician to do, they could walk around and entertain guests before, after, or instead of putting on a big show. Magicians come in all shapes and sizes with all kinds of specialties. Some magicians specialise in big classic tricks while others put on more of a comedic performance.

Talk with your magician in advance of the wedding and tell them what you’d like them to do. If you think it’ll calm people down to have the magician walk around, let them know. If your grandma has a heart condition and might not like to know that she’s got coins stuck behind her ear, let them know that too.

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5. You Can Hire ‘Mystery Guests’

One of the best ways to have magicians at your wedding is to hire more than one. Rather than hiring traditional waitstaff or have a traditional magic show after the meal, you could create some real mystery and make your magicians dress like guests and simply mill about. When the reception begins, they can engage your guests in conversation and then surprise them with magic!

This will get people talking and create a shock factor. After a few rounds of drinks, your friends and family will be standing in circles talking to the various magicians. They’ll be having a good time and you’ll be able to relax knowing that everyone is taken care of and the pressure is off.

It’ll be a night to remember for everyone.

Hire a Wedding Magician Today

When you hire a wedding magician, you’ll be guaranteeing your guests an experience that’s worth far more than the price of admission. You’ll also be setting the bar for the next wedding that you get invited to. You can be sure someone else will be thinking of that wedding magician and trying to top such a fun experience.

If you want a few tips on how you should plan out your big day with a magician, check out our Wedding Planning Tips for common dos and don’ts. If you would like to book me as your wedding magician, get in touch today! I would be delighted to speak with you about your big day.

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