Planning a corporate party soon?

Why not do something fresh and new – something that’s sure to plant your event in every guest’s mind for a lifetime.

We can’t deny that people often look at corporate parties as boring and dull. Most times, the guests are only there for the food and perhaps because the company requires their attendance.

Even companies over at Silicon Valley acknowledge how dull these get, so they started hiring pretty models to entertain the crowd. But something else can make an event memorable: like a magician in Derby. Even at a corporate event?

Yes, especially at that kind of party. Not all magicians are for young kids. Here’s how you know it will become a hit.

Get the Energy You Want from the Crowd

Image of magician in DerbyWant to liven up the party with something unique and interesting? Looch, the magician, will do the trick (literally)

A magician’s livelihood depends on the audience’s level of enthusiasm. This trains them to measure the energy of the crowd and then act as needed.

You can put a magician at any part of your corporate event. He can perform his act at the beginning to set the tone for the rest of the night or as a finale to end the night on a high note. You can also have him mingle with the guests as they eat and drink the night away.

Depending on the event, you can rely on the magician to steal the show and get the crowd roaring. When things get dull or slow, ask the magician to do an intermission act and reset everyone’s anticipation for the next segment.

A Magician Makes the Event Memorable

Every host’s goal is to make a party memorable for every guest, whether that be a birthday party, a corporate event, or a simple dinner party. And what better way to stay in the guest’s mind than hiring a magician in Derby?

People often look back at the positive moments in their life, the moments that felt magical and surreal. Hiring a magician makes this goal come true in a literal sense.

Everyone who watches will have something to remember. By association, they will then also remember the event itself. It could be a specific trick or perhaps an instance where they got called to assist the magician in a performance.

Turn a Boring Corporate Event into a Fun Party

Even a corporate party could use some extra fun. Even laboratories are acknowledging that laughter can help people get their groove going.

The best way to engage the crowd is by tickling their funny bone. While a magician has tricks that excite and thrills the audience, you can also expect acts that will elicit laughter from people.

Engaging and comedic acts can get the party going well. If you’re going for a fundraiser, for example, laughter might even make the guests more generous!

Of course, Looch knows what kind of humour will click with the audience. You don’t have to worry about offending a VIP. After all, a magician will only make people laugh through his performances, not by acting like a stand-up comedian with a foul mouth.

Entertaining the Crowd is a Breeze

Ensuring that each and every one of your guest, especially the VIPs, are happy with the corporate event has never been easier. A magician in Derby can make sure no one feels out of place, giving you the time and space to manage the business goals of the event.

Magicians know how to stir up conversations, perform magic as icebreakers, and approach mature and intelligent people with their mind-boggling tricks. While the magician takes a break and ‘recharges’ his magic skills, he’ll mingle with the guests. He may even introduce you to a VIP and get you talking with each other.

Every Event Will Be Unique

When was the last time you wanted to hold an event that’s like your competitor’s? Never, right?

That’s why hiring a magician in Derby is a good idea: it makes the corporate event stand out amongst the countless parties that have become dull with repetition. Mixing in fun and magic into lengthy speeches, award ceremonies, and dancing will create a unique experience for every visitor.

Looch, in particular, creates a once-in-a-lifetime experience because of his ability to read people’s minds. While many magicians nowadays focus on street magic and parlour tricks that all blend together after a while, Looch guarantees guests will never forget their experience with his mind-bending sessions.

A Magician in Derby Can Personalise the Performance

Another perk of hiring a magician in Derby is that the magician can incorporate the brand into his magic tricks. The magician can use logos, the brand name, and even the face of the brand as part of his performance.

For example, you can have the magician invite a willing VIP to take part in an incredible act. The magician can make the logo appear in cards, for instance, or utter the brand as his magic words for the night.

This way, the visitors will associate the brand with fun memories. This method also makes the company stand out in the visitors’ minds, similar to the effects of advertising and marketing.

The huge difference is that the people are not getting irritated by the ads. This encourages the guests to discuss the event long after it’s over.

Interested in Hiring a Magician in Derby?

If you’re interested, talk to us now. Let us show you how a magician will be the best thing to happen in your corporate event. Whether you need a mind reader, a crowd puller, or an entertainer for mingling with mature guests, Looch is the guy for you.

For any inquiries about our services and how we can tailor them to your special party, contact us now.

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