Are you looking for a fun way to add a little magic and intrigue to your next big event?

When it comes to after-dinner entertainment, a magician act isn’t usually the first thing that comes to mind. That said, whether you’re hosting a big corporate dinner or a private birthday party, a magician is a fantastic way to entertain your guests. Still not sure if a magician is right for your next get-together?

Here are five of the best benefits that come with hiring an after-dinner magician for your event.

Photo of an After Dinner Magician
Looch is the perfect choice of After Dinner Magician

1. Keep the Party Going

One of the most challenging parts of hosting a dinner is maintaining the party’s momentum after the meal is over. The trick to preventing premature party fizzle is to schedule something engaging to help reenergise your guests. While you could try adding a little music or a game, it can be hard to find something that suits everyone’s interests.

By hiring a magician, you’re adding an unexpected and engaging performance to your event that your guests are sure to enjoy, no matter their taste.

2. Bring Your Guests Together

Some magicians for hire only do stage shows. But, many others, like myself, also do close up magic that allows guests to interact with the magician and each other.

This kind of magic show can help bring your guests closer together by encouraging people to mix and mingle.

3. A Magician Act Can Suit Any Event

It doesn’t matter what kind of event you’re hosting, where it will be, or how many guests will be there. A magician is an ideal entertainment solution for every get-together. A magician for hire can tailor their performance to suit any occasion, theme, or age range. So you can rest assured your entertainment will match your event.

On top of that, some magicians, such as myself, can perform a stage show for a large crowd, or close up magic for smaller, more personal get-togethers.

Photograph of an After Dinner Magic Act
Looch in action

4. Less Work for You

Hosting a dinner takes a lot of prep work and planning ahead of time. But, the work doesn’t stop when the party starts.

Hosts seldom get a break to enjoy their events as much as their guests do. And that’s where hiring an after-dinner magician comes in. By bringing in some post-dinner entertainment, you’ll get a brief respite from your hosting duties to relax and enjoy the show.

5. Make Your Event Memorable

When you rent a magician, you’re guaranteeing that your event will be one for the books.

A magic show is a unique experience. No two performances will ever be the same. So, even if you hire an after dinner magician for one event, you can rest assured that hiring them again will create an equally memorable experience.

Finding the Right After-Dinner Magician for You

An after-dinner magician is a fantastic way to transform your next event into an experience your guests will never forget. Ready to hire an experienced stage show and close up magician act for your next party?

Contact me for more information about my available services or to book a performance today!

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