Planning your big day can be extremely challenging. Theres so many things to consider and get right in order to ensure a smooth day with no hiccups. One of the most important elements is your choice of entertainment. In the UK, a popular option is to hire a wedding magician to keep your guests entertained throughout the day.

As a result, I have decided to put together a simple guide for couples planning their wedding and considering hiring a magician. In this guide you will find out exactly when is the ‘best time to book a wedding magician’, along with key times during your big day that should be capitalised upon. It’s vital to ensure all your guests are amazed and not left twiddling their thumbs. So with that in mind, let’s jump right in!

Best Time to Book a Wedding Magician

There are several opportunities throughout your big day to book a magician to entertain your guests. Some times naturally lend themselves better to a walk around, informal style of entertainment. Your drinks reception for example is perfect for Mix & Mingle Magic. Below are key times that you should consider when hiring a wedding magician.

Drinks Reception / During the Photographs

The drinks reception is a vital part of your big day. Photographs will be being taken, and your guests will be enjoying a drink and socialising. A mingling magician at this point can really enhance this part of the wedding.

The vast majority of weddings that I have been hired to perform at usually integrate both the drinks reception and the photographs. For this reason there will be both sides of the family present who might not have ever met before. A professional magician at this point, will help break the ice and generate excitement amongst guests and family.

Working with your photographer, a professional wedding magician will be able to keep your guests amazed with their mind boggling magic. Your photographer will be in the prime position to capture some fantastic reaction shots which will create magical memories for you to cherish for years to come.

Photo showing a wedding magician performing during the drinks reception

Wedding Breakfast

A slightly more formal option would be to hire your wedding magician to perform during the wedding breakfast. This can help keep things moving forward and create a continuous talking point for your guests. Your guests will be able see the magician entertaining other tables, which can create a sense of excitement and anticipation.

An important point to consider with this particular option is that not everyone would welcome being entertained whilst eating. A professional magician knows this and will often only perform in between courses during the meal. This actually is the recommended way to utilise your magician at this point. You will have no doubt, given a lot of thought into selecting each course. As a result it only makes sense to allow your guests to enjoy their meal uninterrupted!

Post Speeches

Typically after the meal, your speeches will be next. Guests will have enjoyed the meal and be still seated listening to the speeches from friends and family. I have watched hundreds of speeches at weddings over the years and find that immediately following, there is a lull in the atmosphere.

Once of the best ways to prevent this lull is to book a magic show for everyone! Some professional magicians offer a whole room show that can be performed using a microphone. This is a wonderful way to inject a buzz amongst your guests, and the show itself will provide a much needed energy boost for everyone!

Photo showing wedding entertainment ideas

The Evening Reception

As your evening guests are starting to arrive, it can be an ideal opportunity to hire a magician to perform. The day guests will have been there a long time and will now be mingling with your newly arriving evening guests. Your evening guests will want to fit into the natural proceedings of your wedding, and entertainment at this point can help create the rapport needed to act as a catalyst for this.

If you are also hiring a band or a DJ that will be playing loud music, then it is recommended that your magician performs in a different room. This ensures that they can be heard! Your magician could perhaps perform in the bar area or maybe outside in a relaxed and informal position. Guests can gather around and be entertained up close. If you are hiring live music during your evening reception, then please discuss this with your magician during the booking phase.

Let Them Dance!

It is certainly recommended that you avoid hiring a magician to perform late into the night. The later it gets at weddings, the louder it often becomes! People will more than likely have been drinking for a lengthy period of time and people want to let their hair down. Let them put their dancing shoes on and boogie the night away!

I hope you have found within this guide, your very own ‘Best Time to Book a Wedding Magician’. If you have any questions whatsoever, please dont hesitate to get in contact with me to discuss your wedding entertainment.

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