Throwing a black tie party or corporate event takes a lot of planning. In most cases, there’s a specific reason for throwing these types of events, and you’ll want to be sure everything goes as smoothly as possible. 

Because the event you’re throwing is a professional event, it’s important that you impress all of your guests. Impressing your guests will leave an ever-lasting impression and will have them ready to RSVP for the next event!

For this to occur, you’ll need to find some amazing entertainment ideas that’ll make your event stand out from others. Here are 4 outstanding entertainment ideas for your upcoming black tie events!

1. Hire Live Music

Not many professional events have live music. It’s a great way to stand out from other corporate or black tie occasions and doesn’t mean hiring a DJ to spin tables and play favourite songs.

It consists of hiring actual bands who will come to your event and perform live. Consider choosing a band that’ll play classical music to fit the theme of a classy event. Don’t forget to set up a dance floor as well. 

Your choice of entertainment is vital

2. Hire a Mentalist / Magician 

Hiring a mentalist or magician is the perfect way to break the ice in the room and get people to start mingling with one another. A mentalist/magician creates a relaxed setting with amazing performances that’ll lead to conversations amongst your guests due to the “wow” factor.

Another added benefit of hiring a mentalist/magician is you can have the performance incorporate your brand or company message into it! You can have the performance after dinner as a way to entertain while guests eat dessert, and leave them on a fun and exciting note.

3. Hire a Bartender and Catering Service

Don’t forget to include a bartender and catering service. A great bartender with a few sophisticated choices such as wine and cocktails is an exceptional way to keep guests entertained, content, and relaxed while at the event.

The right professional catering service will also know how to deliver dishes in a way that impresses everyone! Imagine being served a beautiful dinner plate with vibrant colours and design patterns all made with food.

Black Tie Event Entertainment
Incorporate an Additional Theme into your Black Tie Event

4. Incorporate a Theme

Incorporating a theme is a brilliant way to spruce things up for your event. Think of a theme that might fit well with your brand. If you’re throwing black-tie events, then you can consider hiring entertainment that’ll fit well with the black-tie theme, such as a sophisticated or classical performance. 

If you’re throwing a company corporate event, then consider choosing a theme for the guests and entertainment. Consider a cabaret-style theme, which is a classy and fun theme to follow. 

How Will You Impress at Your Black Tie Party?

Black tie event planning doesn’t have to be difficult when using these tips.

Which ideas listed above will you use to impress your guests at your next black tie party or corporate event? Use a few or use them all to create an event that everyone will remember!

Contact us today to see how we can help make your event an event to impress!

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