If you’re making plans for a trade show booth to promote your products and services, you want to make it memorable. You could spend your entire budget on trade show gifts, display screens, and booth designs and only attract a few prospects.

This is where a corporate trade-show magician comes in. Imagine your booth with a high quality professional magician who makes your brand unforgettable. A talented magician can put you miles ahead of the competition, drawing a crowd to your booth & making your company really stand out.

When you’re thinking about trade-show booth ideas, put a magician at the top of your list. With showmanship, personality and an upbeat message, a trade-show magician will generate sales and new clients like magic.

Are you ready to take your trade-show booth to the next level and boost your brand awareness? Read more about trade-show magicians, and five reasons to hire a magician for your next trade show.

1. Entertaining Way to Reach Your Audience

A professional magician lets your audience know that your company is unique and different. You have fun and want your customers to have fun. This in itself demonstrates to your clients, your positive company culture. Trade-Shows and Exhibitions are long and tiring events. They typically last anywhere from 2-4 days and by the end of it, both visitors and exhibiting companies are tired and ready for home. By utilising the skills of a high quality magician, your booth will stand out from the monotony of countless other booths, giving your company a fun and entertaining edge over the competition.

Infographic showing 5 Reasons to Hire a Trade-Show Magician
Infographic – 5 Reasons to Hire a Trade-Show Magician

2. Generate Sales and Clients

Whether you’re trying to attract new prospects, build your brand awareness or retain your current customers, instead of handing out business cards, a magician can weave your message into a trick. Generating sales and clients is the key to your business success and a trade-show magician will help you do that. Their presence naturally will increase your projected footfall and once guests are engaged, they will talk. Not just to your team but also other guests at the exhibition, letting everyone know about your stand.

3. Attract and Keep the Crowd

Magic will attract a crowd to your booth! One of the skills of the magician is the ability to create rapport and relax your visitors. By getting them laughing and curious will make them more receptive to your company message. The aim of all the tricks is to attract people to your trade-show booth, increase your footfall and create opportunities for your team to generate more sales, which leads to more profit and brand awareness.

Not only that, when your visitors are having fun, they engage with your brand on an emotional level. This helps them retain your message even when the trade-show is over!

Photo of Trade-Show Magician working
Laughter & Amazement leads to increased footfall and sales on your booth.

4. Engage Visitors Through Participation

A magic show engages your visitors by getting them to participate in the show. Engaging prospects is an important part of successful sales. The magician asks questions, answers questions and invites your visitors to take part in the act. This keeps them at your booth instead of leaving for competitor’s booths. Your team will also be on hand to work in harmony with your magician so that they are immediately able to speak to guests at the conclusion of the performance.

5. Stand Out from the Competition

By combining magic and salesmanship, a trade-show magician can help your business stand out from the crowd. When you’re at a trade-show or corporate event, you have to compete with hundreds of other businesses trying to attract prospects. A professional trade-show magician is guaranteed to grab the attendees attention, build your brand awareness and value, as well as keep the crowd on your booth. Your booth will have never been as popular! Of course, your competition will see this and immediately regret not having this major advantage working in unison with them. Thats why many companies will hire the same magician each year!

Choosing a Trade-Show Magician

When you’re choosing a trade-show magician, you want someone who becomes part of your sales team. You should select someone who will be a good representative of your company. The magician you choose should also be able to integrate your sales goals into his presentation. Your magician should be as enthusiastic about your products and services as you are.

Contact me to learn more about how I can use magic to make your trade-show booth or corporate event entertaining and unforgettable.

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