Planning a corporate event can be challenging. Despite this 89 percent of event planners love their job. One of the most fun things must be organising the entertainment. When you’re hosting a business event there’s a lot of pressure to hit the right note? Finding the right business event entertainment is key. Read on to learn more about your options.

Best Business Event Entertainment

Booking entertainment for a business event comes with some special considerations.

Your audience may be more diverse than many. The entertainment has to meet everybody’s tastes.

The corporate values are on show at a business event. The entertainment has to be in line with those values. If it isn’t, rather than enhance the event, it can undermine it.

Your event has goals. These could be team building, employee engagement, a thank you for great effort, or energizing everybody ahead of a sales push. Whatever the event goals, choose entertainment that supports it or at least doesn’t detract from it.

Business events have budget constraints. Just as with any business expenditure, you need value for money.

Make sure that you have the right venue, lighting, audio-visual equipment, and room to suit the entertainment. Without it, you might be wasting your money. Even the best band around will be a flop without the right staging. 

Escape Room

Do you need a fabulous way to engage people in teamwork? You may not want it to seem too worthy or contrived. Escape rooms are all the rage and great fun.

Teams work together to escape from a room. They solve mental and physical problems to make progress together. It can be themed in line with your business, products, event, or just generic.

People get to know each other in a way they could never do at work. It’s surprising what talents and skills you discover the person who sits opposite you at work has. It’s unusual and certainly not a cliched business event activity.

Mind Reader

mind reader or mentalist can deliver a stage show, after dinner entertainment or smaller group performances. They read minds and make predictions that astound and entertain. Humour is combined with genuine surprise and shock! A mentalist will perform feats that seem absolutely impossible. They can involve key personalities in the business and even incorporate an event theme.

Photo showing a Business Event Magician
Mind Reader for your Business Event Entertainment


No matter what age you are, it’s wonderful watching a magician at work. A magician at a corporate event can either present a stage show with a large audience appeal or do close up table magic.

Having a magician with close up magic skills perform for you at your table is mystifying. It’s a personal, engaging, and unique shared experience.

Cover Band

Picking the right band for a corporate event is tricky. One person’s musical favourite is another’s personal hatred. The safest option is to choose a covers band.

A professional corporate entertainment covers band is experienced at catering for every audience member. It’s all about song selection, engaging with the audience, and knowing when to pick up the pace.

A Live Covers Band offers a vast range of musical styles!


There’s a time in every corporate event when people need to let down their hair and have a laugh. Corporate event comedy specialists understand what works for their corporate audience. They’ll often take a detailed briefing about the company or event and tailor their routine so that every joke works.

Circus School

Sometimes your job involves juggling lots of priorities. Why not incorporate juggling and other circus arts into your event. Learning how to clown, spin plates, and of course juggle can be a fun participatory entertainment idea.

If you don’t want to learn how to perform, have the circus performers entertain you with their special skills and daring deeds.


Community singing is a wonderful way to bring people together. The modern way to experience community singing is karaoke. You haven’t really laughed until you see your boss singing Elvis or the accounts department perform their rendition of “My Way”.

Make this the main event or a fun interlude while everybody takes a rest from dancing.


TV is full of cooking programmes and competitions. Take this idea and make it a corporate event entertainment. Bring in a chef to demonstrate how to make a dish. Have members of the corporate team try to apply what they’ve learned.

The results can be hilarious, disastrous, creative, and delicious.

A Corporate ‘Cook Off’ can be a funny & tasty treat for your business event!


Seeing yourself represented as a caricature that you can take home is fun. The delight is only exceeded by seeing your work colleagues getting the same treatment. This is something that can be done as a strolling entertainment or at a fixed point during the event.

Event themes can be incorporated including event slogans and awareness-raising visuals.

Animal Magic

Bring in animals to your event for some wonderful attendee engagement. The options are wide-ranging. Petting zoos, falconry exhibitions, sheepdog demonstrations, or fascinating bugs might have a place in your event. Engagement with animals has proven to be therapeutic and a natural stress relief. Boost engagement and reducing tension of your staff can be just the tonic after a busy year of work.


Take a chance on a casino as part of your corporate event entertainment. Play safe by avoiding using real money. Everybody can pretend to be high rollers without the downside. Casinos are guaranteed to create a buzz and generate real excitement and laughter at your event. Its a natural, high energy experience and will really create a sense of unity amongst your guests. What better way to inject some humour and camaraderie ? All the buzz, with no real financial risk!

Graffiti Board

Invite your guests to add their own graffiti to a special board. Marker pens can be your artist’s tools. Let everybody express themselves. This can be a great way for people to generate ideas, respond to corporate messages and collaborate. Often there will be several surprising stand out members of your team. Allow their creativity to flow and it might just inspire you going forward. Many people have hidden creative talents that you never knew about, graffiti is a fantastic opportunity for them to show you their creative side.

Photo Booths

Despite everybody having a camera on their phone an old school photo booth still attracts a crowd. A social photo booth allows you to share images on the internet too. Take the team photo and use it as a reminder of the event. Make sure you use hashtags to promote your event on social media. It’s vital that prospective clients and customers can see the event, and creates social proof for your company too. For more information on the possibilities of a good photo booth check out this article.

Photo Booths help create social proof online. Use Hashtags for your event!

Goody Bag Booth

Free stuff is always fun. Have a goody bag of themed stuff for people to take away. Use it to remind people about the key messages of the event. If you are part of a franchise, there will be ample opportunity to utilise branded promotional items and giveaways. Everybody enjoys taking things away with them to remind them of the event. Usability however is key, the items that are successful tend to be things people will use in their daily lives. Pens, Phone Cases, Vanity products etc are ideal.

Engage and Entertain

Business event entertainment is great when it entertains people! It’s even better when it also engages people with the event’s goals and aspirations. Good luck with your next corporate event, if you would like to chat with me regarding any of these suggestions please dont hesitate to get in touch.

To discuss extraordinary corporate entertainment, contact me today.

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