What is a Mentalist and what do they do?

Photo asking what is a mentalist

Mentalism is a performance art growing in popularity with acts astounding and amazing audiences with psychic abilities, divination and illusion. But what is a mentalist and what do they do?

The History of Mentalism

Brought to mainstream media via entertainers such as Derren Brown, Dynamo, David Blaine and films such as Now You See Me, contemporary mentalists use a plethora of skills such as misdirection, mental mathematics, sleight of hand, theatrics and a tonne of showmanship to give the illusion of supernatural powers. But the concept of psychic powers, the ability to predict the future and being able to move objects with the mind has deep roots in human history with accounts of soothsayers, seers and oracles dating back to ancient Greece.

It is human nature to try and rationalise the unexplainable. We want answers to everything and with advances in technology, there is not much today that we cannot explain. It is this desire to know and understand which has given rise to the fascination with the art of mentalism. Audiences are left spellbound and speechless as they simply cannot understand how another person was able to delve into their thoughts.

But it is because of our human nature that mentalists are able to exploit our minds; our brains can be easily tricked and manipulated by those who know how.

Photograph showing a Mentalist performing at an event.
A Mentalist entertaining at an event

What is Mentalism?

Using the power of both verbal and physical suggestion, a skilled mentalist can implant thoughts into a person’s mind, speaking to their subconscious without them or anyone around them realising. Mentalists have a unique understanding of human behaviour and take advantage of the flaws in the human brain. Mentalists can essentially take control of a person’s free will for a time, steering them towards particular words or images they want them to visualise or say.

Mentalism is often referred to as mind reading and is a multifaceted art. Some mentalists or mind readers incorporate traditional magic tricks into their acts while others focus purely on muscle reading, suggestions and body language. Either way, nothing bonds an audience as much as a shared experience, particularly one that cannot be explained.

Mentalism as Entertainment

For a truly spellbinding and unforgettable performance that will capture an audience’s imagination, why not hire a mentalist for your next corporate event or special occasion?

It is an excellent way to get a crowd talking, whether that’s a crowd of ten or 10,000. Hiring a mentalist can be a unique way to bring in more visitors to your booth at a trade show, get a crowd relaxed with mix and mingle entertainment or an easy way to make your next event incredible.

So if you have a corporate event or special occasion on the horizon and you want something that little bit different, then get in touch.

Mind Reader & Magician in Coventry

Image of Mind reader & magician in Coventry performing.

Professional Entertainment for your Next Event

One of the key areas you must consider when planning a corporate event or wedding is the entertainment. It really can make or break an event, so it’s imperative that you hire a professional, who understands the importance of getting it right, first time, every time.

Looch is a midlands based entertainer who has a wealth of experience performing at corporate events, weddings and parties. He is a professional Mind Reader, Mentalist & Magician in Coventry and has served the midlands area and the wider UK for over 15 years.

Photo of Looch performing as a Wedding Magician in Coventry
Laughter & Amazement Guaranteed.

What does he do?

Looch doesn’t perform the standard “Pick A Card” type magic, instead he specialises in what’s currently been called Psychological Magic. He appears to read minds with uncanny accuracy, and seemingly pluck thoughts from peoples heads with ease. The exact term of what he does is called Mentalism, it is a branch of magic that deals with mind reading and predictions.

Where has Looch performed?

Although Looch is locally based and regularly performs as a Magician in Coventry, he also is flown all over Europe to deliver his exceptional services at Corporate Events. He has read minds in Spain, Germany, Greece and USA to name a few. However if you are looking to hire his services in Coventry or the surrounding areas, Looch is a regular at the following venues; St Mary’s Guildhall, The Lliffe, Macdonald Ansty Hall Hotel and The Ricoh Arena


“Amazing! But it wasn’t just his act that was impressive, HE was! he dressed smart, always had a smile, very polite, the emails both before & after the even really showed that he takes pride in what he does, we felt like we wasn’t just a job!”Wedding in Coventry

“We booked Looch for our Corporate Christmas party on the Friday, come Monday morning everyone is still talking about it! His work left everyone in awe and wanting more! (We’ve even had people ask for his details to see him again) Looch made a conscious effort to perform for as many people and tables as possible. I would HIGHLY recommend booking Looch- you won’t regret it!” – Corporate Event in Coventry

Would you like to talk to Looch about your event? Why not send him an enquiry? I am to get back to all enquiries within the hour.

Professional Magician in Yorkshire

Photo of Magician in Yorkshire performing.

Incredible Entertainment For Your Next Event

Are you currently looking for entertainment for your next Corporate Event? Maybe you are searching for unique wedding entertainment for your big day? Looch – Mind Reader & Magician in Yorkshire is the ideal choice to blow your guests minds, and create truly memorable moments!

Looch (His Stage Name) is an award-winning professional entertainer who was born and bred in Yorkshire. He has over 15 years experience performing at Corporate Events, Parties & Weddings all over the region, and is 5 star rated on Google.

Photo of a Wedding Magician performing
Amazement, Laughter & Mystery

What does he do?

Looch provides a range of exciting performances that are suitable for a wide range of events. One of the most popular bookings is Looch’s After Dinner Stage Show. It is a 60 min whole room performance that is ideal for Annual Conferences, Dinner Parties & Awards Evenings. If however you are looking for something for Drinks Receptions, then Looch’s incredible Mix & Mingle Entertainment is the perfect ice breaker at your event.

Where has he performed?

The majority of Looch’s work is providing entertainment for Corporate Events. He has delighted guests and delegates all over Yorkshire at a range of different events such as Trade-Shows, Exhibitions, Conferences & Christmas Parties. Some of the venues that Looch is a frequent entertainer include; Rudding Park, Chatsworth House, Harrogate Convention Centre & York Race Course. If you would like to find out more about Looch’s corporate services please visit his Corporate Entertainment page.

Testimonials from Yorkshire Folk

“No rabbits in hats or bog standard card tricks here. This is Wedding entertainment that genuinely entertains!”

“If like me, the Singing Waiters make you cringe and you’re not wowed by the standard ‘Is this your card’ wedding magician, finding wedding entertainment was hard! When we were at a wedding fair, Looch approached us and offered to show us what he does. It was at that moment that I saw it said ‘Mind Reader’ on his banner stand, and before he’d started I thought ‘Theres no way I’m having a magician at my wedding’!”

“But I was so so wrong! 2 minutes with us was enough for us to book the full bespoke package there and then. The Mix and Mingle was perfect for keeping my guests entertained after the ceremony, especially whilst the bridal party were having the photos etc. The Wedding Show was performed after the speeches and really wowed everyone! It was really interactive and got everyone involved.”

“My grandad ‘Can’t get over how Bloody Brilliant that bloke is, it’s Amazing!’ After previously saying ‘These Mind Readers, it’s all staged, load a crap’ when I booked him. Five hours after Looch left, I could still hear guests talking about it as they got in their taxis home! Book him, you won’t be disappointed!” – Yorkshire Wedding

Get in touch!

If you are interesting in hiring Yorkshire Magician & Mind Reader Looch, give him a call now or visit his Contact Page.

Practical Magic: How Much Does a Magician Cost, Anyway?

Photo asking How Much Does a Magician Cost

When you’re a kid watching a magic show, the only question on your mind is how they made a bunny appear from an empty hat. And even though the magic still enthralls you as an adult, you start to ask more practical questions, like how much does a magician cost?

Magicians can add major entertainment value to corporate events, fundraisers, private parties, and even weddings. Kids and adults alike enjoy the mind-blowing, awe-inspiring illusions that truly make you believe in magic.

If you’re considering booking a magician for your upcoming event, here’s what you can expect to pay:

How Much Does a Magician Cost?

Asking questions like How much does a magician cost? is much like asking how much Benedict Cumberpatch or Gary Oldman charges per project — the answer is, it depends. 

In general, a well-established, professional magician will usually cost between £500-£2000 per event.

The actual cost will depend on a variety of factors, including the following:

Image of Looch - Mind Reader & Magician in Nottingham
Various factors will determine the cost of hiring a professional magician.


It’s no secret that world-renowned actors will command a higher price than a novice who is just getting started, and the same holds true for magicians. 

It takes countless hours to develop the skills needed to become a successful magician. Those who make a career from performing magic are continually practicing their acts and creating new illusions or tricks to give their guests a fresh experience. 

In addition, professional magicians also invest thousands of pounds into high-end equipment. These aren’t your run-of-the-mill joke shop props, but rather carefully created, high-quality items that add to the show.

Magicians heavily invest in their performances, which is why hiring a professional magician costs more than those who do it as a hobby. 

Type of Request or Event

Different markets and types of events may influence the cost of hiring a magician. For example, a small wedding party may not be as expensive as a corporate event. 

The number of people involved can also affect the price, particularly since the audience size can determine the type of act the magician performs.

Some acts may not require the use of large equipment or high-end lighting, which could help to offset the cost. 

Another point to consider is the distance the magician will be travelling. Events in a 30-minute radius may not cost as much as those that take an hour or more to travel to.

Length of Booking

Magic acts can vary in size and scope, and the time the magician spends performing will affect the price. For example, doing a 30-minute show for a private party will cost less than a two-day engagement at a trade show.

Where to Find a Magician for Your Next Corporate Event

Asking How much does a magician cost? is usually followed by another important question: Where can I find a magician for my next event?

Looch Mind Reader & Magician has you covered — we specialise in corporate events and weddings to bring your guests an experience they’ll be talking about for months. Contact us today for pricing and availability, and let us give your event the magic touch it deserves!

Mind Reader & Magician in Liverpool

Image of Magician in Liverpool performing.

Mind Reader & Magician in Liverpool

You might be planning a Corporate Event, Private Party or even a Wedding and looking for entertainment ideas to keep your guests entertained and happy. If this is the case then you have quite possibly found one of the best solutions to ensure a successful and memorable event.

Looch – Mind Reader & Magician in Liverpool is a professional entertainer with nearly two decades of experience performing at events all over the region. Looch is the stage name of one of the UK’s best magical performers who offers a wide range of exciting performance options that are guaranteed to amaze, delight and mystify everyone who witnesses him perform.

Corporate Entertainment in Liverpool

If you are planning a corporate event, Looch offers a range of very specific services designed to enhance any type of event. One of the most popular options is his After Dinner Mind Reading Show, which is typically performed on stage after dinner at an Annual Conference or Awards Evening. For smaller corporate events where entertainment might be required for drinks receptions, you can hire Looch for his Mix & Mingle Entertainment.

Your company might have invested in a booth at one of the countries big trade shows or exhibitions. Looch is a regular at venues such as The NEC, ACC Conference Centre & Exhibition Centre Liverpool, where he offers a very specialist Trade Show & Exhibition Entertainment. This particular option is designed to attract crowds, stop traffic and increase the footfall on your companies stand/booth.

Image of Wedding Magician in Liverpool
Photography by Chris Bunce

Wedding Entertainment in Liverpool

If however you are currently planning your big day then you are in luck. Looch – Mind Reader & Magician in Liverpool is a multi Award-Winning wedding magician who will amaze your family & friends in ways that they wont forget for years to come.

Looch has created a Wedding Entertainment Ideas page that will detail exactly the different types of performances and what part of the wedding they are suitable for. He also offers a bespoke entertainment service if you want to create something tailor made and truly special.

Testimonials from Clients

“Excellent for our wedding drinks reception. Our guests still chat about how good Looch was! Thanks for being so great and ensuring our day was one to remember for everyone.” – Wedding in Liverpool

“Simply fantastic. A most memorable way to end our 20 year company birthday celebrations at Knowsley Hall. Looch left everyone speechless at his endless talents. Can’t recommend enough!” – Corporate Event in Liverpool

“I have been lucky enough to see Looch on a couple of occasions. His fantastic performance will leave your mind well and truly in “how did he do that” mode for sometime. I would certainly recommend Looch to bring a professional touch to any wedding or corporate event.” – Private Party near Liverpool

Mind Reader & Magician in Nottingham

Image of Looch - Mind Reader & Magician in Nottingham

Mind Reader & Magician in Nottingham

Whether you are looking for unique Corporate Event Entertainment or an Award Winning Wedding Entertainer, Looch – Mind Reader & Magician in Nottingham is the perfect choice for your upcoming event. Looch is the stage name of a full time, professional entertainer who is based in North Nottinghamshire. He has a wealth of experience performing at events all over the region and is 5 star rated with Google.

Wealth of Experience

Looch – Mind Reader & Magician has over 15 years experience performing at events all over Nottingham and the wider Nottinghamshire county. He is a regular performer at venues such as Trent Bridge, Nottingham Contemporary and the East Midlands Conference Centre where he specialises in offering unique and memorable event entertainment for Corporate Events, Weddings & Private Parties.

Image of Wedding Entertainment in Nottingham
5 Star Rated Professional Magician Looch.

Corporate Entertainment in Nottingham

Over the years, Looch has developed a series of exceptional performance options that are guaranteed to delight and wow any guest in ways you wouldn’t believe imaginable. One of the most popular options for Corporate Events is his Award Winning After Dinner Show. This show is the perfect way to conclude a sit down meal and is the booking of choice for many Corporate Events in Nottingham.

If however you are looking for entertainment for a drinks reception then Looch’s Mix & Mingle option is the performance for you. He is a specialist Magician in Nottingham who can mingle and amaze your guests close up with his incredible ‘Mind Reading’ and Psychological Magic. Looch is actually one of the worlds best at this and his held in high regard by his peers as one of the most creative Mentalists on the planet.

Wedding Magician in Nottingham

In addition to his incredible corporate event entertainment, Looch has won various awards for his approach to Wedding Entertainment. He is a regular at venues such as, Swancar Farm, Colwick Hall, Kelham House & The Walled Gardens and is a recommended supplier at dozens of Nottinghamshire based wedding venues.

If you are interested in hiring Looch – Mind Reader & Magician in Nottingham for your upcoming wedding, please visit his wedding entertainment page to learn about the incredible performance options that he currently offers. If you want something a little more bespoke, just make an enquiry with him.

Testimonials from Clients

“Can’t recommend Looch enough, our guests were blown away by the things that he did. He prepared a special piece for my husband and I all based around our wedding date and we still have no idea how it worked!” – Wedding in Nottingham

“WOW, what an incredible show Looch did for us at my husbands 50th birthday party. Over 80 of our friends & family were completely mesmerised during his performance & we are all still talking about it now! Highly recommend Looch for any event as you will be blown away by what he does. Thank you so much!” – 50th Birthday in Nottinghamshire

“Looch performed at one of our residential conferences last night and he was absolutely brilliant! He blew the audience away with his act and left everyone completely dumbfounded – even the more sceptical ones! He was so good, that everyone was still talking about it the next day! Pure brilliance at its best! Would highly recommend for any corporate event.” – Corporate Event in Nottingham

Corporate Event Entertainment – Mind Reader in Barcelona

Photo of Looch performing as a Mind Reader in Barcelona

Mind Reader in Barcelona

Flying out and performing at Corporate Events in Europe are always a highlight on my calendar. To be able to meet and interact with people from all over the globe whilst earning a living is one of the most fortunate feelings a professional entertainer can have. This feeling was no different when I recently flew out to perform as a Mind Reader in Barcelona the Alight Solutions technology conference.

I had been hired by the team to provide my Mix & Mingle Entertainment for guests during the drinks reception. This is a popular option amongst these types of corporate events, it’s a very relaxed and informal type of performance that is flexible in how and when it can be implemented into an event. Typically I would perform at these sorts of events for 2 hours in total but for this particular conference there was a particularly large number of delegates on the rooftop of the Purobeach Venue in the Hilton, Barcelona. As a result I mingled for over 3 hours in the relaxed and ambient settings with deep House music being played by the DJ.

If you are currently planning your corporate event and require a Mentalist or a Mind Reader in Barcelona please get in touch!

10 Incredibly Creative Corporate Event Ideas to Consider in 2020

Photo of Corporate Event Ideas for 2020

Are you planning a corporate event for 2020?

You put a lot of effort and resources into planning corporate event ideas. So, get creative and make it something your guests will never forget!

10 Awesome 2020 Corporate Event Ideas

Some corporate events seem to drone on, making employees and clients cringe at the thought of them. You do not want this.

Great corporate event entertainment will raise company morale and help lock in important clients! Keep reading to learn 10 ways you can make it memorable.

1. Let the 20’s Roar

The 1920s were a time of greatness. This is one of the best corporate party themes for the new 20s!

Think of the Great Gatsby! He knew how to throw an event that everybody wanted to go to.

Rent out an establishment with beautiful Gardens where you can decorate with fairy lights and paper lanterns as he did. You can secretly serve cocktails from this era, like Bee’s Knees and hire a live band to play Jazz from that era.

On the invitations, give everybody the secret code to get in, as if entering an American speakeasy, and tuck the bar away. Set a formal dinner with 20s inspired foods.

Bringing history to life will give your company a promising future! Guests always love this portion of American antiquity.

2. Make It Magical

People of all ages love magic. It doesn’t matter that adults understand the magician simply plays mind tricks because our wonderment makes the magic.

Hire a magician and mind-reader to put your guests in awe. Your corporate party will levitate above all others as people cannot stop talking about the excitement and humour during the performance.

Image of UK Mind Reader & Magician Looch entertaining at an event.
Hire a Magician for your 2020 Corporate Event?

3. Become a Murder Mystery

Turn the night into a murder mystery, where everybody who attends plays a roll of some sort. Your guests will enjoy this immersive game paired with a fancy dinner.

The murder mystery dinner is a perfect prelude to the magic and mind reading show! Better yet, keep the mystery going during the magician’s performance so that the intrigue never ends.

Photo of a Murder Mystery for your corporate event for 2020
Murder Mystery for your Corporate Event in 2020 ?

4. Get Your Guests Raving About It

Remember, this is the new 20’s. Throw out the old concept that you must throw a proper black tie affair.

Creative event themes should match the times, and now is the time for people to let loose their creativity! Make it a literal rave. 

Book a nightclub, hire a DJ, play techno dance music, and pass out glow sticks! This will especially appeal to a younger workforce.

5. Add Art

People love to create things. And your company is always making big ideas happen!

Portray that with artsy conference theme ideas! You can do this in several ways.

If you want to highlight the individualism expressed in your company, then supply all guests with a canvas and paints. Ask your guests to depict how their work makes them feel.

Or, if you want people to recognize the unity within your corporation, make it more of a group effort! You can have everybody design something on a large canvas, graffiti one large wall of your building together, or use various items pertaining to your company to build a sculpture.

Art binds communities together. It also allows people to safely and freely express who they are, what they feel, and the things they stand for. This can show everybody the beautiful true colours of your business.

Photographs of ideas for corporate events in 2020 and beyond.
Bring out your delegates artistic side?

6. Reach for the Stars

If you want to set your company vision beyond the limits of the sky, then book your next corporate event at the local planetarium. These spacious domes can typically hold a large crowd.

After a quick star show, you can put the keynote speaker into the centre of it all. Choose from the best keynote speakers in the world, so they can inspire out of this world motivation.

You can still choose your magician for your corporate party entertainment in this facility. It’s all in the stars!

7. Create a Flash Mob

Take your event outside of the box! These 2020 Corporate Event Ideas can bring everybody together to do something that tells the rest of the world about your next big business move!

Take a half-hour out of each workday to all practice together. When teaching the moves, talk about the whys you might hear during a corporate conference.

How does this song fit your forecast? What does this imply?

Flags and banners can help project this to on seers. Choose a location with heavy traffic and your target market. 

Done right, this will pleasantly surprise a crowd. People will pull out their mobile to snap a video for their social media, further expanding your reach.

Like all good corporate events, making a flash mob will help your employees see the direction of your corporation and get motivated to meet your goals. Everybody will remember this creative and fun idea.

8. Kidult For the Night

Nobody wants to grow all the way up. Give your responsible team a night to remember with a childlike party!

Hire lovable characters to walk around in costume for photo-ops. Hand out swag bags with lots of fun goodies. 

Corporate party themes like this require games and exciting entertainment! This is another great opportunity to bring in your favourite magician or mind reader for an overload of excitement.

Who says business cannot be fun?

9. Snap a Picture

Set up photo booths for your guests to take pictures with one another! Stock the stations with a variety of fun props and disguises.

This will promote bonding within your corporation. To make the memory of the night last, set up a large bulletin board in the office and encourage people to pin up their pictures from the photo booths!

Image of some corporate event entertainment ideas for 2020
Dress up and snap some crazy photography at your next corporate event?

10. Encourage Attendance with a Giveaway

People love the chance to win. Even losers get to experience the thrill of possibility for a time.

Create a monster giveaway and announce it in your invitation. Every invitation equals one raffle ticket, giving everybody equal opportunity to win.

Then, build up your guests throughout the night by reminding them of the drawing at the end of the night. Depending on the size of your company, you may want to raffle off some shares, send them on a mini vacation, or give then an awesome product or service for free.

Plan Your 2020 Events Now

Allow these 2020 corporate event ideas to inspire you! Your party should speak to the way your company appreciates everybody involved.

I want to help you make your event magical! Contact me to set up entertainment you won’t forget!

A Day in the Life of a Mentalist – Stubton Hall

Stubton Hall ready for my show

Tis the season where bookings for weddings reduce but demand for corporate events and private parties is high. But bookings don’t simply happen through a phone call alone. Many people book my services once they have seen what I do, which is why life as a mentalist can be….well, mental, as networking is key to ensure people get a flavour of my act.

It was through networking that a 50th birthday booking came about and it led to a truly wonderful event that I was delighted to be a part of.

The Mind Reader Meets The Business Doctor

Michael Hardy, who is a Business Doctor, was literally the first person I met at a business expo held at Colwick Racecourse earlier this year. I like to attend events like these as I enjoy meeting business owners and learning more about what they do; I also get to show them that mentalism isn’t about magic tricks.

After chatting to Michael and giving him a demonstration, I received an email a few days later booking me for his 50th birthday celebrations which were to be held at Stubton Hall a stunning location which I have had the pleasure of performing at a number of times. Renowned for its unspoilt, rural surroundings and elegant rooms, it’s a perfect venue for special occasions.

At first, I was just going to perform my Mix and Mingle act while guests arrived. However, Michael’s wife, Jen, soon took over and decided my After Dinner Entertainment would be better, particularly as the couple were using the birthday celebrations to raise money for CASY, a Newark charity which provides Counselling And Support for Young people.

Networking Is Key

Once the booking had been made, I started to see more and more of Michael on the business circuit, which meant we were able to build up a relationship. This is a wonderful feeling to have as an entertainer as you don’t see your job as ‘work’ but as something to look forward to and enjoy yourself.

The big day arrived and I travelled to the venue nice and early to set up on the stage (although there was really no point seeing as the band performing that evening moved my entire act onto the floor for their sound test: thus is the nature of show business though).

Once family and friends began to trickle through the door and to the bar, I was able to begin my mix and mingle – always careful not to pounce until they are settled, caught up with people they haven’t seen for a while and more importantly, with a drink in hand. As well as being an ice breaker, the Mix and Mingle is also a perfect opportunity for me to see which guests were the perfect ‘participants’ for the evening show. Luckily, there were more than enough suitable candidates.


Before I took to the stage, Michael’s daughter announced a bucket list he had to complete throughout the year. And what a list! It has everything from the more simplistic tasks of give blood, adopt an animal and write a poem to the more extreme challenges of complete an indoor skydive, host a charity event and climb a peak. Good luck Michael!

Then it was on to the main event for me, a one-hour long performance with a fantastic audience. They were receptive, funny and had great banter meaning the interaction with them was fantastic and something that is on my wish list for any audience. You don’t always get crowds like that in my industry; audiences that are willing to just let go but when you do, it makes for an amazing atmosphere. I received a standing ovation at the end of the performance too which was a wonderful experience for me personally.

A photograph showing a standing ovation for looch at the end of his show.
Standing Ovation at Stubton Hall

After it was over, a number of guests stopped me as I was leaving to discuss my act and I ended up performing a small show down the corridor and have been booked for a corporate event as a result.

In total, Michael’s celebrations raised over £1,800 for CASY, so he can certainly tick off ‘host a charity event’ from the bucket list.

What a fantastic event and one I will also remember for a long time. I would like to thank Michael and his family for inviting me to perform and al the wonderful staff at Stubton Hall for their hard work behind the scenes.