Your Guests Will LOVE This Professional Northampton Magician

Photo of Northampton Magician Looch performing on stage.

Guests all over the Northampton region have been thrilled at Looch’s performances. For over 15 years now, he has performed at Corporate Events and Weddings all over Northamptonshire and the wider UK.

Looch is the stage name of a professional Northampton Magician & Mind Reader. He is loved by his clients and never fails to amaze and enhance any event that he performs at. Looch performs a unique type of magic called Mentalism. It deals with tricks and demonstrations that look like mind reading and psychological magic. His performances are amazing and your guests will be delighted that he is at your event entertaining them.

Amaze Your Guests with Looch – Mind Reader & Magician

Corporate Magician in Northampton

Looch performs primarily in two industries, weddings and corporate events. As a Corporate Northampton Magician, Looch provides both entertainment solutions and a range of professional services to suit your event.

The most popular corporate booking is his After Dinner Entertainment, where he performs on stage for audiences of all sizes. This type of booking is ideally suited for Annual Conferences, Gala Dinners and Awards Evenings. The show is typically 60 min long but can be shortened or split incrementally to suit your event. The show is a perfect way to conclude any formal dinner service and is a wonderful way to engage your delegates and create an impactful message.

Trade Show Magician

If your company is exhibiting at one of the regions trade-shows then Looch has a very specialised service to help boost your sales. Working alongside you at your booth, he will actively stop traffic and increase your footfall. This generates more leads and potential sales for your company. In a case study carried out with 3M Unitek, Looch over tripled their projected footfall by building crowds and amazing them with his tricks, then leading them straight to their team.

if you are interesting in finding out how to increase visitors to your trades-how booth please check out this article.

Looch has won awards for his wedding magic!

Wedding magician in Northampton

Looch performs at around 50 weddings per year. Over the past 15 years he has created a series of unique performances that are perfectly suited to enhance any wedding. Below is a breakdown of his most popular wedding entertainment options.

Mix & Mingle Magic is a fantastic way to kick off your wedding! Performed after the ceremony and during your drinks reception, he will mingle with your friends and family and entertain them with his amazing wizardry. Your guests will be stunned as he performs seemingly impossible trick after trick, delighting and enthralling all who witness it.

This type of performance is relaxed and informal. it is a perfect ice breaker and will often create a talking point for guests who have no previously met. Mix & Mingle bookings are typically for 2 hours in length but this can be increased with a bespoke booking.

The Wedding Show

If you are looking for the ultimate magic performance for your wedding, then we recommend Looch’s Wedding Show. A 60 min whole room performance that is guaranteed to blow your guests’ minds. The show is performed after dinner and following the speeches and breaks the day up perfectly!

If you are looking for something unique and exciting then this really is the performance to opt for. It’s funny and lighthearted, but will engage your guests in unbelievable ways and leave them gobsmacked and what they have just witnessed.

Testimonials for Northampton Magician

We booked Looch for our Hospice Annual Ball earlier this month and were delighted on the night. Leading up to the event, the communication was great and then on the night, he was so flexible when our timings changed slightly. We received great feedback from our guests who were all amazed and this was shown when he could hardly leave the venue due to guests stopping him for a chat. I would definitely recommend Looch for any event that you want to add a wow factor to.


Can’t recommend Looch enough, our guests were blown away by the things that he did. He prepared a special piece for my husband and I all based around our wedding date and we still have no idea how it worked!

Rachel Saxelby

WOW, what an incredible show LOOCH did for us at my husbands 50th birthday party. Over 80 of our friends & family were completely mesmerised during his performance & we are all still talking about it now! Highly recommend LOOCH for any event as you will be blown away by what he does. Thank you so much

Jen Hardy

Lets Have a Chat

If you are looking to hire a Northampton Magician for your next event or wedding please get in touch. You can either fill in my online enquiry form, or give me a call on 07841 332816

Mind Blowing Hull Magician is a Guaranteed Success!

Photo showing Looch the Hull Magician performing

For those of you who are looking to hire a Hull Magician, then you are in the perfect place. Looch is the stage name of a professional magician in Hull who has been entertaining audiences with his amazing acts for years. A Yorkshire born entertainer who has been fascinated with magic and mentalism since a child. He performs full time at a wide range of events such as weddings, parties and corporate functions.

A really great magician will bring people together and allow them to experience something that they will remember for years to come. when you hire Looch to perform for your guests, he will be a surefire hit and everyone will love it! Looch offers a range of different performances to suit your event and is 5 star rated on Google.

Photo showing the reactions to Looch's magic.
Professional Magician = Amazing Reactions!

Corporate Magician in Hull

One of Looch’s primary industries is the corporate events industry. For years Hull has enjoyed great success hosting some of the very best conferences and exhibitions in the region, and Looch is nearly always hired by a company to work with them and ensure their guests / clients are entertained. The main performances that are available for corporate events are his After Dinner Entertainment, Trade-Show Magic and his award winning Mix & Mingle entertainment.

To chat with Looch about his corporate event services please visit the contact page.

Wedding Magician in Hull

If you are currently planning your wedding day and are looking to hire a Hull Magician to entertain your friends and family then Looch just might be the perfect wedding guest for you! He has won multiple awards within the wedding industry for his unique entertainment and incredible customer service.

There are a range of different performances to suit your big day and budget. The most popular by far for couples in the Hull region is his complete package. This package has been designed to enhance your day and ensure your guests are entertained in ways you wont believe imaginable. Firstly Looch will provide his mix & mingle entertainment during your drinks reception. This is the ideal ice breaker and ensures all guests can relax and engage with your special day. It also provides a fantastic opportunity for your photographer to capture some wonderful reaction shots of everyone enjoying themselves.

Photo showing Looch performing at a wedding in Hull
Creating Memories of your big day with Looch.

The Big Show is Coming…

Once you are called in for the wedding breakfast, your guests will take their seats and enjoy the food. Typically the speeches follow the food, which always go down exceptionally well at weddings. At the conclusion of the speeches I will be introduced by a designated member of the group and I will then perform a very special one off show for you all!

The Wedding Show is a carefully crafted and fully interactive show performed for the whole group. It is light hearted and full of humour, and the magic you will experience is the absolute best. You will also be able to personalise the show by nominating participants from your party. Even becoming the star of the show as Looch gives you the power to read everyones minds in the room!!

For more information on Looch’s wedding entertainment please give him a call today on 07841 332816. You may also wish to email him at the link at the top of the page, or visit the contact page.

Photo showing Looch performing the wedding show in Hull.
Your Guests will Love him!

Feedback From Clients

I have seen Looch perform at a number of events and cannot recommend him highly enough. A consummate professional, a showman and a first-class entertainer, he is certain to stun a room into silence or have a crowd roaring with applause.

Laurey Buckland

We booked Looch to entertain the guests at our Wedding. This was the most amazing experience. Looch constantly wow’d everyone along with ourselves. We would highly recommended Looch to everyone we know that wanted something a little different at their event or party. Many Conversations we have had since have been about the things that Looch did to amaze our guests. So many Wow moments had by all. Thanks again for making our day so memorable

Vicky Robotham

What an outstanding performer, Looch will quite literally blow your mind! He performed a bespoke service yesterday for myself and my new husband. Just how on earth he read our guests minds and came up with their exact thoughts I will never know! If you want to make your wedding day or event the most unique, memorable and talked about event ever. Then I can’t recommend Looch more highly, he’s worth every penny.

Anne Davie

Award-Winning Oxford Magician will STUN your guests!

Photo of Oxford Magician Looch

Looch is a full time, professional Mind reader and Magician in Oxford. For over 15 years, he has entertained at events throughout the Oxford area and wider UK. He specialises in a type of magic called ‘mentalism‘, which has often being called mind reading and is known to enthral and delight guests at corporate events, private parties and weddings!

A really great magician will not only be able to entertain and ‘trick’ guests, but will create lasting memories and a fantastic talking point for years to come. Looch is an expert magician in oxford who will quite literally blow you and your guests minds time after time. He is 5 star rated on Google and is rebooked by his clients year upon year.

Wedding Magician in Oxford – Photo taken by Christopher Bunce Photography

Wedding Magician in Oxford

Looch has specialised in being a wedding magician in Oxford for years and is a recommended supplier at many of the regions top venues. He offers a variety of different performances to help the happy couple build their perfect wedding day. One of the most flexible performances is his Mix and Mingle entertainment. This is often known as ‘Close-Up Magic’ and consists of Looch mingling with you and your guests during your drinks reception.

The formality of the ceremony will be complete and your guests will be starting to relax with a glass of bubbly. Looch approaches small groups at a time and wows everyone in sight! This professional Oxford magician is highly experienced and guarantees that his performance will be a roaring success. Looch has won the HC award for best wedding magician at The Wedding Industry Awards (TWIA) and is known in the industry as one of the very best mind readers and magician in Oxford.

Corporate Magician in Oxford

The primary industry that Looch excels in, is the corporate events industry. He has a wealth of experience performing all over Oxfordshire and the wider UK. His main performances are his after dinner entertainment and his unrivalled trade-show and exhibition entertainment. Oxford holds some of the UK’s most incredible events, such as the Oxford Festival of the Arts and the Florence Park Festival. Looch’s performance are perfectly suited for large events like these as well as smaller, more intimate events.

His after dinner show is perfectly suited for annual conferences and awards dinners. It’s typically a 60 min whole room performance that is designed to be an interactive experience for all delegates and guests. Laughter is a plenty as Looch energetically tricks the minds of everyone in attendance. The show can be tailor made for your company with his bespoke package and is currently the most popular booking for his many corporate clients.

Looch – Mind Reader & Magician at work – Photography by Chris Seddon

Testimonials for Looch – Mind Reader & Magician in Oxford

Looch was hired for our 50th anniversary event, whats a mesmerising experience! He is a fantastic entertainer and well worth engaging with for your next corporate event.

John Deere Group

Looch was fantastic. He did a number of sets at our Annual Conference and was utterly amazing. The franchisees were talking in awe about him throughout the day and he added a completely different feel to our annual event. Book him, he is great!

Belvoir! Group

Looch provided the pre-dinner entertainment for our annual company celebration after I had seen him perform at a prior event. Looch had the whole audience fully immersed in his show and amazed with his performance and mind blowing skills. He created a real buzz in the room during and after the show – still being talked about now. Big thanks from all the Inciper team.

Inciper Ltd

Book Oxford Magician & Mind Reader For Your Next Event

I would love to have the opportunity to be able to speak with you regarding your upcoming event. My love and passion for what I do will truly enhance your event and I guarantee that your guests will love it! If you would like to make an enquiry with me regarding your event in oxford please give me a call now on 07841 332816. Alternatively you can fill in my online enquiry form here. I aim to get back to all enquiries within a few hours. Thank you!

Magician in Stoke-on-Trent will AMAZE your Guests!

Image showing a Magician in Stoke-on-Trent

Are you looking to hire a Magician in Stoke-on-Trent that will dazzle your guests? Looch is the stage name of an award winning professional mind reader and magician located near Stoke-on-Trent. For over 15 years Looch has entertained guests at a wide range of events & weddings all over the UK and sometimes even further afield!

What types of shows does Looch perform?

Looch’s primary markets are the corporate events industry and weddings. He provides an enticing range of shows that are guaranteed to become the highlight of any event, be it big or small. His most popular performance currently is his after dinner show. The after dinner show is a 60 min interactive performance for the whole room. It is packed full of humour and audience participation, and will blow your guests minds with demonstrations that will baffle and delight you in equal amounts.

After Dinner Show

Do you perform close up magic?

Another popular performance choice for Looch’s clients is his close up magic, or ‘Mix & Mingle‘ entertainment. This is a really popular option for events that have a drinks reception or require a meet & greet style entertainer. Most clients who are looking to hire a magician in Stoke-on-Trent, tend to want this type of performance. It’s flexible, yet unobtrusive and is very popular as an ice breaker at weddings.

Trade-Shows & Exhibitions in Stoke-on-Trent

Looch is the secret weapon for many companies based in Stoke. He is hired by those companies who are exhibiting their brand at the range of expos and trade-shows that occur each year in the area. Looch’s Trade-Show entertainment is designed to stop traffic and build a crowd at your trade booth. He will blow their minds with his amazing demonstrations and lead them directly onto your booth to maximise footfall and generate as many sales as possible for your business.

5 Star rated Magician in Stoke-on-Trent

Where have you performed?

As a professional magician in Stoke-on-Trent, Looch is experienced at performing at all the major venues in and around the locality. He is a regular magician at venues such as; Bet 365 Stadium, Alsagar Golf & Country Club, Park Hall Farm and The Ashes Barn. If you are looking to hire a magician for any venue within Stoke-on-Trent area be sure to give Looch a call today on 07841332816 or you may prefer to send an online enquiry through his contact form.

Mind Reading Magician in Bradford will STUN your guests and leave them AMAZED!

Wether you are planning your next corporate event, party or even a wedding, Looch just might be the perfect entertainment. He is a professional mind reader and magician in Bradford, who specialises in entertaining at a wide range of events all over the Yorkshire region.

Looch is a stage name, he has performed under this title for over 15 years professionally. He is widely regarded as one of the very best mentalist & magicians in Bradford and the wider UK. Born in Yorkshire, he grew up locally and was always fascinated with magic and the unknown. He is well known within the magic community, releasing several best selling books on mind reading and lectured to thousands of other magicians all over the world.

Looch is a 5 star rated Magician in Bradford

What does he offer?

Looch specialises in both stage performances and close up magic. He can mix & mingle at your event and stun the crowds with his close up, enchanting performances. You quite literally wont believe your eyes as he engages with small groups and blows their minds time and time again! This type of performance is perfectly suited for drinks receptions and meet & greet environments. Typically bookings are for up to 2 consecutive hours but longer, bespoke options are available for larger corporate events and weddings in Bradford.

It is however the stage where Looch really shines. He offers a range of incredible mind reading shows that are ideal for annual conferences and after dinner events. The show is typically a 60 minute performance for the whole room that incorporates plenty of audience participation, fun and laughter! It is also scalable, in that it is suitable for large corporate audiences but also stripped back as an intimate after dinner show for audiences of 10+.

Looch’s performances are perfect for Corporate Events or Weddings.

Wedding Magician in Bradford

If you are planning your wedding, Looch can provide a range of memorable and enchanting performances. Wether you are looking for entertainment to be performed after the ceremony, during the photos and reception. Or you are looking for a truly bespoke performance post wedding breakfast and speeches. Looch offers ‘The Wedding Show‘, a highly interactive and hilarious performance for you and your guests. You can also plan the show with Looch so that certain guests can be brought up into the show. This is the perfect opportunity to incorporate the best man or maid of honour if you wish 😉

Looch has specialised as a mind reader and magician in Bradford for many years. he is highly experienced and has won various awards within the events industry for his exceptional service. If you would like to check out some of Looch’s testimonials please visit his Google page.

Feedback from clients

“Looch was fantastic. He did a number of sets at our Annual Conference and was utterly amazing. The franchisees were talking in awe about him throughout the day and he added a completely different feel to our annual event. Book him, he is great.” Ian Maclean – Belvoir!

Looch provided the pre-dinner entertainment for our annual company celebration. I had seen him perform at a prior event. Looch had the whole audience fully immersed in his show and amazed with his performance and mind blowing skills. He created a real buzz in the room during and after the show – still being talked about now. Big thanks from all the Inciper team.” Mark Roberts – Inciper Ltd

Lets Chat about your event

I would love the opportunity to discuss your event with you. Why not send me an online enquiry ? I aim to respond to the vast majority of messages within the hour. Or if you prefer, let’s have a chat over the phone, you may call me on 07841 332816. I look forward to hearing from you!

5 Questions with – Hanbury Barn

Photo of Hanbury Barn

Today is a very exciting day as I get to chat to someone I haven’t seen for a rather long time. A few years ago I performed at a lovely wedding in Derbyshire. The photographer on the day was someone I had not previously worked with. He captured some absolutely fantastic reaction shots from my performance, some of which appear throughout the site.

As time has gone on, he left behind the world of the wedding photographer and began a rather special project. Todays blog discusses this journey. I give you 5 questions with Hanbury Barn.

Please tell us who you are and how Hanbury Barn came to be?

The story of Hanbury Wedding barn is quite a long one, but I will try and give you the edited highlights!

I was a wedding photographer for around 9 years and the idea of opening our own venue probably popped in my head in the summer of 2016. It seemed like a logical next step from wedding photography to distil my experiences at hundreds of venues in to one we could craft ourselves. After discussions with the rest of the family we felt that we were in a position to start looking. The initial search took nearly a year to find the perfect place. We started close to home but rapidly expanded our search beyond Cheshire as it quickly became apparent that every farm there had already been renovated and had a footballer living in it. We were warned off the Peak District by our planning consultant, so we were mainly looking east of Sheffield and south of Ashbourne.

The criteria we were looking to meet was quite long. From a purely logistical perspective the farm had to have good access and no immediate neighbours who, quite rightly, would be upset by music and other merriment from the barns. Beyond that we wanted somewhere that needed renovation, had ample space, ideally open water, and tons of character.

The Search Continued…

After nearly a year of looking, in the late summer of 2017 we found Parson’s Brake Farm which ticked all the boxes. It had been empty for about 4 years when we first visited and nature had well and truly taken over. The barns were a good size and had a mix of classic Staffordshire red brick and more modern steel portal barns, however, the farm was going up for auction in September, so we had to move fast to secure it. After that, the next challenge was obtaining planning permission which took a little over a year to arrange and we finally got the go ahead to start work in November 2018.

The Barn in 2017

The build was challenging but we had great support from our family and friends. We managed the construction ourselves using my father in law Mike’s experience and my wife Kirsty’s brother and wife even moved back from Australia for a year to help out lending invaluable IT and hospitality expertise.

Our first wedding was June 2019 and we held 5 celebrations in the first six months which really helped us bed in. 2020 should have been our first big year with 60 weddings booked but, well, we all know what happened there!

Are you a venue only supplier or do you offer full event planning?

We are a venue only supplier, although we are always here to help with the planning. We offer a choice of approved caterers so there is a huge range of food available and the barns are laid out to be welcoming and inclusive. Each part of the day has its own space so there is no waiting for room changes, and this lends a natural flow to proceedings.

Hanbury Barn Wedding Venue

What makes Hanbury Barn different to other venues in the region?

There are a number of things that set us apart, I think the main one being we are family run. I think this makes an enormous difference to our couples.

Our couples often mention how nice it is to deal with real people rather than some faceless corporate entity. Also, the barns we have a unique, relaxed and welcoming feel. We very much appeal to couples whose focus is having a great celebration with their family and friends.

Share with us one of your favourite memories of the barn to date

During the construction I will never forget the moment the wall came down where the bifold doors now stand and we saw the view across the lake for the first time. Really that was the moment when it all started to come together, and all our hard work was starting to pay off.

As for our hosted weddings, it has to be our first one. It will always stick with me as such a joyous occasion, for both us and our lovely couple. It was a day full of fun and celebration, but was also such a huge learning curve!

What are your top 3 tips for a successful wedding day?

I would recommend having someone you can trust available who can delegate on the day. That way you can relax and not have to stress about the schedule, Go with the flow!

Its also very important to try and take some time just for you and your partner to enjoy the celebration. The day will go by really quickly, so take some time to just stop and take in the ambience. Finally, and this is an important tip, is when it comes to the drink, weddings are marathons, not sprints! I am sure you can read into that clearly. Over the years I have seen it all!

In Closing…

Hanbury Barn is a wonderfully unique wedding venue that has really charm. Adrian and his team have injected an old derelict building and transformed into into a place full of warmth and love. It is a venue that I thoroughly enjoy performing at, and it comes highly recommended if you are looking to get married in the Staffordshire / Derbyshire region. For more information please visit the Hanbury Barn Wedding website.

5 Questions with – Ian Dearman Media

Photo of Ian Dearman Media and their work

As I continue with this blog series, I meet up with long time friend and wedding supplier, Ian Dearman Media to discuss his approach to providing videography at weddings and events here in the UK. Ian is based locally in Nottinghamshire but serves events all over the country and sometimes beyond!

A Videographer isn’t necessarily the first thing you think of when planning a wedding. Why is it so important?

As a videographer I am looking to tell the story of the wedding day in a very natural and honest way. Every couple is unique, and so is their story. Creating a set of wedding films is an amazing way of re-telling their story and capturing their memories forever.

Being able to hear back the vows from the ceremony and the fun and emotion of the speeches is so important. Many of our couples have such a busy wedding day they can’t remember everything as it all becomes a blur. I create a cinematic highlights film that re-tells the wedding story. However I also create the full version of the ceremony, speeches and first dance as documentary edits.

Ian Dearman Media – Captures your wedding day naturally and in HD.

What makes you different to other videographers?

There are many who seemingly force shots at weddings. Ian Dearman Media isn’t like that. We aren’t interested in setting up dozens of ‘posed’ couple shots because it’s un-natural. It’s far more important to capture and tell the story of your whole wedding day. I like to keep the filming very unobtrusive and stripped back to the essentials. This lets me focus on the filming and capturing beautiful shots. I am also a people person and making sure my couples enjoy the videography process is very important. 

Whats your favourite thing about working weddings?

Without a doubt, once that cinematic film begins to come together in the studio, its so magical! To be able to capture such a special day and create an everlasting memory for the couple is so satisfying. I love not only filming the wedding and meeting the wedding party. But it’s an amazing feeling to deliver a stunning finished product to the couple. When the final cinematic film is played for the first time, its an amazing and emotional feeling. 

Ian Dearman Weddings

What are your top 3 tips for a successful wedding day?

I think my main tip is to remember that the wedding day is about celebrating your wedding with friends and family. There may be a temptation to book everything you can think of, but remember you don’t need to a crazy amount of extras that you see at some of the local wedding fairs. Get the basics right (Venue, Cake, Videographer, Entertainment) and everything else will just slot together nicely.

Another tip that I feel strongly about is to make sure the when your book your photographer, request that they must work with your chosen videographer (me hopefully!) A clash of interests can be a problematic for the couple which could impact on their special day. It’s vital that the day be captured naturally and as unobtrusively as possible. Nobody wants any additional problems on an already stressful day.

Finally I would recommend that even though there will be a detailed plan of your big day, you must be prepared for timings to change. In all my years of capturing weddings, I have yet to work a wedding and it not to have had timings change on some level. I would recommend couples have the mindset to be adaptable on the day. Just go with the flow and try not to stress out. It will be fine, it always is!

Whats next for Ian Dearman Media?

We have recently expanded the business out into dedicated sectors. The wedding side is now known simply as Ian Dearman Weddings and is looking forward to the busiest wedding year ever next year! I personally can’t wait for the challenge and am looking forward to a busy year of filming and studio time. The business as a whole however, is also growing fast and the team is getting bigger. The technology we use is constantly evolving and become more sophisticated, and staying at the forefront is vital for us as we go forward.

5 Questions with – Flower Barn

Photo of Flower Barn's work

Today I continue with a series of blog posts that sees me meeting up and chatting all things ‘weddings’ with local suppliers. I ventured out to one of my favourite coffee spots in Newark, Nottinghamshire to meet two sisters. Jenny & Emma are both professional florists who run a successful business called Flower Barn. They are based locally (Nottinghamshire) and cater primarily to the wedding industry but also work within the corporate and funeral markets.

How long have you both been florists?

Jenny – I have been a florist for about 20 years and have worked in a number of shops.  I started in the wedding industry as a florist about 18 years ago.

Emma – I have been a florist now for 25 years and worked in a number of shops including owning my own shop in Grantham for about 5 years.

Where did you both train?

Jenny – I started training at New College Nottingham alongside working in a floristry shop.  I took a break for about 3 years before going back into floristry, instead of shop work I went straight into the wedding industry. I set up Flower Barn in 2012.

Emma – I started training at Brackenhurst College whilst working in florist shops to gain lots of hands on experience. I furthered my education at New College Nottingham, then went on to train as a teacher. I was teaching floristry for about 5 years before then setting up my own florist shop.  When I sold my shop my husband and I diversified into another business for about 4 years. Meanwhile Flower Barn was gaining popularity and Jenny was drowning in flowers so I dusted off the apron and sharpened the scissors. It was good to be working with flowers again and creating something special.

Flower Barn create the perfect wedding flowers, wether you are looking to make a statement or have something more subtle.

Did you both always want to be florists?

Jenny – No, I wanted to be a fashion designer but after a year on the fashion course I realised it wasn’t for me so I had an office job for about 5 years and hated it!!!  Emma by this time was loving floristry and where she worked a job became available so I applied for it.  I loved it.

Emma – No I wanted to be on the stage, I did a performing arts course after leaving school and loved it. After finishing my course I needed a temporary job. I applied for a job at a florist shop and as part of the job I had to go on a florist course. Needless to say I loved it and as far as floristry concerned the rest is history!!!

What makes the perfect wedding flowers?

We firmly believe your flowers enhance everything, just like jewellery does to an outfit.  When a bride sees a floral design that they like, ask why?  Is it the colour, the flow, the shape, the texture?  A good florist will be able to combine the couples styles and vision with their skill and accessible ideas.  Only then will there perfect flowers be achieved and remembered forever.

What are your top 3 tips for a successful wedding day?

First tip – Planning – For us it is not just about the flowers we take everything into consideration from dresses, suits, table dressing etc…..Encompassing all these elements makes the the floral designs significant and complimentary.  We encourage our couples to use media material to show us their ideas so that we can build on this to create their perfect wedding.

Second tip – Flower care – Our years of experience enables us to select, condition, monitor and arrange quality flowers.  We like to collect/receive our flowers in plenty of time so that they are looked after properly.  It would be no good arranging beautiful designs with an inferior product, flowers need to be in prime condition for your wedding day.

Third tip – Communication – Meet and get to know your florist, both parties should feel comfortable with each other so that they can share any thoughts and concerns they may have.  This above anything else is the most important point because only by working together will we create the look you want, the whole process should be an enjoyable one. 

I would like to thank Jenny & Emma for their time and agreeing to speak about their business for the blog. For more information on creating your wedding flowers be sure to visit their website. I would also recommend booking in some time to go and meet them and see their incredible work in person.

5 Questions with – DBS Discos

Photo of DBS Discos set up

Today we continue our blog series where I meet up with recommended suppliers from within the wedding industry. With over 15 years of working within this very niche industry, I wanted to share with my clients, tips and inspiration from other suppliers who are service providers for weddings and events in the region.

I recently caught up with Ben from DBS Discos. He has a wealth of knowledge for couples planning their wedding day and looking to hire a live DJ to entertain their guests.

Tell us who you are and what you do.

Hi I’m Ben and I’m the wedding DJ with DBS Discos. I live in Nottingham but cover the whole of the Midlands. I’ve been a DJ since 2000 where I studied DJ skills at Confetti Studios in Nottingham. Music has been a huge part of my life and I’m a keen musician as well playing in orchestras, concert bands, and other music groups. Although I rarely play those styles of music at a wedding (unless it’s a request). I can also Video DJ, which is mixing music videos together to create a seamless visual experience.

DBS Discos are highly experienced wedding DJs.

How do you ensure the Music you Play meets the tastes of the Bride and Groom and their Guests?

The Music I play at weddings is always based on the audience I’m playing to. I will liaise with my couple to request a range songs that they want to have played. The rest of the night I take requests and read the crowd. I can read crowds based on age range and reading at people’s body language when certain music is played. I don’t always play requests however as it can have an adverse affect and sometimes clear the dance floor! Its carefully crafted over years of experience entertaining the crowds on the dance floor.

I also ask the couple if they have any “Do not play” music titles. This is actually really important as sometimes specific songs might cause some upset, or remind the couple of sad times. It’s vital that this kind of pre-show information has been received so I can build the perfect music set for your wedding!

How do you structure your evening when playing a set. Do you go from era to era or do you have another technique?

Paying attention is a really important skill for any DJ. I have spent years learning to read the crowd, and can usually tell what kind of music the guests will like. It’s important to watch for reactions to the tracks being mixed and pay attention to the energy in the room. I will always attempt to make sure everyone has a good time. I do however have a list of songs which are ‘sure things’. No matter where I DJ, these songs always seem to get people up dancing!

Another thing to consider is, some of the evening guests might not want to dance straight away. As a result, I always leave these floor fillers until after the food & buffet. While evening guests are arriving I will mix well known music which gives a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. I always interact with the guests throughout as its very important the room becomes familiar with my voice.

Lighting can really enhance your venue.

What are your top 3 music tips for a successful wedding reception?

Deciding between a DJ and a Live Band is the big one when I am speaking to couples at wedding fairs. I love live music and when I’m not DJing I’m usually out watching a band or DJ play. I know how difficult it can be to choose between a DJ the two. One thing to consider is if you book a live band, theres a chance of alienating some of your guests. Not everyone will enjoy the bands style and set. Its important your guests dont leave your wedding early because of the music! Entertained guests are happy guests in my experience. A DJ has the luxury of being able to mix tracks from one genre to another with ease.

The lighting can also be a major factor. Most bands won’t really concern themselves with lighting, and have given little consideration to utilising the correct lighting so that everyone can enjoy the experience. For a band, it’s always about the sound. A DJ regularly considers lighting, which if done incorrectly can make a room dull and boring. I like to use lasers, intelligent lighting effects, and specialist effects that really enhance the room and create a real impact.

A third factor to consider are sounds restrictions. Many venues have has ‘sound limiters’ installed due to complaints from nearby businesses and houses. Always find out if this is the case as most bands will not perform under these restrictions. DJ’s can offer other options which might help make your night a success. I offer personalised monograms which can shine the couple’s names on the floor or wall. I also offer mood-lighting for the room which can help enhance the colour scheme of the day.

If you do decide to opt for a band, find out what will happen when they aren’t playing. Do they provide background music in between sets?

For more information about Ben and his services please visit DBS Discos.

5 Questions with – Stancliffe Hall

Photo of Stancliffe Hall

Today I get to spend some time at one of my favourite Derbyshire wedding venues. I first encountered the delightful Stancliffe Hall around 10 years ago when I exhibited at a wedding fair they were hosting. A lot has happened during those ten years, including a brief hiatus from events, but Stancliffe Hall is now back and as glorious as ever! I caught up with events director Victoria Pym as we discussed all things Stancliffe.

Tell us who you are and what do you offer?

Stancliffe Hall is a Grade II listed family home located on the edge of the Peak District. We have 9 contemporary bedrooms to offer in the main house itself with an additional cottage which sleeps up to 10 guests a mere stone’s throw away. Stancliffe is licensed to hold Civil ceremonies, Wedding breakfasts, Corporate functions, Parties and other event you can imagine!

We also have a stunning Spa Sanctuary complete with swimming pool, sauna, jacuzzi & steam room. And if that wasn’t enough…we are a photographers dream with over 50 acres of parkland to enjoy at your leisure.

The Beautiful Whitworth Room

Are you a venue only or do you offer a full planning service?

We have a number of recommended suppliers who we have worked with repeatedly in the past (including you Looch!) We will always recommend these suppliers to our couples if they are looking for something in particular. Because we have a wealth of experience working with these suppliers, we know how they work and how it compliments and enhances the overall day. However, our Events Coordinator is always on hand throughout the whole process even down to the final touches on the tables the morning of the big day.

It really is up to our client as to how much involvement they would like our Events Coordinator to have in the planning stages. We are led by you!

What is it about Stancliffe Hall that sets you apart from other venues in the area?

We have been running events here for years and our wonderful guests always tell us the same things: That because the Hall is family run the whole experience provided is very personal and this emanates through all of our staff. No job is too much.

We often get told that “Traditional meets Contemporary” at Stancliffe. Everybody assumes that as we are very traditional from the exterior our interior will match. However, this could not be further from the truth. Our interiors are extremely contemporary, with something to excite everybody’s tastes who visits us. We hope that everybody who visits us has that WOW factor to take home.

Another factor that helps us to stand out is exclusivity. We only hold only a select number of events per year and therefore that gives Stancliffe ‘time to breath’. Your privacy of course, is very serious also. Many locals dont even know not where we are and your privacy is very important. We are set away within the Derbyshire Dales along a private driveway and want your guests to arrive at Stancliffe and be blown away immediately!

Once here, you can take your time and relax. We certainly wont be counting the minutes to kicking you out as soon as you have had your breakfast. If you wish to make a weekend of your celebrations then we are all for it. You really can hire Stancliffe Hall for as long as you like. We are your “home from home”.

The Courtyard

What are your top 3 tips for a successful wedding day?

I always like to take as much stress away from my brides on their big day however, I think that is so important on both the week leading up to the wedding day and the morning of, to accept help from others. Do not try and take everything on as you will only end up feeling exhausted. When you do finally stop which will be the morning of your wedding. Accept that other people want to help and just say thank you.

Some of my couples may have been planning their big days for up to 3 years in advance. I always say to them on the day try and take every moment in. Enjoy being surrounded by your loved ones. But I always suggest to take ten minutes out. Take a few moments to enjoy that feeling of being newly married.

Very importantly ‘Breathe!’ Emotions are naturally running high so make sure to take moments to breathe throughout the day. (we always find a glass of champagne also helps with this!)

Complete with Spa & Swimming Pool

What’s next for Stancliffe Hall?

We have a range of different events coming up including Open Gardens, Halloween Balls and Christmas Galas. It is set to be an exciting few months ahead here at Stancliffe. We’re also very keen next year to increase our outdoor events. So if you have an unusual idea, then please do get in touch.

As a family, music is a large part of our lives and we feel that Derbyshire is crying out for live music events. Evenings with live music being played, accompanied by a glass of something bubbly. Maybe even some cheese and meat platters and a great atmosphere. What could be better?

To learn more about Stancliffe Hall and their fabulous events please visit their website here. You can also call Victoria direct on 01629 736956.