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Corporate Event Ideas

Whether you are hosting a product launch, rewarding your clients or celebrating with staff, a successful corporate event will help get everyone talking about your company.

So, when it comes to making your event memorable, everything from food, drink and location can have a huge impact. But what about entertainment?

Having performed at countless corporate events for companies including BBC Radio Nottingham, John Deere Group, Price Waterhouse Cooper, Nottingham University and Centre Parcs, I know first-hand the positive impact the right act can have. The right corporate entertainment act can promote interaction and boost networking amongst attendees through a shared experience. It can help employees switch off from work and relax.

Here are a few of the best types of act I have had the pleasure to work alongside in my years as a corporate event entertainer.


Typically, this sort of entertainment is better for smaller and more intimate corporate events. Caricaturists serve as a great ice breaker and guests can share the laughs or cringe-worthy moments while gathered around the artists. That said, the event could be transferred to a screen for a wider-reaching effect.

Silhouette Artist

Not too dissimilar to the caricaturist, a silhouette artist adds an element of fascination for the attendees and another way to establish bonds between guests and promote networking as people discuss the act and laugh together, which is a fantastic way to reduce stress. There is even scope for your corporate theme to be included in the act to promote your business and what is more, guests get to take away a keepsake.

Singers and Musicians

Singers and musicians are always ideal whether your event is corporate, a wedding or a private party and are often the go-to for events entertainment. With such a wide range of music styles from groups, soloists or tribute acts, nothing beats a bit of music to get everyone dancing. And while you cannot please all of the people all of the time in terms of the genre you choose, music can never fail to boost morale and bring smiles across the board.

Champagne Dress Hostess

Queuing at the bar can be a little dull, even at the most exciting of events. But now imagine queuing to take your glass of prosecco from an entire dress made of them. It’s a talking point for certain and a great way to treat clients and employees alike.

Comedy Magicians

This sort of corporate magician is a great act to entertain larger audiences during or after sit down meals but also has the added bonus of audience participation. Laughter and wonderment will mean your event is talked about for months if not years to come.

Mind Reader and Mentalist

Of course I couldn’t go without mentioning what I do as a corporate event entertainer. With packages for trade shows, exhibitions, award shows or even the Christmas party, my mind-bending performances will leave guests amazed as I manipulate minds, make predictions and even get guests to read the minds of other attendees. There are numerous benefits to hiring a mentalist for a corporate event whether you have 10 guests or 1,000. My flexible and bespoke packages mean I can more often than not meet every professional requirement you have for your event.

So if you have a corporate event coming up in the next few months or are wondering if you can still make your Christmas function that little bit different this year, then get in touch.

My Journey with the Worlds Most Annoying Cube

Fun Facts about the Rubik’s Cube

If you were to take a cube and give it a mix up that consists of at least 20 turns, the probability where you create a pattern that has never been created before is greater than 99.999%. How mind boggling is that statistic?!

Did you know that there are more than 43 Quintillion possible different configurations of a single Rubik’s Cube! To put that into human perspective, you could give every single living being on this planet 6 billion Rubik’s Cubes EACH and have them mix them all up. Not only would this take a VERY long time, the end result means that no single cube would be alike!! Mind Blowing!

My Journey with the ‘Dreaded Cube’

As a child I was always messing around and playing. Whether that be outside running around and going on bike rides with my friends. Or indoors with my favourite toys or doing something arts and crafty.

I was quite inquisitive. If I didn’t understand how  something worked, I would always try to find out more about it. One such area that I struggling understanding as a child was that of puzzles.

Visual games like ’Spot the difference’ I was great at, but put a logic based or maths puzzle in front of me and I would fade fast. My brain just didn’t think that way!

One of the most annoying puzzles I was ever faced with as a child was what I refer to as the ‘Dreaded’ Rubik’s Cube! 

I was first introduced to the cube in the late 1980’s whilst at Junior school. A classmate brought one in and we were all mesmerised by it. No-one really understood what they were doing but took turns in mixing it in an attempt to solve the riddle.

For me, it was just turning a cube, I had no awareness of how to get any single block in the right place, and being young I didn’t have the patience to either. 

As time went on, friends began solving it, one side at a time until eventually one lad by the name of Matthew one day suddenly solved it, much to our shocked faces. Wether this was purely accidentally or he had finally unlocked the sequence of moves need in his head to complete the cube remained to be seen. 

My Success!

This surprise event spurred me and my friends to put all of our efforts into solving the mystery of this little cube. One by one they all succeeded leaving me the only one of the group that couldn’t solve a Rubik’s Cube. As time went on, the puzzles came and went out of fashion and we moved on into other areas, most notably our ‘Teenage’ years.

I had almost forgotten about my experience with the cube, until one day in my thirties where I picked one up off a desk and smiled reminiscently. The persons whose cube it was told me they had never managed to solve one which had a very strange and spontaneous effect on me. That night I went online and ordered one. I watched a video online that shared basic tips and within a few days of it arriving I had finally put my childhood ‘ribbing’ to bed.

What a fantastic little toy! and surely everyone has at least one memory of playing with it