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Looch - Mind Reader & Magician - After Dinner Entertainment

Harking back to a bygone era of mystery and magic. ‘Challenge The Mind Reader’ has a modern twist that will give your event a quirky edge. Maintaining the important requirements of corporate entertainment, this interactive act will certainly give your event the wow-factor.

This unique twist on corporate event entertainment is a definite way to get everyone talking at your event.

Harking back to the carnival days of old, this performance is set up in a 2m x 2m static area roped off using VIP-style barriers. Looch will act as a fantastic visual focal point in any room. One by one, your guests or delegates will set challenges for the mind reader only to be left bewildered as he continually reads minds and makes accurate predictions time after time.

A quirky nod to the past, this modern interactive performance retains all the important requirements of modern corporate entertainment.

Flexible without being obtrusive, the performance is easy to set up and will attract attention from anywhere in the room. With a few simple additions this unique performance can even be live streamed, enabling guests who cant attend in person to be able to take part in the fun.

To chat about your corporate event requirements, why not get in touch today? I would be happy to set up a call or meeting. You can simply call me on 07841 332816 or send me a message through my online enquiry form.

My Challenge The Mind Reader performance builds crowds and blows minds!