I spend a lot of time speaking with prospective clients from all sorts of industries. The vast majority are looking for information about my professional services, and how they can enhance their corporate events. Most clients understand that my services are entertainment based and designed to be performed at events such as conferences and parties. I perform as a Corporate Mind Reader, but just what does that term actually mean?

The word ‘Mind Reader’ is quite scary in itself. It suggests something thats intrusive and unsettling. The term ‘Corporate Mind Reader’ sounds even worse! Rest assured, it isn’t some form of corporate mole that infiltrates departments and reads the minds of under performing staff! It is simply a term to describe an entertainer that specialises in performing ‘Mentalism‘ at corporate events. Phew!

But isn’t it all just Magic Tricks?

A Corporate Mind Reader is someone that has studied, and subsequently become an expert in the performance art of ‘Mentalism’. Historically its roots are linked to the magic industry but the techniques and subtleties are worlds apart. Whereas a traditional magician might rely on ‘sleight of hand’ to accomplish their tricks, a Mentalist or Mind Reader will utilise an understanding of Psychology, Suggestion and ‘Sleight of Mind’ to achieve the desired effect of mind reading.

I am certainly not a traditional magician, although I have learnt a range of misdirection skills and fused them with psychological techniques. At times I utilise little known and somewhat underground principles to convince my corporate audiences that I am a mind reader. However, it’s entertainment and not anything psychic or paranormal.

Corporate Mind Reader Acts

So if you are planning a corporate event in the near future and are considering hiring a mind reader or mentalist, then allow me to tell you about the different types of shows and performances on offer. The vast majority of corporate events will require one of two forms of entertainment. The first is a stage show, typically performed after dinner, on stage for the whole group at once. This type of show will be performed at larger events through a professional PA system and will involved large amounts of audience participation.

The second most popular type of show is a mix & mingle type of performance. The Mind Reader will walk around the event and perform with small groups of guests or delegates. This is ideal for events such as parties and drinks receptions, where guests are socialising and enjoying a drink.

Can your Skills Boost Sales?

If your company is exhibiting at a Trade show, then you might be interested in utilising my ‘Crowd Pulling’ role. Companies hire me to work on their booth and perform for guests as they walk by. The goal is to stop traffic at the show and divert them onto your stand, to increase awareness of your products. More awareness generates increased sales and profits.

To find out the benefits this can have on your trade-show, check out this post.

I hope this has been useful to you and if you have any questions relating to this matter please don’t hesitate to get in touch via my enquiry form.

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