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Hello and welcome to the latest in my ‘Top Wedding Planning Tips’ blog series. This is an ongoing series designed to help couples planning their wedding entertainment. In the last post, we discussed wether or not, your magician should perform during the wedding breakfast. Today, I would like to talk about another popular question that I receive from many of my wedding couples:

Do I Tell my Guests I’ve Hired a Magician?

This is a really unique topic to discuss and one that I have several different thoughts on. So, get the kettle on, pull up a chair and let’s find out!

Do I Tell my Guests I’ve Hired a Magician?

Over the past 15 years, I have performed as a Wedding Magician & Mind Reader at close to 1000 weddings! A fairly hefty portion in my earlier days was exclusively as a Mix & Mingle Magician. I would walk around and perform close-up magic during the drinks receptions, and sometimes throughout the evening reception.

The vast majority of those bookings, the guests knew in advance that I had been hired by the couple. Sometimes the news of my performance was known in advance, through conversation during the planning stage. However, there were those times when it was announced that a wedding magician would be performing when guests arrived at the venue. The most common way to do this has been the use of an ‘Order of the Day’ sign at the venue. These types of signs can be really helpful in keeping guests informed of the running order and schedule. These types of signs can be designed and manufactured by a quality venue decor company.

The ‘Mystery Guest’ Option

Recently I have noticed more and more couples not telling their guests that they have hired me to entertain on their big day. From speaking to them about this decision it has given me opportunity to consider why they have chosen to do this. The vast majority of weddings that I have been booked to perform at, the guests are aware that there will be some form of entertainment present. Most have been told there will be a Magician or Mind Reader entertaining throughout the day. This often makes the opening moments a little easier from a performance point of view, due to the fact that there is a level of expectation present before I even start.

However, recently I became increasingly aware that more and more guests had no idea that I would be performing on the day. This meant I would need to spend a little more time introducing myself and explaining what I was doing. I quickly realised the reactions and the rapport with the guests seemed to increase. There was no level of expectation prior to the wedding, instead it was replaced by surprise and a genuine excitement in the moment as I began to perform. I had become a ‘Mystery Guest’, someone who the other guests began to speak about frenziedly. Bigger crowds began to form around me during performance and the level of excitement peaked.

Photo asking Do I Tell my Wedding Guests I've Hired a Magician?
Photo by Andy Saywell

Introduce the Element of Mystery…

As time went by, I began to speak to existing & new couples about the possibility of keeping me a secret until the big day. The idea that there would be a ‘Mystery Guest’ performing introduces excitement and intrigue. When I began performing at these weddings, there was an increased ‘buzz’ as the guests realised that I was the surprise performer. The levels of excitement were noticeably bigger and thus, the reactions to the magic were also heightened.

Overall, the majority of guests seemed to engage and interact more during the performance times. As a result, my couples began to receive overwhelmingly more comments and positive feedback from their friends and family. The initial question of ‘Do I Tell my Guests I’ve Hired a Magician?’ now seems to be self explanatory, but remember, not all weddings should be the same.

Whilst I can discuss the pros & cons for both decisions, the final choice will inevitably be yours to make. Either way hiring a magician to entertain at your wedding is a fantastic choice and will guarantee to amaze your guests. Magic can help create wonderful memories for years to come!


Positive Feedback

“We decided not to tell our guests beforehand that we had hired Looch to perform at our drinks reception. We had a blackboard at the entrance to the venue with a timetable of our day written on it. 1-3pm it simply stated; ‘Drinks & Magic’. When our guests saw this they immediately rushed over to ask us if there was going to be a magician performing. They were so excited that when he arrived, a huge crowd of our friends formed around him. They LOVED it!” – Mr & Mrs Johnson

“Looch was our perfect mystery entertainer. No-one but us and our parents knew he was coming! Everyone loved him and the element of surprise was exactly what we wanted.” – Mr & Mrs Richards

Do You Want to Bring a ‘Mystery Guest’ to Your Wedding?

If you are in the planning stages of your wedding, let’s have a chat. I would be delighted to be the mystery guest on your big day and guarantee your friends and family will absolutely love it. Please either send me a message, or give me a call today. I cant wait to hear from you!

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