Marketing and magic go hand-in-hand. Strategic marketing turns imagination into reality—the same’s true with magic.

Since trade shows are like massive marketing conventions, it only makes sense to have an exhibition magician at your booth. 

Gone are the days where magic was called fantasy. While it’s easy to forget life’s magic as we age, exhibition magicians remind adults what it means to believe.

Mentalism, mind-reading, and magic are all mind-blowing arts. If exhibition magicians can convince adults magic is real, that’s proof in and of itself.

If you’re wondering how to sell products at trade shows, it’s time to put magician on your trade show list. Here’s why.

Exhibition Magicians

Magic fuses history, art, culture, theatre, imagination, and reality into a single performance. There’s no age limit for magic and that’s why the business world needs it

What better place to house all these things than a trade show? It is a show after all!

There are common threads between trade shows and magic. They share the following traits:

  • Creativity
  • Curiosity
  • Strategy
  • Connection
  • Distinction
  • Expanding your mind

No matter what business you have or which products you sell, there’s a way for exhibition magicians to reach your demographic. Everyone knows good trade shows come from diverse booths. No one likes a show with a hundred companies in the same field—throw in some art, boutiques, and magic!

An Exhibition Magician creates Impact & Boosts Sales.

Trade Show Industry

Trade shows are innately magical. They’re a container for unexpected revelations, things you never thought you’d buy, and unlikely conversations. That’s where exhibitions magicians belong.

Why You and Your Booth Need Magic

Successful businesses come from marketing, connections, and lasting impressions. Here’s what your magician can do for you and your booth.

1. Magic Peaks Interest

Consumers need to come to you. Calling out to people isn’t pleasant or sustainable these days. Instead of waiting for them to confront you, magic makes for easy connections.

2. Magic Draws Attention

Where one person goes, many follow. If you can drive traffic to your booth, it’s more likely people will stick around to find out what you offer.

The longer people stay at your booth, the more likely they’re yes people. That mentality can turn into increased sales and/or successful networking. Connections come from an initial spark.

Cue magic!

3. Magic’s Unexpected

Curiosity’s enticing. Having a performer at your booth prompts a question to the audience. How do these things go together? 

While people watch the show, they’ll also wonder how magic relates to your booth. Curiosity motivates people to hang around to learn the answer.

Magic IS Marketing!

4. Magic Is Strategic Marketing

It’s best to have a story to link your booth to the magician. Whether that means having them pitch your product or weaving it into their act is up to you both. 

As successful as magic is for trade show marketing, not having a cohesive story can backfire. If the audience feels a weird disconnect, they can see it as a marketing ploy—and we all know it’s far more than that! 

If magic is your marketing card, be sure to play it right!

5. Magic’s About the Mind, So Is Business

There’s no smarter way to attract business than using a magician, mind-reader, or mentalist. Why? If your audience can have their minds blown by magic, they’re far more likely to consider things they wouldn’t have had before.

Strategic marketing is a psychological game, one that’s focused on connection. Truly connecting with people means eliminating the barriers that get in the way. Magicians epitomize breaking mental barriers—the perfect catalyst for smart business.

Open mindsets make talking about home renovations, buying art, getting estimates, and booking appointments an easy yes. 

6. Magic Is Fun!

While business is business, trade shows are a fun way to work. Using exhibition magicians brings a new personality to your company, showing people you’re fun and interesting. 

People long for company transparency and it’s likely they’ll only respect you more for being different.

7. Magic’s Memorable

Whether you have immediate sales in response to your magic or leave with more connections, lasting impressions indicate success. Going forward, even if people forget your name, they can associate you with magic. It could be the hook that makes them look for you at the next show!

You may book a magician for prospective customers, but find yourself also benefitting. Not only does magic help attract others, but it can establish your own personal relationship with it.

It helps businesses to back your marketing decisions, which is easy when you’ve experienced them first-hand.

Magic’s real and pure. It makes successful business that much easier to achieve. Consider your exhibition magician your next best business sidekick.

One of the key ingredients to a successful exhibition is using magic as your secret weapon.

Exhibit Trader Magic

Big trade shows can be overwhelming. As a result, no one wants to feel lured into sales. Exhibition magicians perform to give people a worthwhile experience.

Large trade show conventions also mean not everyone reaches every booth. It’s that much more important to be on your trade show marketing A-Game to make quality contacts.

Magic makes it so that you can show more than tell. Magicians bring you instant character.

In a disconnected society, it feels harder to get people to stop, make eye contact, and have a conversation. Magic’s the way to do that. Magic as a marketing strategy can prove to you that it does truly exist.

Trade shows are a marathon, not a sprint. They offer exposure to long-term contacts with uncapped possibility. Make magic happen and book your extraordinary exhibition magician today!

For more information please check out our Exhibition Entertainment article.

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