Your Gala Dinner Entertainment should reflect the glamour & extravagance of the overall event!

Guests will be dressed in their best, with black ties aplenty and ball gowns everywhere you look. Your entertainment should stand out with the elegance and opulence of your gala evening. Looch’s mind reading performances are designed so your guests become the stars of the show. In todays article, we are going to examine how Looch’s gala dinner entertainment can compliment and enhance any gala dinner.

Enter The Man Who Knows!

For over a decade, Looch has offered his exciting mind reading skills for awards evenings and gala dinners. He is a professional mentalist who specialises in performing a range of acts that are a a surefire way to leave your guests with their minds well and truly ‘blown’.

He is sometimes referred to as a mind reader or psychological magician. Looch has the uncanny ability create almost instant rapport with your guests and then lead them into his world of magic & mystery. There are 3 primary performance options on offer and all are highly recommended. His work is especially desirable if you want to leave your guests with incredible memories of your gala for years to come.

Photo showing Looch's Gala Dinner Entertainment Show
The Gala Dinner Show – Great Way to Conclude the Dinner

Gala Dinner Show

Without a doubt, the most unique of the performances is Looch’s utterly enthralling After Dinner Show. Introduced onto the stage after dinner and any presentations, Looch will perform his fully interactive mind reading show live for all. The full show is typically 60 minutes in length, but can be shortened or split incrementally depending on your gala schedule.

The show is full of audience participation, humour and mystery! Each of your guests will be enchanted by the demonstrations performed on stage. They will be left with their mouths open and minds blown once they experience the grand finale! Shows can be tailor made for your gala, with personalised tricks that can be designed upon request.

Photo showing Mix and Mingle entertainment at a Gala Dinner in between courses.
Mix & Mingle engages guests pre-dinner and in between courses.

Pre Dinner Entertainment

Some Gala Dinners dont require an After Dinner Show. Instead there might be a live auction followed by a band or musical act. For these types of events, I would recommend for your gala dinner entertainment, Looch’s fabulous Mix and Mingle performance. This type of entertainment is sometimes known as ‘Meet & Greet’. It consists of Looch mingling with your guests throughout the drinks reception. He will approach guests in small groups, introduce himself and entertain them with his incredible mind reading magic.

This type of performance can also be continued throughout dinner. Looch will effortless mingle with seated guests in between courses. That way dinner isn’t interrupted and guests can enjoy their food, yet still experience the magic before and after individual courses.

Photo showing the set up of 'Challenge the Mind Reader'
Challenge the Mind Reader is a 2m x 2m static show that creates a real focal point.

Create A Focal Point

In addition to the 2 primary performance options above. Your gala dinner entertainment could also include a very special type of performance if your venue is suitable. Looch offers a static performance called ‘Challenge the Mind Reader‘. This is a really unique option that attracts crowds and generates laughter and interaction. Positioned inside a roped off VIP area, Looch will take challenges from your guests as he successfully reads their minds time after time.

This performance really is a perfect focal point at your gala dinner. It is typically set up in the vicinity of the drinks reception location. Guests will be intrigued and excited as they enter and enjoy a glass of champagne. Curiosity always gets the better of them and within a few minutes a crowd around the roped off barriers form. Sometimes Looch is blindfolded, yet can continue to successfully blow the minds of guests all throughout the night.

*Challenge the Mind Reader can also be used as a fundraising aid at charity events.

Lets Talk about your Gala Dinner

I would love the opportunity to be able to speak with you regarding your gala dinner entertainment ideas. Perhaps we can schedule a call or even have a chat over coffee? It all starts with an online enquiry, which can be made here. I look forward to hearing from you, and learning all about your forthcoming gala dinner.

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