It doesn’t matter if you are planning a small family party, or a huge corporate event. Organising the right entertainment can be a stressful affair. Have you ever tried to hire a magician for a party? It’s not always as easy as it might sound. There are some horror stories to be found, if you look online! But fear not, in today’s post we are going to discuss the process of making an enquiry to hire a magician for a party.

It doesn’t have to be complicated

Most enquiries start with one of two things, either a phone call or sending a message. Nearly every professional magician will have their contact details on their website or business card. Simply select your preferred method of contact and get in touch! However before you do please have the following details to hand in order to simplify the enquiry process.

Image showing a client calling to hire a magician for a party
Pick up the phone or send a message!

Date & Time

The most important piece of information you’ll need to give your magician is the date of your event. If you dont have a date then they wont be able to check in their calendar to see if they have availability. There are times when you might be organising a party and have a couple of possible dates you could book. In this instance let the magician know all potential dates and they will be able to advise as to which are free.

In addition to the date, it’s advisable to think about when you would like your magician to perform at your party. If its a day-time event, you might wish them to perform earlier during the drinks reception? Or perhaps you would prefer an evening performance? or after dinner show?

The Venue

Try to ensure you have booked your venue before you hire a magician for a party. There are a couple of reasons why this is important when enquiring. The first is that many full time magicians will have a wealth of experience performing at these venues. More than likely, the magician will have already performed at your venue. They are in a fantastic position to be able to advise on what type of performances would work well at the venue and when they might take place. Some venues might be the perfect location for a Mix & Mingle. Others might be perfectly set up to accommodate a full stage show!

The second reason to book the venue prior is so the performer can calculate the distance for any travel costs. It’s important to provide this information to ensure the quote is as accurate as possible. You dont want any unwanted surprises when it comes to paying the invoice!

The only time to hire a magician for a party without a venue booked is when you know the area your party will take place. You may still be deciding on the exact venue but know it will happen in a specific city or county. For example you might live in Nottingham and know that the party will definitely be within the Nottinghamshire region. In these cases, the magician will be able to provide an accurate quote taking into consideration approximate travel costs.

Know your venue

What Type of Performance?

Before you enquire to hire a magician for a party, have you considered the type of performance you would like them to do? There is often a misconception that a magician only does one type of show. Most will offer some form of close-up entertainment. This is typically known as mingling or ‘walk around’ magic. The magician will wander around your party and perform their magic for small groups of people at a time. A walk around magician will often spend a few minutes with each group before moving on to another group. This is ideal during a drinks reception or in between courses over dinner.

Perhaps you have a large group of guests and would like to hire a magician for a party to perform a special show for everyone in attendance? A magic show conjures up images of a grand stage and professional lighting, but a show doesn’t have to be performed like that. Many venues can set up a room so that there is enough space at the front for a magician to perform a show for everyone! This is known as a floor show and is a very popular option for corporate dinners. Sometimes your venue will have other rooms where the show can be performed. It’s always a good idea to speak to your venue beforehand and ask them how they can facilitate a whole room performance.

Photo showing a magician performing at a party
Mingling is ideal over drinks

Number of Guests

An often overlooked, but essential piece of information when hiring a magician is to know how many guests they are expected to perform for. It’s fine if you dont have the final numbers, but please give an estimation when you enquire. That way they are able to factor in that information to provide an accurate quote for your event.

If you are enquiring about a magician mingling at your party. It’s vital to have an approximate number of guests during the enquiry stage. On average a professional magician will be able to entertain 120 guests over a 2 hour period. If your party has a larger number of guests, it might be recommended to make a longer booking.

A stage show differs in that for smaller parties, your magician might not need to use of a PA system & microphones. Typically for numbers above 100, the show will most likely require the use of amplification. Please discuss this with your magician during these early stages.

The Purpose of the Event

Finally, it’s advisable to let your magician know the purpose of the event. Is it a birthday party? a corporate dinner? a wedding? This information is really important. Your magician might be able to offer a special type of performance that would be better suited for your specific event. For example, at a wedding, your magician might be able to perform a bespoke piece of magic to make the bride and groom the stars of the show! Its always beneficial to let them know the purpose of your event, so please try to include that information in your enquiry.

Want to make an enquiry?

Looking to hire a magician for a party and want to speak to me about my range of exciting performances? Please give me a call on 07841 332816 or you can send me an online enquiry by sending me a message here.

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